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  1. Josh Morris

    Poetry, and Good Life.

    Even better today - summer is approaching. Sidewalk cafés in full bloom. Stay dry and warm!
  2. Josh Morris

    Poetry, and Good Life.

    Super peaceful day in the ancient village. Greetings with the locals, and a warming sun. Good life. And blessings to all.
  3. Josh Morris

    Saturday Morning

    Great coffee, and another peaceful day of Easter. Best of wishes, to everyone.
  4. Great idea. Thanks, Phy!
  5. Josh Morris

    Village Peace

    A quiet Friday in the little village. Shops closed, but a couple of cafés are still open. Espresso tasting good. And more sun is coming.
  6. Josh Morris

    Morning Coffee

    Another great day in the ancient village - and warmer every day. Time for a walk, coffee shop, some chats -- and good life.
  7. Josh Morris


    The moods today remind me of a moment in Italy, when we lived in Florence 2013-14. numb as the room fills with intense sunlight From the poetry collection "Droplets of Time".
  8. Josh Morris

    Meta-Writing, words, and venice.

    Here are two different types of meta-writing about words, inner experience, imagination, and the relationship between imagination and senses. Italo Calvino wrote this, in the opening from "If on a winter's night a traveler": "The novel begins in a railway station, a locomotive huffs, steam from a piston covers the opening of the chapter, a cloud of smoke hides part of the first paragraph. In the odor of the station there is a passing whiff of station café odor. There is someone looking through the befogged glass, he opens the glass door of the bar, everything is misty, inside, too, as if seen by nearsighted eyes, or eyes irritated by coal dust. The pages of the book are clouded like the windows of an old train, the cloud of smoke rests on the sentences." And here, from my own writings: "Maurice would then return to the poetic contrast and see the curves of an Ionic volute in his letters, and feel the sound and colors of the words as they were finding their way down to paper and having attached to them an imaginary world hidden in their shapes. The magic of a blue sky in a sentence, carefully hanging over the two words, and the tones from a harp dancing through the letters in a harmonic little melody. The curves of the letters would then transform into the arches of the windows on the Doge's palace in Venice, with the beauty of the complexion from the evening light reflecting into the conversations in the square, and on the dinner tables of old friends and families as the day was slowly blending into the dark night." There is an effort here to build on the emotion and detailed nuances in Proust, but with a separate "voice". And this little passage, is one of the moments in the book that best expresses what we tried to do in this respect.
  9. Josh Morris


    Streams of sunlight through the windows, filling the room. The nature of being feels so different. And Easter is starting to enter and influence the mind, too. Outside the window, a tree. Then another stroke of brighter sunlight on the floor.
  10. Josh Morris

    New Week, Morning Coffee

    The old roman village is slowly transforming into spring. In brief moments, it is a marvel of nature.
  11. Josh Morris

    Ideas For Cw - Your Input Wanted!

    As a new member (less than two weeks), I just wanted to say how great it has been to find a community with a clear value-based foundation in the Christian faith. A place to feel safe, share writing works, and build new relationships on common ground. I share the concerns that this might be lost with the changes. Josh.
  12. Josh Morris

    Morning Coffee

    It's getting warmer here in the old roman town, after a bout of cold this weekend. A stronger sun and soon the snow will melt away again. Plan for the day - coffee shop, working on new book ideas, and evening work with students. With spring, new writing works are likely to emerge. Josh.
  13. Josh Morris

    Hi Everyone!

    Thank you, Lynn! Very kind. First week here has been great! Happy weekend to you
  14. Josh Morris

    A Sea of Universes

    This is a bit on the side of current writing, but it might become somewhat of an impulse for new topics and writing works, soon. Once the idea of cosmos being just one little bubble, stretching out from a little golf ball to an enormous size, but still just a tiny bubble in a bigger sea of other universes - it's hard to put it aside. The thought is both liberating and calming at the same time. Maybe it's because it's visually nice, and more stable. Josh.
  15. Some loose thoughts for reflection: At many times in our written history, or in the history of literature, the substance of the major works has been about life, people, society, the world we live in and the world we have and wanted to create. It sometimes feels like we now stand at a point where science fiction and novels can not be two separate things anymore. At some point a travel novel might be about other planets, or the cities on Mars. A novel about thinking, human relationships, the emotional life, might be influenced by brain implants and genetically modified circuitry for attraction or blueprints for ideal partners. But it feels and sounds a bit off-putting. Thoughts are most welcome. Josh.