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  1. quietspirit

    Vanity Press Blog

    Was this publisher "in Denmark?" because I smell something rotten in this offer.
  2. quietspirit

    Discrimination In The Writing World

    This is so true. We write because God calls us to it. When I get down on myself and think of giving up, God reminds me that it is He who has called and equipped me to write.
  3. When Grammarly and I have a difference of opinion, and I am right. I click the area with the trash can (ignore.) It saves me a lot of grief.
  4. Please explain this term to me? Or do you mean medieval.?
  5. Carolina is right. If you are writing a romance, I like the red truck picture that Lynn found. Actually. I don't think you could go wrong with any of the ones showing a young man and woman who are in love. Just my two-cents worth.
  6. quietspirit

    Don't Write A Bio, Write A "why Me?"

    I realize Bob Hostetler is making a point about the 'bio.' In his example of that bio, he includes things that we know we shouldn't. I heard him speak last year and know he wrote this 'bio' in this way to make a point. I would not include that I've never published a book before and that my husband and our friends like it. The "Why Me" paragraph is more inviting. It piques my interest.
  7. quietspirit

    How & Why To Skip Time In Your Novel

    When I was in a writing group, we talked about this one night. When you see a break in print with a symbol in the middle of the page, that signifies a break in time or a break in place. I hope this helps.
  8. Interesting, very interesting.
  9. quietspirit

    8 Lists Of Publishers

    Strange you should say that. We really don't have any bookstore that I am aware of. The closest place would be in the next county, twenty miles east of where we live. I have learned to do online shopping. The closest thing to a bookstore would be the book section at Walmart.
  10. quietspirit

    8 Lists Of Publishers

    I went through the list of Children's Book Publishers, then Christian Book Publishers. I am looking for a Christian Children's book publisher for a picture book. I really need to pray about the decision to whom I will submit.
  11. quietspirit

    4 Beginner Web Design Mistakes

    I just designed my new website. I tried to make it appealing to the eye. One of my writing friends even described it as minimalist. I was thankful she told me that. I had to change a few things already and you are right, We do learn as we go,
  12. quietspirit

    Prayers Please For Suspensewriter

    Prayers going up.
  13. quietspirit

    Prayer For The Expansion Of My Writing Ministry

    Thank you.
  14. quietspirit

    Prayer For The Expansion Of My Writing Ministry

    Thank you.
  15. quietspirit

    Writing Contest Deadline July 27 ~ Monetary Prize

    Just seeing this on Wednesday. I notice the groups always seem to wait until the last week or so and, then, send out announcements. This always bothers me..