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  1. kRIK fLOYD

    And Introducing Me - Krick Floyd

    Thanks and Hi to everyone..
  2. kRIK fLOYD

    And Introducing Me - Krick Floyd

    Thanks Rebeca, Yes, Lyn. fodder is a good word.. Made a story once after watching the evening news. Grabbed me and wouldn't let go.
  3. kRIK fLOYD

    Beta Me, Beta You?

    Okay. I must be itnorant. What is a YA ?????
  4. Tom.your title throws me for a loop.. is this story about you finding God or giving up on Him?
  5. kRIK fLOYD

    And Introducing Me - Krick Floyd

    Don't know how to add to my new member profile above so I guess I'll use this. I have also been with a Christian Prison Ministry when I lived in Arizona for two years. I did one on one counseling and group seminars with power point programs. I learned and they taught me a great deal. I've also done Marriage counseling as well as Bible studies. Writing is my favorite though. I've been wondering around as Lynn suggested and find it a very interesting site to explore. Thanks for the greet.
  6. A christian for 38 yrs. Travel US a lot. Lived various places a lot. I've been writing since 1995. Self taught through library books and trial and error.. I have 12 novellas on Kindle, a brand new 4 book set just out of editing, and a two book set going to editing. I make my own book covers except for 3 that I farmed out. I write Christian stories about everyday people. Some excel at what they do yet have troubles handling life itself. Some are classifed adventures, some mysteries. I wouldn't necessarily call any of them a Romance but I do include relationship science where couples finally get together. I like to develop characters that finally find the right path and manage to share that with others along the way. I'm retired successfully.Love to write. Not much good at advertising my books (working on that problem). I've gotten personal emails back after a reader has read my books and it was heart warming. I love the personal replies the most. So that's me in a nut shell. There's probably more if I took time to think about it.
  7. kRIK fLOYD

    List Of Genres We Write/critique/read

    i'M A NEW MEMBER 15 MINS OLD. tHIS APPEALS TO ME ALSO. wRITE: Christian Fisction; Relationship science; encountering life's road bumps; Stories that encourage faith, mystery Read: Chrisztian stories in Mystery,, adventure I could use a beta reader for already written novellas. They've been proofed but would encourage input back to me on story content and construction.