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  1. TDDracken

    Post Formatting

    I was just wondering if there's anything that could be done in order to maintain format of things when we post them in the critique forum? Is it an issue that's related to what the forum runs on?
  2. TDDracken

    Looking For Publishers

    Just need a mug of milk for those...
  3. TDDracken

    Looking For Publishers

    I found and submitted to a publisher that seemed like a good fit. Oh, and one of the major publishers, Dial and their imprints, don't accept online submissions except for YA novels. It might be a tactic for limiting the flow of submissions to those who really want to go through the trouble of using the mail.
  4. TDDracken

    Prayers For A Child!

  5. TDDracken

    Looking For Publishers

    You'd have to look through the lists yourself. I sorted through too quickly to pay any real attention to the names of publishers who didn't handle children's books, have open submissions, and that didn't have email submissions.
  6. TDDracken

    Looking For Publishers

    Highly irregular. Who are they? It varies as to who accepts what in what ways. Most publishers ask for online submissions but some of the older publishers haven't updated to the digital age yet. Thanks for the links lynn! I was able to sort out 8 potential publishers who have potential. I'll investigate them more tomorrow and probably send out some submissions.
  7. TDDracken

    Looking For Publishers

    I'm attempting to find publishers who are accepting unsolicited manuscripts. I don't have access to a Christian Writer's Guide at the moment so I'm attempting to find them through internet searches. There are plenty of them out there, but it seems to be a very mixed bag. Does anyone have some advice on where to start?
  8. TDDracken

    Came In The Mail

    Congrats! Would this be your first or do you have others under your belt?
  9. TDDracken

    Umbrella Writers Group Idea

    Anyway, realistically, I couldn't take on something like this at the moment. Not while the spray planes continue to fly. Between helping with my 2 year old and the few lucid spray-free days... I need every bit of thought I can muster just to continue working on Drifters. I can, when I can think, come up with all the details easily enough but I don't know whether there would be a calling or support for someone to do this. It would have to be a group effort with responsibilities being clearly divided from the start. With that, the spray has put my brain out of commission. As much as I want to write... It is time to vedge.
  10. TDDracken

    Search Engine Optimization

    There is one case where purchasing other domain names similar to yours would be good. good.com, good.net, good.we, good.co, good.us are all available technically BUT the ideal .com is taken. So, you take .co The problem here is the potential of knock off sites. It is actually not uncommon for people to do things like make nintendo.net in order to capture people who were trying to get to Nintendo's official site, nintendo.com, but didn't put in the ending correctly. It's because of this that many companies purchase all similar URL's and either set up redirects to their actual site, or just leave them vacant. For example, nintendo.net, nintendo,org, nintendo.us all go to... Nothing. nintendo.co, which could be seen as a typing error, redirects to nintendo.com
  11. TDDracken

    Search Engine Optimization

    Yes. It includes all the different features I mentioned. One of the biggies is the non-repetitive use of key terms and words on each page. They would be factored in with the tags when considering if your site might be applicable to search terms. Tags being applied to images also helps because their tags would be thrown into consideration as well.
  12. TDDracken

    Search Engine Optimization

    Tag word? The words that people might associate your site. In the example I made for a site about Nintendo news appropriate tag words would be characters made by Nintendo that might appear in articles, news about how well their consoles are selling, and such. The main page of your website is called the landing page. You have a little extra freedom in what tag words you use there because you can take a choice sampling from the other pages in your site to enhance the chances of your landing page coming up well in a search. What app was this? I built my website through Wix and they had simple plugins and features on their site for doing this. I haven't touched Wix since I closed up my studio so I don't know what current add-ons they have available for this. I did a quick search and found some utilities that may help you in the place of the add-ins. https://www.verticalresponse.com/blog/6-free-seo-tools-to-boost-your-search-engine-rankings/ How often? Enough to keep it from getting stagnant. Depending on what your site is about, updating once per week might be a good thing to shoot for. If you have something like a blog making new entries would count as content updates. The idea is that you want to keep your site looking and feeling fresh. How do I tag an image? It depends and I can't give a single answer for all situations. For my site I used photobucket for images to decrease the footprint of my site on the host as I had limited space to work with. Photobucket allows for tags to be put on individual images and I believe the same goes for other image hosting services. Wix and other respectable website building services have the ability to put tags on the images you upload as well. Beyond that, you'd have to do a search so I posted on for review here. Just look for results that apply to your situation: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=how+do+you+tag+an+image+on+your+site&t=ffab&ia=web
  13. TDDracken

    Search Engine Optimization

    Sometimes going for a good .com wouldn't be practical when someone else holds it for the sole purpose of holing unused domains with the sole purpose of selling them. It would have cost me more money to get degames.com than I spent on the entire founding of the studio by far. If you work hard, you can increase visibility with other domains and avoid paying extortion rates.
  14. TDDracken

    Umbrella Writers Group Idea

    Oh? And now rambling because a one word reply seems far too short. oO;
  15. TDDracken

    Search Engine Optimization

    One of the deciding factors for my URL was... Cost. There's a lot of people out there that buy up a lot of likely URLs and just hold on to them. Unfortunately, my original choice of URL was taken by one of these people who was hoping for an offer to buy it at an inflated price. But hey! New .co domain to the rescue!