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  1. yougetagoldstar

    Completely New Writer Here. How Do I Publish A Book?

    Thanks for all this input, everyone. Reading it now.
  2. Hi all. I found out from lynnmosher that this forum has a meet and greet section. I figured I would say hello. I wrote a book that tries to help people believe in the God of the Bible. I'm a total newcomer at this and am currently spinning round and round learning about the world of publishing and figuring out what road to take. Been a while since I joined a forum. Nice to meet all of you.
  3. yougetagoldstar

    Completely New Writer Here. How Do I Publish A Book?

    Thanks Phy, checking that article now. @lynnmosher Vanity publisher? Yikes. Seems like I have a lot to learn. Funny how you emphasized editing. I'm on my third edit and I'm still amazed at how many things I've overlooked. I'll definitely check out the other forums as well. Thanks.
  4. My first time writing a book. I know near nothing about book publishing so I'm just looking for any advice. I looked into self-publishing and sent my manuscript to a publisher. They liked what they read, but then they told me that I would have to pay a large amount of money to get my book published. I definitely couldn't afford their fees, and right now I'm not sure what to do. I've written a Christian book and have a manuscript. How do people go about publishing books? Do you always have to pay up front to publish a book? I've heard people publish through agents. How do you find a literary agent? Is there anything I should look for so I don't get scammed? I have all these questions and don't know where to find answers. If anyone could help I would appreciate it.