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  1. Alley

    Opinions On Split Narratives?

    Sounds interesting.
  2. Alley

    Prayer For The Expansion Of My Writing Ministry

    I have taught women's Bible studies before. Sometimes people showed and sometimes they did not. My only job was to be faithful to what God was calling me to do and leave the rest to him. I'll pray for you also.
  3. Alley

    I Have A Question

    You have to have a different ISBN for each kind of book you have. E-book, paperback, and hardback books. I do not know if you need a different ISBN for different e-book formatting or not. You might need to research that. Don't forget your barcodes for print books.
  4. Alley

    Prayer For The Expansion Of My Writing Ministry

    My dad's church teaches a PTSD class from a Christain psychologist's book. Have you considered making it into a class? Maybe some workbooks to go with it. I know many churches that are always looking or something new, and in our world, we could all use a little joy! By the way, I love the title!!!
  5. Alley

    Opinions On Split Narratives?

    As someone who reads split narrative, and the mother of many kids, I say that I think it is fine if done properly. Chapter by chapter is good. Especially for the younger readers. However, if you break it in the middle of a chapter, young readers need more than a good voice to tell them the POV has changed. Maybe the dotted line, or some kind of space. Maybe you have an animal like a snake that separates the POVs. Whatever the case, make sure that you stop at a logical place. If you stop mid-topic, or mid-scene it will throw the kids off. Does this help?
  6. Alley

    A Writer's Beatitudes

    Very nice Lynn. I think we should all take a moment to remember how very blessed God has made us. Even if I feel like kicking the book a few dozen times because "why won't you magically be the way I see you in my head?!"
  7. Alley

    Fleshing Out The Antagonist

    I can't say that listening to his thoughts would be a good idea, but there are some things that might help you. Start by thinking about the different forms of sin. You have everything from the serial killer to little white lies. However, things rarely start off so big as a serial killer. They are leading up to that point. The Bible talks about building a foundation, line upon line. Just as good men are built this way, it is also how evil men are built. It is gradual. If you want to make your antagonist more believable, you need to learn about psychological warfare. Everything from battles, to battered wives, to peer pressure, to internal struggles. Remember that your antagonist will have no boundary in his manipulation of people. No care for who he hurts. He does not care if he lies. Nothing is wrong in his eyes as long as he gets what he wants. You are facing evil, and they will do whatever it takes to win with no guilt and no remorse. This can be hard for people who have never been around truly evil people, so make sure to do your research. Let me know if you have more questions.
  8. Alley

    Printable List Of Crutch Words.

    Well, this depends. If this is a character trait, then it is fine. What I mean by this is, is it part of their speech traits? An example would be that I wrote a character that used no contractions at all. This was a main trait showing her very proper upbringing without having to spend a long time explaining all of this. If it is not a main trait, then I would say to be careful not to overuse them. Most of us speck using them, so it is fine to do, just as long as we do not go overboard. As for outside of dialog, we should avoid them with rare exceptions. So use your discretion, and if you are unsure, I suggest airing on the safe side and cutting it.
  9. One of my favorite helpful writing books is the Emotion Thesaurus. Here you can find many samples from inside this book. Check it out, and see if it can also help you.
  10. Here is a printable list of crutch words. Those little words we all use, but don't really need.
  11. Alley

    I Could Use Some Prayers

    Thanks, David. You are right, times of hardship help us grow, and apparently, it's our time to grow. 😊 I can see some good coming out of this already. It's been a chance to help the children learn to pray in a deeper way. It has given grandparents a chance to spend more time with the grandkids. They have enjoyed teaching them new life skills. I have built new friendships and new fellowship. I'm praying that the insurance adjuster will offer enough money for the car that we can buy a third-row vehicle. We need one, and we've not had a way to buy one for several years now. So you see the wreck has been a blessing in disguise. As for my health problems, it is a good reminder to enjoy every day. To pay attention to the little blessings in life, and not to let things steal our joy. After all, the Bible repeats many times that the joy of the Lord is our strength. So I am endeavoring to be joyful no matter where I am. Again, thank you for your prayers. I will keep you all updated as I learn more. I should be hearing from the adjuster, and getting test results sometime this week. So we will know more then.
  12. We're sorry. We will try to behave. It's going to be hard.
  13. Alley

    How To Write A Terrific Author Bio

    Witty quips are welcome anywhere. This thread is mostly for inspiration. If you would like to practice your Author Bio, stop by Let's Practice Writing Your Bio in the writing and publishing forum. You can watch me struggle to put two words together about myself. I do hope you'll stop by the meet and greets and introduce yourself so we can welcome you properly. 😊
  14. Alley

    Need A Good Laugh?

    Umm... ok. I so don't know what I'm doing. ☚ī¸ It's a video on my screen.