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  1. emma.mccorkle

    List Of Book Cover Designers/add Your Name

    Lynn, Thanks for posting this. I will need a cover designer for my upcoming book.
  2. emma.mccorkle

    New Member

    Hello everyone, My name is Emma McCorkle. I am a Christian and enjoy writing books about my life compared to scripture. I am a senior citizen and have been married for 42 years. I also have three grown daughters who live upstate New York, and I have ten grandchildren, My relationship with my family is genuinely great and wholesome. We respect each other, as I understand their role as mothers who have chosen me as a role model to follow. I really enjoy reading and writing. It has become a passion for me as it streamlines an avenue for me to express myself openly and honestly. I am an encourager and a high achiever, especially when personal matters sometimes become unbearable, I always find relief and strength in prayer and meditation.
  3. emma.mccorkle

    Refined In The Furnace Of Affliction

    Good Afternoon, I am a new subscriber and have browsed this site for 30 minutes looking for a beta reader to guide me either in a discussion about my book, or relevant points to sell my product. (Title Section). It seems I am going nowhere. Can you guide me in finding the correct site or page to get started. I have a Facebook page but am not active. I have written and published a Christian book, which has not been read by the public audience yet. I am desperate for help. How do I get off the ground? Thank you. Emma McCorkle