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  1. Honored But Nervous

    @Nicola I have only been affiliated with this site for a short time, but I have grown accustomed to the wonderful advise and generous structure definitions you share with me. Thank you so much! This made me actually laugh. To know one has inspired another, even figuratively is such an uplifting tool and you wield it with expertise. This is a great ice breaker to relieve any possible tension. I do meet with a little adversity from some of the more military minded folks that go to my church, who may be offset by my speaking. Excuse my wordy-ness. I forced myself not to write yesterday and take a break, I am off from my physical job today and alone at home, therefore I am able to concentrate. My literary juices are raring like race horses... HA!
  2. 20 Year Class Reunion Memoriam

    @Nicola That is a brilliant idea. I was leaning toward the actions of this particular chair that would not get done, but I LOVE your idea! That is such an endearing thought process. Thank you so much!
  3. Honored But Nervous

    @suspensewriter Thank you for your valuable masculine feed back always. I certainly appreciate any and all information you are willing to share with me, especial from a Christian male perspective. Access to that is very limited for me. "as a guy, I'd like to hear the short form and then get to the activities." This is very helpful. I was torn on weather I should draw it out longer.
  4. Honored But Nervous

    @Dramedy Writer THANK YOU! I appreciate all of your time and suggestions. These are so thoughtful and helpful. I am going to get busy rewriting my next draft first thing in the morning. @lynnmosher THANK YOU! You are always sure to help heal my injured rambling LOL. I can't tell you how much I appreciate you. I have learned more in the last month or so from this site than in the past year on my own. 2 years really, that is how long I have been working on my 4th book, so far. God has blessed me with the both of you.
  5. Ruby Magazine Is Now In Print!

    This magazine is beautiful! I love the vibrancy and the beautiful layouts. BRAVA!! I have a devotional I just wrote this morning about Fellowship that I would be willing to amend and submit if you think you might be interested, I need to do the final edits anyway, I could amend it for your publication in a jiffy. You are welcome to read the first draft posted in another forum. Or, I am working on a memoriam for a class reunion that might be good for your June, or July issue if you think you might be interested in that one instead. It would actually be nice to tell those parents that they can see the piece that was written for them in a current issue of a magazine. I see that you do not compensate, but do you offer free print versions of the publication in lieu of payment? If either of the projects interest you, feel free to contact me. I would love to be a part of such a beautiful publication. I look forward to hearing from you. God bless, and have a great day.
  6. 20 Year Class Reunion Memoriam

    Warmest greeting on this beautiful day from South Mississippi. I have been blessed with another honor, and was asked to compose a 20 year class reunion memoriam, They would "probably like a poem", while "rhyming is not necessary". The finished piece will be type designed and framed as a gift to the families of each of the lost classmates. (i'm thinking it should rhyme.) I plan on focusing on the imagery of "the empty chair" that tends to be decorated and set as a reminder. Any thoughts, ideas, inspirational hot spots?
  7. Honored But Nervous

    Online it said that a typical devotion was about 200 words, but this one will be read aloud. How do you feel about the length? Would someone mind telling me their opinions on the content, and possibly help me with any grammar errors of this piece? Thanks in advance. Paint Party Devotional: Fellowship When asked to do this, since the occasion is a paint party, my first instinct was to talk about the craftsmanship that went into the building of the mobile Tabernacle that traveled with the Israelites through the wilderness. I wanted to encourage your creativity today by drawing your attention to all the details that went into the construction and furnishings, right down to the utensils. The scripture of focus was Exodus 31:6 which reveals that God gave certain people the foreknowledge of how to craft all the pieces. When I tried, on several occasions to write the words, something always seemed to get in the way; the phone would ring, the computer didn’t work… any of a number of distractions. I wasn’t worried. I knew what story I wanted to tell, so it would practically write itself. Finally, one Saturday morning, all was quiet, and I was able to get to it. The best place to start any project is in prayer. So, I began that morning by asking God for HIS words and not my own. Guess what happened? Tedious Craftsmanship of HIS Tabernacle is not what we’re going to talk about today. HIS idea is so much better. If you will give me a few more moments of your time, we are going to talk about fellowship. “And let us consider one another in order to stir up love and good works” Hebrews 10:24 “Let us consider one another” What does that mean, to consider? According to Webster's definition, it means; "pay attention to," "think carefully about," "make allowance for," or "regard" someone or something.[G1] We’re all going through at least one something. In the midst of your "something", you were loving enough to join us today. As your Christian sister let me be the first to say thank you for coming to refill my Spiritual cup that does tend to get dry. You may not have even realized that as a representative of God, you were considering my needs automatically. Your arms are HIS arms when you embrace me with loving hugs. Likewise, my arms are HIS arms and [G2] WE want to hug you too. “In order to stir up love” What do you think about when you hear that phrase? For me, it’s my mom baking goodies. She was always happiest when she was in the kitchen “cookin’ for the kids.” I’d sometimes ask her as the first batch of cookies came out, or with the first fork full of moist cake what it was that she did to make it taste so good. She would smile and say, “secret ingredient”. One time she slipped up and revealed that secret ingredient of hers was a “spoonful of love.” As you dip your brush in to mix the paint or stir in water to clean it off, give it a little extra twirl today and think about the invisible fragrance of your love wafting through this room. Then take a deep breath and get some refreshing love for yourself. “And good works” Have you ever heard someone say, “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.” It’s true. As you look around you will no doubt be amazed at the talent that your brothers and sisters have. There are sure to be plenty of "good works" produced here today. But don't shortchange your own. You are a child of God, and HE is so proud of your work. You’re HIS arm, so HE fellowshipped with you as you painted it. HIS love for you is stirred into every brush stroke. HE sees HIS work in what HE has made, YOU, and it is good. God bless and happy painting.
  8. Uc - Chapter 2 - Kenzer Waulden

    @Claire Tucker I was reading the submission guidelines for a children's magazine, and it said not to be "preachy", and that kids can "smell a lesson a mile away", It tickled me, but it is true. I am so pleased with your confirmation to see that the message was noticed, but not over powering. I want my characters (and readers) to grow and change as they become more aware of their spiritual surroundings not only in stories, but in real life. We are not fighting "flesh and blood" (Eph. 6:12) and our youth are so vulnerable to the world around them. Thank you so very much for that.
  9. Uc - Chapter 2 - Kenzer Waulden

    @Claire Tucker Thank you for your response. I most certainly appreciate any and all feedback. In about 2 more scenes they come to a creature who blows "Guardian Glimpse" in one of their eyes so that they can briefly see the real world, and later they are given "Guardian Glimpse Glasses" so that they can both (TRULY) see the world around them. Eventually, as they spend more time here, and become more sensitive to others, their "eyes will adjust" to their surroundings. It's my idea of a "coming of age" plot. Most people, especially the very young, go through their day oblivious to what is going on around them, I want my characters to realize there is more around them that they have been noticing. I guess I am going for the subtle lesson. I want the real life readers to come away looking for the beauty of God's world they didn't pay attention to before. People laugh at me all the time because I stop and just look up. They always ask, "What are you looking at?" I always say: "God's sky." They seldom look, they just laugh and go on about their way. They are missing the Master paint on HIS Heaven. Does that make any sense? Do you think that is to subtle, or way to deep for such a young audience? If so, do you have any suggestions? I would be more than happy to share more of the story if you find it interesting. I have the full ms in several different readers hands now.
  10. Honored But Nervous

    @Woman-of-Hope I did not consider you as being"preachy" at all. I appreciate the words of encouragement. I thank you for the carefully thought out reply. I will carry your sentiments with me as I prepare this piece. @Nicola you are just delicious to me! I never even thought to go back to the crafting influence of the Egyptians. I'm so going to incorporate that. Thank you! Thank you all. I am so blessed to have found this site. I appreciate you all. I almost forgot to tell you all. I was commissioned for a second piece today. I have been asked to write a High School 20 year reunion memoriam for their fallen classmates. What I write will be framed and given to the families. I am very humbled and honored by this opportunity as well. I covet your prayers as I attempt to put my best foot forward and begin to build my portfolio.
  11. Honored But Nervous

    I attend a small but loving country church. We have recently had a changing of pastors. While we waited for a new pastor, many were left somewhat spiritually dry. Our "dry season" continues as we settle into the new and different routine. One of our Deacon's Wives tries to replenish our spirit with regular fellowship functions. She is a treasure among women, and has been planning a Ladies Paint Party. We have had one, if not two before, and the turn out was wonderful. This time we are doing things just a little bit different. She has asked me to give a brief opening devotional. I imagine she asked me because I am known for my crazy antics, zany charm and quit wit, on top of having a diverse eye when it comes to explaining scriptures in modern terms. I am the church clown I guess you could say. My spirit seems to help other be at ease. Many complement my way with words and say that I help them see the Word in a whole new way. Since this is going to be a crafty gathering, I knew right away what I wanted to talk about. I would refer back to when God gave the newly freed people of Israel detailed instructions on how to carry out the crafting of every piece of HIS tabernacle. These people had no crafting skills since they had been slaves for some 400 years. The point of my presentation would be that God gave them the knowledge and talent to carry out the production of these beautiful crated items. Well, since accepting the honor, men have decided that they would like to join the festivities this time. I am not an eloquent speaker, and I have old ideals concerning headship. If a woman is more spiritually qualified than a man, and there is no other man available to accept the spiritual leading position, only then can a woman, in my opinion "teach" a man. Now that the event is opened to men, I feel fairly confident that the new preacher will attend since he is trying to build fellowship with his new congregation. I do not feel it is right for a woman to "teach" a spiritually superior and perfectly capable man. My congregation does not feel as strongly toward these "old ways" as I do. I would welcome your opinions thoughts and advice. First of all should I alter my topic? Of course God will give me HIS message, but do you have any ideas of a better painting party devotional? Should I decline since men will be attending? Despite my beliefs, I am not led to decline. There were women disciples who taught, and men who did come to hear them. These female disciples knew there was a possibility, but did not intend to teach men. Does anyone have any words of wisdom concerning a woman knowingly teaching of a man? Thanks in advance.
  12. When And What To Charge For Articles?

    @Swimkick Please let me be the first to congratulate you. If you have only written a few pro-bono pieces and you are already being contacted to do work... BRAVA!! You must be phenomenal. I am very excited for you. I found several wonderful articles online that listed publications that pay for submissions, and I have been pursuing them myself as a way to get my personal platform established. I believe what @suspensewriter was referring to would be their one time, pay as you go submission deals. His rates are on par with what I have found. If I am understanding you right, what you are talking about is basically a contract for regular submissions; basically they are hiring you to write (non-exclusively) for them. If that is the case then, in my opinion, .01 - .02 cents a word is not a bad deal. As long as you are NON-EXCLUSIVE. Especially since you are just starting out. God bless dear! I am so proud for you.
  13. Looking For Christian Writers

    @PastorPorter I have two pieces I am bouncing between, trying to decide which would be a better fit for your publication. I am working on them though. I hope to have you something by the end of next week at the latest. I'm very excited about the opportunity. Want to help me? Choose a number between 1 and 2.
  14. List Of Genres We Write/critique/read

    @Gwendolyn Gage I am weak in grammar, but I am strong content. You are welcome to send me pieces, and I will give you my opinions, though none of them would be "professional".
  15. Christian Writers Super Bundle Giveaway

    Who won?

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