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  1. Looking For A Beta Reader!

    Greetings! I am looking for a Beta reader to check my translation (from Hungarian into English) grammatically. I would send you the English version only. It has a little connection to the Christian fellowship, and I find it interesting, so I hope you will enjoy it, too. If you are just interested in my story, feel free to write me or ask something (redrosesandlavenders@gmail.com). By the way, I am really happy to be there Thank you in advance! Be-positive-all-the-time
  2. Hello From Canada!  

    Welcome to our fellowship.  I was greatly cheered by your message of greeting.  Your English writing superb.  Did you learn this in school?  I expect the internet is a strong source of English to read, even if one cannot trust it all to be beneficial.

    I look forward to reading your messages on the forum. Don't say you are 'only a teenager'.  1 Timothy 4:12  (NIV) says: Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity. 

    You have a perspective on the world that the rest of us need to hear. Be bold and strong. 

    In Christ's service,


    1. Be-positive-all-the-time



      Thank you for writing on my profile. Actually, I have been learning English for 5 years in the school, and then I was going to private teacher for a year, and then I passed my English language exam in intermediate-up level, and now I am looking forward to my advanced exam. :) But my vocabulary is still not enough, and I am looking for a beta reader for my other writings. 

      You have mentioned that you are from Canada; well, I haven't been there yet, but I am planning to go there once, because it seems a beautiful country full of mountains (and I love them). 

      As for being young, many people think that if you are a teenager, you cannot see the world rightly, however I have read books, I travelled to foreign countries, and I have seen many things, and I think see them in a mature way. But of course, I should read and learn a lot more. 

      Thank you again :) 

    2. Nicola



      Well done! Congratulations for passing your intermediate level English.  You must be a born scholar to look forward to an advanced exam, and therefore you will do well.  

      I would love to Beta read for you.Where would I find your work? Would you send it to me via email?

        Would you return the honour and read something for me?  Do you know Wattpad.com?  If you are careful to select non-mature content, you can find fascinating stories there.  I have one up called Hagovi's Bridge.  I am still writing it so you won't be able to read the end yet. Actually, even I am looking forward to knowing how it ends.  It has surprised me many times as I have written it!  

      Canada has many diverse landscapes, and yes, all of them are beautiful.  I live near the Rocky Mountains.  I grew up on the shores of Lake Ontario.  We have three oceans, millions of islands, the North Pole, deserts with rattle snakes, glorious deciduous forests.  One thing that we don't have is tropical rain forest, though I think we have some in the fossil record.:D  

      I am delighted to be in correspondence with you.  I await your response with joy in my heart.

      In Christ's service, 


    3. Be-positive-all-the-time


      Dear Nicola! 

      Thank you so much, I am really happy to find a beta reader. As for my exam. I would like to say thanks for congratulating me, and also because you wrote me. You can't expect how much I am obsessed with talking to people, who can boat with the fact that they were born to an English speaking country, and can talk fluently in English. I am in love with these cultures, and I especially like the language, because I find the basics easy to learn, and its sound is beauteous (especially if we compare it to my mother language (Hungarian) or German :D ). 

      Well, when we learnt about Canada at school I was impressed by those landscapes and mountains, and ever since this I would like to travel there. 

      Well, I don't know your email adress, but if you write it to me, I write you an email glady. :) 

      Thank you again :) 


  3. Hello From Hungary:))

    I am happy that you found our little country beautiful. I hope you will return, because since 2005 Hungary have changed a lot in a good way.
  4. Hello From Hungary:))

    As lynnmosher kindly suggested me, I am creating an introduction. Well, I am only a teenager girl from Hungary with many dreams and ambitions. Ever since I can remember I always wrote poems, short stories, and etc. (sadly I wasn't able to write longer novels, maybe I was too impatient and young). Later, when I started to improve my English, I rather tried translating into my mother language, but nowadays I am trying to switch it, and translating into English (with more and sometimes with less success). This is a really hard exercise to do, but I especially enjoy it. Maybe it compensates me because I hadn't been able to write longer stories, no matter how much I tried to complete one. As for my connection to the Christian fellowship, my mother started to believe in God a year ago, and she always wanted me to be a believer, too. To be honest, at the first time I was a little bit sceptical about it, but later I became a believer, too. This is a long story, but the point is that finally, I found the way to God. Thank you if you read it.
  5. Beta Reader?

    Thank you. I will try it
  6. Beta Reader?

    Hi! I am a new member of the community, so I don't know exactly how things work here. So tell me, please, if I am in the wrong topic. I have heard that I may find a beta reader for my translation here, so here I am, and I am looking for somebody to help me. After I passed my English language exam (succesfully) and I had completed all the novels I translated from English into my mother language, I decided to do something brand new, so I tried to translate a novel into English. But as far as I experienced, I need someone to help me, because my English is still not the best. The story isn't really long, being only a long short story, and I think that its theme is interesting. I will publish it later, but I haven't decided to where yet. I am really excited! Hope I'll find somebody. Thank you in advance!

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