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  1. Here are some great ideas to help market your book. 110 Book Marketing Ideas
  2. Alley

    Hello From A Newbie

    Welcome! It's nice to meet you.
  3. Alley

    Nano Spreadsheet

    Hey, that's a good one. All I've been using is a calendar. Oh, SW told me about a site called pacemaker.press . It also helps you keep track of your project word counts.
  4. Alley

    My Book Writing Sequence!

    Sounds interesting, and useful!
  5. Alley

    Naming Characters

    I believe that's Thing 1, and Thing 2.
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    Registering Your Copyright

    Why can't the copyright gremlins make it work for me? Why must I do it myself? Whhhyyy?!
  7. Alley

    Naming Characters

    What? 🤨
  8. Alley

    A Lengthy First Draft

    Well, I know you want to try and stay within the normal (for your genre) word count for at least your first couple of books. If you are looking to pitch your book traditionally, this is a must. I know most people recommend this for the first few on self-publishing also. At least until you have an established fan base. Then you will have a little more wiggle room. I know most of the writers I've talked with on this subject go for trimming the word count, and in some situations cutting whole scenes. I'll let the others that are further along than me tell you what they do. Also, you could do a youtube search for word count/cutting word count, but be warned I don't see any that are Christian.
  9. Alley

    A Lengthy First Draft

    I might not be so good at short stories. So, was any of this conversation helpful, or do we need to be specific about something to help you out?
  10. I love this idea! As a mother, your right it is so hard to find books with Christian values, and when you do you read them over and over until your kiddos get bored with them. As a homeschooler, I suggest tapping into this market. It is a huge market that is desperate for good books that hold our values!
  11. Alley

    A Lengthy First Draft

    I used to be a pantser, but the middle would be hard to get through. The thought of plotting was horrible. Where is the creativity inside of that? I dreaded plotting because of the way I was forced to do so in school was a horrible experience, and I could not get that out of my head. However, it was after much encouragement that I gave it a try. I used bullet points, and instead of trying to string random ideas together I sat down and told you a story. I used my pantsing on this told story, and at the end, I had a really nice outline to come back and fill in with details. Still, I have found that once in the story I wanted to replot parts because I did not like them as much. I may have changed a secondary character into a main character, and am replotting the end after I killed one of the main characters. So technically I'm now a plantser. Oh, and if you're worried about word count, I'll put it to you this way. I'm a little over 2/3 done with my story, and I'm at 163,000 (ish) words in. I will write until the story is finished, and then decide if I want to make it two books, or ruthlessly cut words. Either way, God gave me a story, and I need to get it all out, then pray about where to go with it after that. Prayer being the main thing!
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    Title Help !!!!!

    You're welcome.
  13. Shh... I want to see if he actually does it.
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    Query Letter Help

    Here comes the comma thing. Swap out the period after "children," and recapitalize "Including." I internally debated this. Then I choose the wrong one. ☹️