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  1. Francesa

    List Of Book Cover Designers/add Your Name

    I have been designing covers. Although none have yet been published, you can see some of my work on Flickr. https://www.flickr.com/photos/francesami/albums/72157697308365104
  2. Francesa

    Looking For Beta Readers!

    If you still need a beta reader, I'd like to volunteer. I was president of the Washington DC science fiction writer's group when I lived there. I've also written a YA sci fi. I've been in some fantastic writer's critique groups and I've learned a lot about what to say and how to say it regarding plot, characterization, etc.
  3. Francesa

    Fundamental Principles Shared By All Religions

    Most of the world religions feature common themes within. A deity is worshiped, a problem with the world is observed, and a solution proposed. While these features are present in biblical Christianity, the differences between it and other religions are vast. Biblical Christianity has its founding, salvation work, and conversion in the Creator God. What distinguishes Christianity from other faiths is that it is not man discovering and developing, but God disclosing and dictating. God is the founder. Whatever the specifics, salvation in the world’s religions can generally be categorized as accomplished through man’s exertions. Christianity is not fundamentally a religion of external improvement, but internal re-birth. In this way, biblical Christianity is the photo negative of the world’s religions. Salvation is God’s doing, not man’s. This is a major difference between Christianity and all other world religions. Excepts from: https://www.crosswalk.com/home-page/todays-features/3-key-differences-between-christianity-and-other-religions.html
  4. Francesa

    Excited New Member

    I'm an artist and author working on four books simultaneously. One is a romance, one a young adult science fiction, and the other two are adult science fiction. (Yes, I use the Oxford comma.) .I've been good at telling stories since an incident at dinner when I was a teen, where I discovered I could manipulate the mood of everyone at the table. Power! I'm about ready to find beta readers for three of the novels. The fourth has an incident with a cat that has me temporarily stumped. I will review novels as well. I'm a rapacious reader and I've studied writing informally for several years.