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  1. quietspirit

    Tyranny Of The Lowest Common Denominator

    Nicola: I read the piece to which you linked. I have to think about what the author said, At first, It 'made my head swim.' The author purposely wrote the paragraph which Carolinamtne quoted to show us how difficult it would be to read, I almost stopped reading at that same point, As I said, I have to think about what that author means. Today, people have a lot going on in their lives and prefer to see thoughts that are easier to digest. At least, I do.
  2. quietspirit

    Who Wants Some Free Publicity?

    Thank you, Does the size make a difference?
  3. quietspirit

    Who Wants Some Free Publicity?

    Rebecca: Thank you for this opportunity. I posted text data. I can't get the image of my book on the form. I will try to do something with it later. Later: Now, I can't get the image to post. I get an error code (-200) Can someone please explain what I am doing wrong?
  4. quietspirit

    Times of Trouble Bring Rays of Joy

    Times of Trouble Bring Rays of Joy is a collection of timely devotions. Walk with Cecelia as she helps you discover better time management, inner strength through Christ, humility, compassion, faith, and peace. She provides ten short devotional essays for each subject along with Bible readings, and space for your own thoughts. Cecelia's shares with you what she discovered as she searched for a deeper relationship with God.
  5. quietspirit

    Grammar Rant!

    I grind my teeth when I hear the comparisons done wrong. "He is taller than ME." I was taught that we were to extend the comparison. "He is taller than I am tall." It is shortened to "than I.'
  6. quietspirit


    I also will be praying for your need with your mother. I know it is frustrating to care for a dementia patient. Your book-idea sounds like something that is needed. You might want to use different translations for your scriptures.
  7. quietspirit

    Prayers Please!

    Prayers going up. Please keep us informed.
  8. quietspirit

    My Books Out Now!!

    Congratulations. I did check out some of the sites where you book is featured. It looks like it will be a good resource for young and struggling Christians.
  9. quietspirit

    If Horror Films Really Took Place In The South

    Alley: this is soo funny. Thanks again. She might have put this one on for any of us who live North of the Ohio River.
  10. quietspirit

    If Horror Films Really Took Place In The South

    This wins the prize for the funniest video I have ever seen. I especially like it when Alexa tells the girl," That's not how you ask a question." Thank you, Alley, for the belly laugh.
  11. quietspirit

    Happy Reformation Day!

    I like to think that it was something Luther gave a lot of thought about. He might have known he was kicking against the goads.
  12. quietspirit

    Floral Caps Free Font

    I went back there this afternoon, after I got some writing and research done. I found a couple of kits that were what I wanted. I also learned the kits were from the 1970's. I guess I am a throwback. I took a chance and ordered two of them. I also felt the need to do some more online shopping to get some supplies I needed. Thanks again.
  13. quietspirit

    Floral Caps Free Font

    Thank you, After I saw this message, I did. I will go back when I am not as tired. We had a big day today.
  14. quietspirit

    Fire Destroyed Everything, But This!

    This reminds me that Jesus is with us through the difficult times we face because we are still in this world.
  15. quietspirit

    Floral Caps Free Font

    I checked out the craft section. I am thinking about going back to embroidery, especially crewel embroidery. But I can't find any kits as I purchased several years ago.