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    Welcome, Ella!
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    *waves* Hello!

    Welcome, Melly!
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    From Touring To Writing...

    Welcome, Andy! Make yourself at home
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    Saying Hello

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    Hello To All

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    Just Sayin' Hello!

    Hi there! Glad you found us looking forward to getting to know you
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    The Mi Generation

    Where did you learn the advanced harmony? I'm also pretty much self-taught, and I'm keen to expand what little I do know.
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    My Punctuation Website Is Up

    Congrats, Carolina!
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    The Mi Generation

    I will admit, I had to refresh the different modes etc. to catch these. And I didn't know about or understand the different ways the modes were used, so I learnt something new. Thanks!
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    First Timer Here - Hello Everyone!

    Welcome Leigh! Make yourself at home