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  1. Hi Everyone!

    Thank you, Lynn! Very kind. First week here has been great! Happy weekend to you
  2. A Sea of Universes

    This is a bit on the side of current writing, but it might become somewhat of an impulse for new topics and writing works, soon. Once the idea of cosmos being just one little bubble, stretching out from a little golf ball to an enormous size, but still just a tiny bubble in a bigger sea of other universes - it's hard to put it aside. The thought is both liberating and calming at the same time. Maybe it's because it's visually nice, and more stable. Josh.
  3. Some loose thoughts for reflection: At many times in our written history, or in the history of literature, the substance of the major works has been about life, people, society, the world we live in and the world we have and wanted to create. It sometimes feels like we now stand at a point where science fiction and novels can not be two separate things anymore. At some point a travel novel might be about other planets, or the cities on Mars. A novel about thinking, human relationships, the emotional life, might be influenced by brain implants and genetically modified circuitry for attraction or blueprints for ideal partners. But it feels and sounds a bit off-putting. Thoughts are most welcome. Josh.
  4. Train Rides

    Sitting by the window and watching the landscapes glide by. This is good life. One of the more permanent experiences in life is the accumulation of travel experiences, that comes back on a peaceful train ride. It's like something that stitches the years together, and gives a feeling of freedom, and of being outside of time in some sense. Being on the move, towards something new, feeling the excitement.
  5. Thanks for posting this, very interesting. Also the dimension of contrast - between the beautiful landscape, the sunshine and innocence, and the horror of death squads entering that world. I'm reminded of a related topic in effective responses in heated conversation/arguments. If possible, use minimum force. (Especially with an audience). Lashing out is less effective. As little as possible multiplies the effect and also shows greater control (or even mastery).
  6. Hi Everyone!

    Thanks so much for all the welcomes! Good to be here Have a great day!
  7. Morning Sun

    On our travels here - the season are changing and there is now morning sun into the apartment. Spring is coming.
  8. The Golden Sands

    Here is an excerpt from one of my own works - the opening of "The Golden Sands", a poetry journey. APPROACH the blinking seas of deep blue and shimmers of sunshine a hat light shirt arm resting on the chair a mild breeze islands gliding along the horizon in timeless beauty and peace a touch a smile in silence slowly emerging the splendor of paradise and the beach of golden sands
  9. When Virgil Departs

    As Virgil leaves Dante at the end of Purgatory, he sets him free (Canto XXVII, verse 127-142): "You now have seen, my son, the temporal and the eternal fire, you've reached the place where my discernment now has reached its end. I led you here with skill and intellect; from here on, let your pleasure be your guide: the narrow ways, the steep, are far below. Behold the sun shining upon your brow, behold the tender grass, the flowers, the trees, which, here, the earth produces of itself. Until those lovely eyes rejoicing come, which, tearful, once urged me to come to you, you may sit here, or wander, as you please. Expect no longer words or signs from me. Now is your will upright, wholesome and free, and not to heed its pleasure would be wrong: I crown and miter you lord of yourself!” This is one of the supreme highlights of the Comedy, as Dante, and potentially the reader, has gone through the journey and learning from the first two books - and can now be a free person.
  10. Purgatory, Canto XXIV

    A major inspiration and feeling of resonance was found last year in the 2nd volume of the Divine Comedy. From out of nowhere, Dante himself suddenly breaks through and speaks to the reader about his writing process. The essence is here (verse 49-54), when someone asks the pilgrim about the opening of his book "Vita Nuova": "But, tell me, do I not see standing here him who brought forth the new poems that begin: 'Ladies who have intelligence of Love.'" I said to him, "I am one who, when Love inspires me, takes careful note and then, gives form to what he dictates in my heart." This is exactly the feeling behind some of the writings we're most happy about personally! A flowing feeling of writing, trying to describe the inner life as accurately and vividly as possible.
  11. Good Morning!

    First test post - hello World!
  12. Hi Everyone!

    Thank you!
  13. Hi Everyone!

    My name is Josh Morris, and I've been writing poetry, stories and novels and for a couple of years! Favorite themes are travels, change, people and the joy of life Main writing inspirations are The Divine Comedy and Search of Lost Time, but recently opened a little window to Stapledon and the "Star Maker" as a new genre to explore. Have a great day everyone! Josh
  14. How Do You Decide What To Write/market?

    Great advice. Thanks for posting this!!
  15. The First Five Pages

    Thank you lynnmosher! I will put together a little bio and presentation of my writings shortly. Thanks again for the warm welcome!

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