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  1. SEHatfield

    Author Website

    I am giving in and putting up an author website to facilitate my book and any future books, speaking engagements, etc.. Gonna take my time putting it together, may even hire someone to create it (if any of you have ever done that recommendations would be appreciated.). May or may not blog. More to come. Any advice appreciated. Steve
  2. Random Encouragements: Finding God in the Everyday is a collection of short observations designed to heighten your awareness of God the next time you step out on your porch with a cup of coffee, redecorate your living room, or simply walk into a thrift store. May they be as encouraging to you as they were to me when the Lord gave them.
  3. SEHatfield

    Saying Hello

    Welcome Joyce Steve
  4. SEHatfield

    My Books Out Now!!

    Interestingly, There are some foreign sites with strange prices listed. I'm asking Ingramspark about it.
  5. SEHatfield

    My Books Out Now!!

    Interestingly, as some of you know, I had created a "createspace" account just to use their manuscript checker. After I found out that I'd need to purchase a new ISBN to upload my book as an ebook on IngramSpark, plus pay the upload fee again..to the tune of a total of about $16o, I began to research. Turns out, I "transferred" my Createspace account over to KDP (as they all are) and was able to upload the ebook for nothing. Nice to know for someone new. I haven't really spent too much time studying marketing yet, what with school and life, but I'm not in a hurry to hit the best sellers list just yet, I'm selling some myself when I go places.
  6. SEHatfield

    My Books Out Now!!

    Well, I was able to launch my book, Random Encouragements: Finding God in the Everyday, in it's Kindle Books ebook edition today. That makes it available as an ebook on Kindle, and available in print through Barnes and Noble, and it will be available through print with Amazon on Nov 20th, So, Kindle ebook available now. Barnes and Noble print book available now. Yah! I don't think I can post a link as that would be trying to sell my book here and I don't want to do that. But Google could be your friend. Again, I couldn't have done it without the help of lots of ChristianWriter.com's folks here. SE
  7. SEHatfield

    Bookstore Speaking

    The book went live on Barnes and Noble on November 1st. I sold "4" books via B&N. Ha! that was cool. Amazon won't let it go live until Nov. 20th. My next thing is to purchase another ISBN in order to upload it as an ebook maybe this week. But it won't be available till the 20th on Amazon. Steve
  8. SEHatfield

    My Punctuation Website Is Up

    Nicely done carolinamtne!! Bookmarked here as well. SE
  9. SEHatfield

    Calling Independent Self-published Authors

    When my book goes live on Amazon and/if things start happening, then I'll post my experiences/thoughts about my first book. I really appreciate all of the info here. Steve
  10. SEHatfield

    New Member - Julius

    Welcome Julius, pull up a chair and grab a cup-o-joe. Steve
  11. SEHatfield

    Bookstore Speaking

    Phy I hadn't thought of that aspect. And I guess I should. In reality, I haven't uploaded it as an "ebook" yet for the simple reason that I'd have to buy another ISBN number and I didn't have the moola at the time. I do plan on uploading that version as soon as possible. I realize this sounds "counter-productive" but I hadn't planned on becoming a best selling, highly productive, prolific writer. I simply wrote short vignettes (I love using that word) and someone said to me one day, "Hey, you should put them in a book." So I did. I am beginning to get the urge to start work on "Random Encouragements....2." hmmm
  12. SEHatfield

    Bookstore Speaking

    Yes carolinamtne, there's a church on nearly every corner of every little town in the area.
  13. SEHatfield

    Bookstore Speaking

    I will. I plan on offering the book wherever I go to minister eventually. The ministry is in it's infant stages as well, so it's all developing sort of together.
  14. SEHatfield

    Bookstore Speaking

    I hear you Accord.... I think my approach would be (and I'm saying this from one who's never done it.) to talk to my local bookstore owner, give them a copy to peruse, ask them if they like it and think their customers might like it, then go from there, if not, no sweat. It could be they're inundated with local indie artists as well. I plan other forms of marketing when it finally comes available on Amazon (it's on pre-order status till Nov 20th. Ingram Spark tells me that this was Amazon's decision and they can't change it to sooner.) and it's available for pre-order on Barnes and Noble effective Nov 1st. I haven't actually tried to develop an official marketing "strategy" yet. I know some will say I should have done that some time ago, but I just haven't. This whole "writing a book thing" kind of hit me by accident.
  15. SEHatfield

    Bookstore Speaking

    I understand your point Phy, my reasoning was, living in a rural western mountainous area, in these bookstores I see a lot of "local" writers shelves. There seems to be an interest in regional writings among the folks. I wouldn't dream of making it my major emphasis, just another outlet. And I love to speak to folks, and speaking encouragement via a book reading would be lots of fun. Alley it may work it's way into a part of the ministry, but it's not actually related to the ministry, it would have to be like an extra offering at churches.