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  1. Looking For A Beta Reader!

    Greetings! I am looking for a Beta reader to check my translation (from Hungarian into English) grammatically. I would send you the English version only. It has a little connection to the Christian fellowship, and I find it interesting, so I hope you will enjoy it, too. If you are just interested in my story, feel free to write me or ask something (redrosesandlavenders@gmail.com). By the way, I am really happy to be there Thank you in advance! Be-positive-all-the-time
  2. Hello From Canada!  

    Welcome to our fellowship.  I was greatly cheered by your message of greeting.  Your English writing superb.  Did you learn this in school?  I expect the internet is a strong source of English to read, even if one cannot trust it all to be beneficial.

    I look forward to reading your messages on the forum. Don't say you are 'only a teenager'.  1 Timothy 4:12  (NIV) says: Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity. 

    You have a perspective on the world that the rest of us need to hear. Be bold and strong. 

    In Christ's service,


    1. Be-positive-all-the-time



      Thank you for writing on my profile. Actually, I have been learning English for 5 years in the school, and then I was going to private teacher for a year, and then I passed my English language exam in intermediate-up level, and now I am looking forward to my advanced exam. :) But my vocabulary is still not enough, and I am looking for a beta reader for my other writings. 

      You have mentioned that you are from Canada; well, I haven't been there yet, but I am planning to go there once, because it seems a beautiful country full of mountains (and I love them). 

      As for being young, many people think that if you are a teenager, you cannot see the world rightly, however I have read books, I travelled to foreign countries, and I have seen many things, and I think see them in a mature way. But of course, I should read and learn a lot more. 

      Thank you again :) 

  3. Hello From Hungary:))

    I am happy that you found our little country beautiful. I hope you will return, because since 2005 Hungary have changed a lot in a good way.
  4. Hello From Hungary:))

    As lynnmosher kindly suggested me, I am creating an introduction. Well, I am only a teenager girl from Hungary with many dreams and ambitions. Ever since I can remember I always wrote poems, short stories, and etc. (sadly I wasn't able to write longer novels, maybe I was too impatient and young). Later, when I started to improve my English, I rather tried translating into my mother language, but nowadays I am trying to switch it, and translating into English (with more and sometimes with less success). This is a really hard exercise to do, but I especially enjoy it. Maybe it compensates me because I hadn't been able to write longer stories, no matter how much I tried to complete one. As for my connection to the Christian fellowship, my mother started to believe in God a year ago, and she always wanted me to be a believer, too. To be honest, at the first time I was a little bit sceptical about it, but later I became a believer, too. This is a long story, but the point is that finally, I found the way to God. Thank you if you read it.
  5. Beta Reader?

    Thank you. I will try it
  6. Beta Reader?

    Hi! I am a new member of the community, so I don't know exactly how things work here. So tell me, please, if I am in the wrong topic. I have heard that I may find a beta reader for my translation here, so here I am, and I am looking for somebody to help me. After I passed my English language exam (succesfully) and I had completed all the novels I translated from English into my mother language, I decided to do something brand new, so I tried to translate a novel into English. But as far as I experienced, I need someone to help me, because my English is still not the best. The story isn't really long, being only a long short story, and I think that its theme is interesting. I will publish it later, but I haven't decided to where yet. I am really excited! Hope I'll find somebody. Thank you in advance!

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