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  1. Love

    Guys this isn't a part of the love rant I've been going on I swear. I just want to tell you guys, Christ has laid a lot on my Heart lately, and he has opened my eyes to see. Now before I say anything, I want you to know, I'm not a creep. Ok now that I have that said, I want all of you to know the love I have for you. I do not know you, but everything I read on here brings me joy. I see God cultivating a gift in each of you. Keep up the good work.
  2. Prayers

    lynnmosher, She is a christian, I wouldn't date her otherwise. I just think the devil is beating her down. I'm hoping to cheer her up with a song I wrote for her.
  3. Prayers

    No need, I am stressed and tired, I say things wrong when I am like this.
  4. Prayers

    zx1ninja, I guess I worded that wrong, she is constantly saying she loves me. She is my girlfriend. She just feels so unloved right now. She has been depressed almost, she is not bubbly girl I know anymore. I haven't been able to bring her back, and I can't do it by myself. I want the girl I love back, I didn't mean I want God to make her love me. I am sorry I confused you, I have been having a hard time speaking correctly lately.
  5. Prayers

    Guys, I need prayer. My girlfriend has become distant and depressed. I love her and she loves me, but I don't think she feels loved. I need prayers for guidance on how to show her how much she is loved. I miss the happy girl I know, and I don't like seeing her in pain.
  6. Mothers

    Lynn, I try to please my mother, but I still screw up. Don't worry about the time you didn't spend with your momma, but look forward to the time you will spend with her. Eternity is a long time, and in eternity, you two won't have one disagreement.
  7. Mothers

    You guys, I know it isn't Mother's Day, but it doesn't hurt to acknowledge the fact that they are so special every once and awhile. You don't need to reply to this topic, but mothers are awesome. If you think of it, we are born to two fathers, a heavenly one, and an earthly one, but we are born with one mother which makes them even more special. So tell your mother you love them, and if they aren't here anymore, pray to God and thank him for the time he gave you with them.
  8. Take Responsibility For Your Titles

    Ok, after reading this, I am beginning to wonder if my book title doesn't match my book.
  9. Prayers Please

    Well, you are in my prayers. I know God will come through for you. Your father is never failing, he is never ending, he never has left you, and he never will. If all your hope is in him, then all your problems are in his hands.
  10. What Scripture Changed Your Life?

    I know I have asked a lot of questions, but bear with me, all my questions have one purpose. I read psalm 37 and learned to focus on God, and not the things of this world. What scripture changed your life?
  11. What Is The Coolest Christian Event You Have Been To?

    That is awesome that you met Billy Graham. I am young, but these years I have lived he was my hero. It is cool that you met him.
  12. What Is The Coolest Christian Event You Have Been To?

    If the rocking roadshow ever comes through your state, I recommend going.
  13. I went to a concert a couple of weeks ago and it was really awesome. It got me thinking about the way God loves us. What is the coolest event you have been to?
  14. I thought I would share my story with you guys. Prologue The sun shone down on the land, causing the river to gleam ever so brightly, emphasizing the beauty of the valley even more. A lone rider sat atop a hill, looking at the land that he called home, saying goodbye for the last time. He closed his eyes and breathed in the valley’s fresh air, taking in the fragrant scent of the pines and aspens that grew so thickly in the land. Slowly he exhaled and turned his horse away from the valley, being careful not to damage the precious cargo that he carried in his pack. The journey that lay before him would not be easy. Vast mountainous lands lay before him. The mountains were not the most dangerous part of his journey, but instead it was the creatures that inhabited the mountains. Large groups of monstrous beasts called the Nogral patrolled the territory, looking for any unsuspecting humans, and devouring them on the spot. The Nogral weren’t just hunting randomly this time though. They would be looking for the man, for his package. He rode carefully for days, avoiding the main paths, hiding in the places that his horse could fit. On the sixth day into his journey the man encountered his biggest fear; a pack of Nogral was near. He could hear their screams drifting through the woods before and behind him. The screams made his heart beat faster than any man’s heart should, he had heard only rumors of the beasts, and he feared them. Now that a pack surrounded him, he dreaded them even more. He could feel his destiny, he knew he would die, and it would be painful. He rode on and on, and yet the Nogral didn’t seem to smell or see him. He rode his horse into a concealed outcropping of rocks and made his camp there. He didn’t dare go to sleep that night, he watched his package intently, never taking his eyes off of it, all the while listening to his surroundings to be sure nothing snuck up on him. Around midnight sleep overtook him and he was awoken by the snap of a branch. He opened his eyes and saw something that made his heart stop. Outside of his concealed sleeping place sat a Nogral. It was black and hairless, muscles rippled through its human like frame. It had two horns sitting on its head that curled like a rams horns, and its eyes burned like red coals. A dark liquid dripped from the creature’s fangs. Blood. Panic raced through the man, he looked to make sure his pack was still beside him, it was. He looked back at the creature, and then he looked at what it was eating, it was his horse. He knew that without his horse, he was doomed, and the Nogral would take his pack, and devour what lay inside of it. He opened the pack, beneath a blanket and a coddling cloth, there was a small infant resting inside of it. The child breathed in and out with shallow breaths. He was in a dead sleep, and he would remain asleep until he was safe. The man had given the child a sleeping concoction so that it would not alert the Nogral of their position. The small child moved the man, and he knew what he had to do. He strapped on his sword and said a prayer; he then hid the infant in a small hole in the outcropping so that no stray Nogral would find him. The Nogral from earlier had moved away from the carcass of the horse and disappeared into the woods in the distance. The sun was just beginning to peak over the trees when the man went out to make his last stand. He walked to a flat area where a large boulder sat in the middle. He climbed to the top of the boulder and fell to his knees, begging his God to help him through this battle. Shedding his last tear the man stood up, he cleared his throat, and he bellowed his challenge to the creatures. “Come to me now you filth of the darkness, feel the bite of my blade.” The screams of the beasts filled the forest and one by one the creatures began to emerge. There were at least ten of them, all of them just as terrifying as the other. One creature stood on its hind legs and stared into the eyes of the man. These beasts were mad, but they were intelligent, intelligent and deadly. “You have signed your death warrant human, but you are brave. What is your name.” The man looked at the beast and replied, “Of what importance is it to you?” The beast snorted. “I would like to know the name of the brave human that I am about to kill.” The man spoke again. “I am Guardian Laliro, and you are the one who will die not I.” “Such bravery, such arrogance, it’s a pity that you are a Guardian, if you were any other human I would make your death quick.” Laliro bared four feet of steel and pointed his blade at the creature before him. He felt a breeze envelope him and words began to flow from his mouth. “I am a Guardian, sworn to the Lord Yalwen, creator of light and bane of darkness. You are the servants of the dark one, the enemies of my Lord. I will sheath my sword in each of you before you take me; I will create ten less soldiers of darkness, and go to fight in the High Army for all of eternity. In the power of my Lord I find strength, in the name of High King Yalwen I wage this battle against you.” The Nogral howled in anger and ran forward bearing their teeth. Laliro closed his eyes and found peace, and then he charged. He swung his sword and it found its target, a Nogral clutched its side and fell to the ground. He swung and swung until two Nogral stood before him, a large gash in his forehead poured blood into his eyes, a gaping hole had opened in his side where one of the beasts had clamped its jaws around him, but he still fought with strength. He had promised these creatures that he would kill them all, and even though his wounds were grave, he refused to fall until he had fulfilled his promise. The remaining two creatures looked at him with fear, but also with hatred. They charged and Laliro and one of them tore at him with its long claws, he cut the beast’s hand off and it howled in pain. It charged again and Laliro took him through the throat with his sword. He finally stood facing the last beast, the one who had promised him a slow death. The beast’s eyes burned redder than a sun down in the mountains. Laliro saw the beast, but behind him he saw a man with a white robe on. The man held his arms open and he had a warm smile on his face. He looked at the beast, and then back at Laliro, he spoke and his voice made Laliro forget about his wounds. “Fight, I am here, I will always be here, in this battle, and the one Eternal.” Laliro looked back up at the Nogral and stood. Raising his sword into attack position Laliro prepared to defend himself. The beast charged forward and was on top of the Guardian. As the creature prepared to kill the man a look of shock spread across his face, three feet of steel protruded from his back. The beast turned to ash, and blew away in the wind. The man in the white robes came forward and reached out to Laliro. “Come join me in my kingdom son.” “But the child?” “I will protect him, do not worry, he will be safe.” Laliro took his Lord’s hand and a light enveloped him, and he was suddenly free of his pain.
  15. Looking For Cover Designers

    It is encrypted, don't worry. I would never use my real email. I will use private messaging though.

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