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  1. Hebrew

    EmilyDickinsonWhite I believe that you should restart Hebrew. The Niquud, or vowels, are not so hard. In fact in modern Hebrew the Niquud are pretty much non-existent. I just struggle learning the words. The only word I know is, אהבה.
  2. Hebrew

    Guys, I just started taking Hebrew lessons. I am really struggling in learning this language, do you guys have any tips for studying?
  3. Mourning The Loss Of Rev. Billy Graham

    For me to live is Christ, to die is gain.
  4. Work

    No, I don't have a restore point. I have an old computer. But I think God was wanting a change. I am writing this from the Holy Spirit's influence, and if change is what God wants, it is what I will give him. It just is hard to lose work.
  5. Work

    Don't you hate when your work gets deleted. I was well into the fifth chapter of my book, and my work got deleted. Now I only have half of the first chapter of my book. I can only hope that it was God saying I need to revise what I was saying.
  6. Hello

    My name is Seth Kendrick. I am a freshman in high school. I love the word of the Lord and it inspires me deep down. I wish to rise above the challenges that this world has set before me and be a thorn in the side of darkness. I live day to day worshiping God with my full heart, trying to fulfill my calling.
  7. Awake

    Are you all awake? Do you even truly know what it means to see the light? How many of you walk where He puts your feet? This world is full of those who have closed their eyes. Many so called "Christians" walk their own path. So go find them, and wake them up. Wake the dead from their slumber and rescue them from the growing fire.

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