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  1. Candylust7@mail.com

    Looking For A Beta Reader

    I meant my manuscript at the moment. -Candy.
  2. Candylust7@mail.com

    Looking For A Beta Reader

    Hi Paul, My book is Christian based, it's called 'My Encounter with Jesus & his Revelations of Heaven and Hell.' As the title says it's about my encounter, conversion,transformation, healing, dream vistitations and supernatural experiences. I also include Angelica Zambrano's 4 Supernatural experiences of Heaven and Hell to give witness of the truth of the Afterlife revealed to me by God. My book covers topics on God's will for our lives, heaven and hell, the rapture, holiness, Repentance and much more. I also provide biblical principles to help Christians deepen their walk with Jesus and fulfill the calling. As well as the message is bringing hope to a lost and broken world all around us through the Gospel. It's 9 Chapters, 80,000 words. However if you are still interested, even a brief review would be good. Thanks. I would be happy to review your manuscript as well.
  3. Candylust7@mail.com

    Looking For A Beta Reader

    Should I edit my manuscript? Can you read through it and let me know if it's okay?