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  1. Jesusssss

    some people were defiled by the dead and did not bring the lord's offering at the proper time so the lord said to Moses, if any man shall be unclean, they may still celebrate the lords passover one month later instead on the fourteenth day. but anyone who is ritually clean who does not eat the passover must be punished.
  2. Jesusssss

    shining toward the front of it, the lampstand of gold was the exact design the lord had shown Moses. whenever he went into the tent, he heard the voice oof one speakng to him between the cherubs.
  3. Jesusssss

    the sacred objects? the Kohathites took care of had to be carried on their shoulders.
  4. Jesusssss

    if a person promise to belong to the lord in a special way, they are bound by the vow for the full time they are dedicated to him. they must be holy until the period is over, he must not make himself ceremonially unclean? but if he has defiled his consecration, the days of his vow before his defilement no longer count. he must begin all over again with a new vow.
  5. Jesusssss

    the lord said, when anyone commits a wrong, he must make full repayment plus an additional twenty per cent. this payment is in addition to the ram used to perform the ritual of purification for the guilty person.

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