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  1. SEHatfield

    Devotional Question

    Ohhhhh. You did NOT have to go there...... 😁
  2. SEHatfield

    Devotional Question

    Lynn thanks, carolinamtne one of my desires is to have a hardcopy to take with me and offer at speaking engagements. I may someday try a blog, but still want to try a book. Thanks. S
  3. SEHatfield

    Devotional Question

    I've said before that I'm wanting to publish a devotional. Maybe a coffee table style, illustrated, etc.. I've not found a lot on guidelines regarding devotionals. Lots on books, short stories, etc.. Looking at devotionals I see thirty day, 365 day, etc.. Do you think I need a minimum of entries to be successful? I have between 16 and 20 that I'm editing. If I have a devotional on one page with an accompanying illustration on the opposite page that puts me at around 32-40 pages plus title, copyright, ect., pages. Is this too small? I'm going to continue to write, but wondered y'alls thoughts. Steve
  4. SEHatfield

    Calling Independent Self-published Authors

    I have both, haven't decided which I'll end up with. Up till now, used MacBook laptop with powerpoint for presentations.
  5. SEHatfield

    Calling Independent Self-published Authors

    Thanks Easton, I'm going to have to try Scrivener, will the free version give me a feeling of how it works? I'm trying ProWritingAid and like it so far. My primary goal is to speak encouragement in conference settings and churches, along with another ministry I'm working on, so I want an ebook, but also the ability to offer print copies as well. Thanks Steve
  6. SEHatfield

    Frequently Misinterpreted Bible Facts!

    Nicholas your OP reminds me of the dreaded bible study word.... "context" It can mess with many of our long held, sometimes inaccurate, beliefs. Steve
  7. SEHatfield


    Welcome Nikki. steve
  8. SEHatfield

    How To Pick A Good Editor.

    Having never used a "professional' editor, do you agree to a certain aspect of editing up front, or send in a manuscript and simply say "edit this?" Seems some want grammatical issues dealt with and not style or content.
  9. SEHatfield

    How To Pick A Good Editor.

    Wow, A couple thousand dollars, according to the OP, can take a long time to recoup while making $2-$6 dollars per book self published. I realize it's worth it as far as quality word smithing goes but I don't see how a self-published individual could survive. I'm willing to pay for services but that much would kick me out of the game at this point in my writing. I'm glad there are communities such as this that help each other. Related question (OP not trying to hijack). How does one find a quality editor, just through word of mouth? steve
  10. SEHatfield

    How To Pick A Good Editor.

    I'm interested in this topic as well. Steve
  11. SEHatfield

    Working On A Devoitional For Folks W/chronic Pain

    Nancy, I think that is a wonderful idea. I believe one of the best ways to succeed with a devotional is to hit a nerve (no pun intended) or a specific need in someone's life. That certainly is one that is a widespread need. Good luck with that and God bless. Steve
  12. SEHatfield

    Writing/editing Software

    Thanks for the replies folks. For comparisons sake, are there any others besides Scribner? I'm also looking for ways to create pages that I can insert images in, or add illustrations. S
  13. SEHatfield

    Writing/editing Software

    I have seen a couple of threads regarding this but I wanted to ask it. I write short story style devotionals of maybe 5/600 or less words. I'm looking for folks opinions on writing and editing software they've had experience with. I've heard the stories of Scribners difficult learning curve, which I'm not necessarily opposed to. I've tried the free versions of ProWritingAid and Grammerly. Any information regarding the pros and cons would be appreciated. thanks much steve
  14. SEHatfield

    Calling Independent Self-published Authors

    New here, had a couple of articles/devotions published by Lifeway, but I'm pursuing self-publishing of a collection of devotions (thanks Lynn) in an illustrated book form. Looking at different writing/editing software choices as well as POD publishing options. Thanks for for the dedicated thread. steve
  15. SEHatfield

    What's The Protocol

    LOl,. I don't think I saw your post before posting mine. :-)