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  1. Claire Tucker

    Get Ready To Laugh

    It is quite fun. Unless you get attacked by a clown fish. Then its simply entertaining. True story, one of my brothers was checking out an anemone and had the resident clown fish get in his face about it.
  2. Claire Tucker

    Get Ready To Laugh

    No. I like my scuba diving...
  3. Claire Tucker

    Hello From A Former Game Developer

    Welcome to the group! Looking forward to getting to know you
  4. Claire Tucker

    Dallen Malna Introduction

    Welcome Dallen!
  5. Claire Tucker

    New Kid On The Block

    Hi Rivka!
  6. And when well-meaning, though partially uninformed individuals attempt to suggest what you should do with your life, career, time.... OK. Rant over. I'm good now
  7. Claire Tucker

    Group Effort

    Sure thing, Z. Take it and see what gives. I don't mind
  8. Claire Tucker

    Hello Everyone!

    Welcome! Make yourself at home
  9. Claire Tucker

    A Handy Writer's Sign

    Haha! Love it
  10. Claire Tucker

    We All Have That One Friend...

    Lol I'm related to some...
  11. Claire Tucker

    Hello To You All!

    Welcome Ella! Sounds like you enjoy journeying into the wild to war with dragons.... Looking forward to hearing of some of your adventures.
  12. Claire Tucker

    Hello There!

    Welcome Ceci! Enjoy the journey, be it with many stories or few....although I will admit that working on the few is easier (and better for mental processors) than the many
  13. Claire Tucker

    Spiritual Christianity In Silicon Valley

    Welcome! "Train you children in the way they should go, and when they are old they will not depart from it." I'm living proof of being raised with this approach, so go for it! And blessings on your writing!
  14. Claire Tucker

    New, Here; Hello!

  15. Claire Tucker

    Freelance Posting (writing)

    Welcome Linda!