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  1. Why?

    Why did I used to be afraid of You? One so gentle, strong, and true. For many years I disregarded the bond Of one who so easily Others found fond. I first heard Your name When I was young. You did many wonders; They called You the Son. You are known for Your love Shown on the cross. I kept my heart in the shade, The side that grew moss. So much time has gone by, Yet You knew my heart, And how much it sighed. “Commitment, I feared, to give,” I say. Yet You narrowed my path, You stood in my way. The seed You planted You watered each day. You held my soul, Taught me to pray. I praise You, Jesus, And now hold You dear. You gentled my heart From year to year. As each day passes Let me look to You. My heartbeat says Your name. My Savior You are, it’s true. © Kari L. Greenaway Scripture Reference: Jeremiah 17:10 I the Lord search the heart, I try the reins, even to give every man according to his ways, and according to the fruit of his doings.
  2. My Heart's Desire

    Loved this Christine, it tells the story of so many of our hearts as we cry out to our Savior. Amen!
  3. Life

    Christine, a beautiful telling of hardship and redemption.
  4. Come Walk With Me

    Lovely Christine! I used to be afraid of Jesus, or should I say afraid of committing to Him, I shied away from Him at every turn including His name. I heard a song by Big Daddy Weave, "You're gonna love Him" and I started to be less afraid of Him. I like how in your note above you speak about the heart of Jesus "tender and loving", and finally I am getting to know Him more. He is a tender and courting Lord that is for sure. ~ Kari
  5. A Christmas Prayer

    So much depth in this Donald, absolutely lovely!
  6. The Worker

    Christine, thanks so much for taking the time to read, I hope many find it uplifting and encouraging also. I have not been on recently. Things have been crazy here at home and I am switching web-providers and platform for my website...ugh! A lot of work. It's kind of sad, trying to keep up with stuff sometimes. I need a better schedule. God bless you also! ~ Kari
  7. The Worker

    Donald, my apologies! I haven't been on the site in a while, and I guess I don't have email notifications enabled. Thanks for the kind words! Happy to hear you enjoyed it. God Bless ~ Kari
  8. Trying Something New

    Hi JNOEL, Wow, a dream come true for you.. Welcome, Many blessings to you on your endeavors!!
  9. Happy To Be Here!

    Hi Brenda Grace! I enjoyed reading your intro. Some lovely reflections in there. Welcome!
  10. Hello From Poland :-)

    Hi Jacob, Welcome, people are great on here! Looking forward to seeing you post in Publishing Credits.
  11. The Worker

    The Worker Point us in the direction, Lord, Tell us which way we should go. For the need is great, the workers few, And some they do not show! What a leap of faith it is, When all our trust's in You. The list is long, the days are short, And the work is never through. But oh! I tell You what, When our gaze is fixed on You, The work is happy and in good supply, And idle times are few. Oh! To have a Master Whose thoughts are always true. Who has our good in mind, And who constantly pursues! It's almost hard to fathom How in the past we've been without. Such a Mighty Warrior Using love as His main clout! We can easily say Yes, we can shout it loud. There's not another one Who compares to our Avowed. So tell us where, and tell us when, And keep our eyes peeled open. For Your gentle tug, and guiding hand (And put us into motion!) And when our day is o’er, And these bones they need some rest, Let Your peace alight and settle, Let it hold and manifest, For to dream of angel's songs With gladness in our hearts. Prepare us Lord and lift us up, For the next day will soon start! ©Kari L. Greenaway I don't know about most people but encouraging others doesn't come naturally to me. I have lived a pretty reclusive life up until recently, but the Lord has been putting on my heart the need to interact with others. First came writing poetry in 2015, the writing part seemed natural, but how to share that with others didn't. As of the day of this posting I feel that I have stepped outside my comfort zone and await the Lord's continued guidance. We are called to not conform to the worlds standards, I do evangelize in many of my poems, but I also have praise, testimonial and devotional/teaching poems. When I wrote The Worker, I felt a light-heartedness and love flowing through it. I hope you enjoy the read and find yourself encouraged. For that is the intention. In Christ, Kari
  12. Website Update; New hosting partner and platform

    Hi all, just finished updating the new look of my website. I posted a bunch of poems on my blog. Hope you get a chance to stop by and take a look. Would love to know what people think. And any improvements I can make. Right now I can't figure out how to enable comments. I have a request out to my hosting partner. Well, Enjoy! To God be the glory! Kari L. Greenaway
  13. Greetings From Central Pennsylvania

    @Cathy7, thanks for the welcome! Hope you are enjoying the site. It looks wonderful. All kinds of topics and interesting tidbits. @Catherine486 Thank you! @Chuck Kralik Hi Chuck! Thanks for the warm welcome,
  14. Greetings From Central Pennsylvania

    @lynnmosher Wonderful Info, thanks! Should I edit my post and add it to the "Publishing Credits" area?
  15. Hi, I'm New Here

    Hello Christine, I just joined also and am looking forward to meeting people, being inspired and sharing the love of Christ. I joined the Poetry Club that you just started and am excited at seeing others poetry works.

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