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  1. ceci_creates

    Hello There!

    Thanks, JubaSuperman! I've taken a small break on my worldbuilding, but it was a lot more fun than I thought it would be!
  2. ceci_creates

    Hello There!

    Thank you so much, Josie!!
  3. ceci_creates

    Let's Practice Writing Your Bio

    O_O That is amazing Thank you!!
  4. ceci_creates

    The Struggle Is Real

    Oh my goodness, YESS I'll be sitting at my computer happily writing then say, "Why don't I read some articles on writing!" Return two hours later and I'm thinking, "Everything I write is so cliche......................................................................................................"
  5. ceci_creates

    Let's Practice Writing Your Bio

    (random note: I wrote it all out then I accidentally deleted it -_-) A somewhat-stereotypical homeschooler, big sis, and musician, writing has had Cecilia (you can call her Ceci or Cici) in a vice-like grip ever since she was eleven. Although she may grumble about it sometimes, don't let that fool you. She really enjoys writing nefarious plot twists and plotting the destruction of her character's mental stability. Not sure how good that is............
  6. ceci_creates

    Instagram For Writers?

    I think you can use Instagram as a writer. I have a "creative" account in which I post different creative stuff. But since I'm doing Camp Nano, I post an update every day and include a snippet of whatever I wrote that day. I think you can use Instagram to gain a large following, and if you keep them updated on whatever project you're working on, they'll be really excited and supportive whenever you release it
  7. ceci_creates

    Hello There!

    Thank you, zxninja, jonjovi, and SEHatfield!!
  8. ceci_creates

    Hello There!

    Thank you, Rebecca! Hello, Chuck! Maybe it will come out one day, but it shall be very, VERY different
  9. ceci_creates

    Hello There!

    Thank you, lynnmosher!! Wonderful advice
  10. ceci_creates

    Hello There!

    Thank you, Alley!
  11. ceci_creates

    Background Sound To Help You Concentrate?

    I really like writing while listening to music (thank goodness for Spotify) and I can normally tune out the words, but if the words to songs DO start distracting me, well, I have a 16 hr 41 min playlist composed of soundtracks that I originally made for studying
  12. ceci_creates

    Hello There!

    Hello everybody! I'm.....well.....you can just call me Ceci I'm a Roman Catholic teen who is also an aspiring writer! I love to read (which I've heard is important to being a good writer), blog, and play my violin. I have completed one whole novel......which is going to be kept in the deepest, darkest dungeon I can find. I have this problem where I start WAY too many stories for my own mental sanity, but I enjoy working on them. Currently, I'm working on two historical fiction novels and world-building for the first book in my fantasy series.