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    [Insert vaguely Shakespearean greeting here] What a lovely site. I love the atmosphere. Thanks for letting me be a part of this. Hi! I’m Kate. I think God is pretty rad. I’d like to publish some books for kids one day. Even better if those books encourage some kind of love for the Creator of the universe who is Love Himself. I’m going to be an elementary school teacher in the semi-near future (have to graduate from UCLA first… I’m getting there). C. S. Lewis is my hero. I’d like to be as wise as my pastor, Rankin Wilbourne, one day (he’s so cool, don’t get me started). Currently, I’m writing more stories than is probably healthy for a human brain. Also currently writing more college essays than is healthy for a human brain. I hope to steadily strengthen my writing muscles for as long as I live. I would be overjoyed at critiques/suggestions on my work. I’m very grateful that a site like this exists where passion for lovely artistic things comes second only to passion for our awesome Heavenly Father. Grace and peace be yours in abundance, Kate
  2. Welcome to christianwriters.com!  I am excited that you are here.  The first thing people do is go over to meet and greet and write a little 'Hi I'm WriterKate' blurb about yourself.  Read the others and you'll know the general tone people take.  

    May I thank you for reading Hagovi's Bridge?  Your comments are very encouraging. :x

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