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  1. SEHatfield

    Business Question-sort-of

    I've got a couple of folks I've been told to contact, I'm in that process. Thanks
  2. SEHatfield

    Business Question-sort-of

    Some of ya'll have seen my logo pursuit based on a ministry idea. Some of you are published authors who sell books and occasionally speak. Can any of you point me in the direction of who to contact regarding the proper way to set up a writing/speaking ministry when it comes to finances, accountability, etc...? Not even sure if I'm asking the question right. Steve
  3. SEHatfield

    What Is The Best Web Hosting Site?

    I'm going to try Flockhosting. The fella there seems very willing to assist, the price is right, so I'm giving it a go. I already purchased a domain name on WordPress.com. I get more access to WordPress stuff than I do for free thru Flockhost. Now to YouTube to master the Wordpress app.
  4. SEHatfield

    What Is The Best Web Hosting Site?

    How much do you need to know about building a website to put one up? Some of the hosting services have assistance, some don't?
  5. SEHatfield

    What Is The Best Web Hosting Site?

    I see I have access to some type of webhosting through wordpress.com. Is that reliable? It's payed annually but it's not much up front for the midrange?
  6. SEHatfield

    What Is The Best Web Hosting Site?

    I just went there and registered for a domain name only (for the moment). It now comes up on the web as the domain name and something is coming soon. One thing I've noticed, with the three that I checked, you have to pay for an entire year up front. I was trying not to have to do that.
  7. SEHatfield

    Logo Question

    It was the midrange, 148.00 They have bargain, midrange, deluxe packages. It's set up like a contest, designers compete for your job. In my case it was a three day contest and I got 80 submissions. You get to comment on each and ask for changes all along. You get a jpg. A pdf. A png. An ai and eps files.
  8. SEHatfield

    Returning After Long Absence

    That sounds interesting! Welcome back. Steve
  9. SEHatfield

    Logo Question

    Gang I appreciate all your help. Here is the one I decided to go with. I had a very specifice reason I went with this. First, it was the most unique design, many of the others I had seen parts of before. Second, this was the only artist that, without me asking, made the pastors emphasis greater than the men ministering to him. It was an interesting process to say the least. Never done this before. Thanks again everyone. Steve
  10. SEHatfield

    Newbie Here

    Welcome Indi....
  11. SEHatfield

    Logo Question

    These are my four favorites so far....................I have about 16 hours to go.
  12. SEHatfield

    Logo Question

    Made this myself...............disregard the screenshot lighting........
  13. SEHatfield

    Logo Question

    The ministry concept is teaching men to support the man.
  14. SEHatfield

    Logo Question

    I am Rebecca. I only signed up for a three day contest. I chose the mid-range but I'm not sure I'll get the best designers without doing premium. Time will tell. It's only the first day.
  15. SEHatfield

    Logo Question

    Correct....I filled out the form wrong (typing too fast) at first and you can't change it "on the site" but the individual can change it. I may change the name to God's Men for God's Man the only thing I'm not sure of on the second one are the two hands image,. It's been done to death, similar to the swishing cross image behind the words in image one. I like both but want them to be a little more unique for my "brand."