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  1. Cathy7

    Hi This Is Me, 'a Sinner Saved By Grace'

    Hi and welcome!
  2. Cathy7

    Hello From Arkansas!

    Welcome. ?
  3. Cathy7

    Cold Weather

    It's cold down here in NC too.Six degrees this morning. Feels like 0. I live in a log cabin. Only heat with wood. We usually get a day or two of cold like this every now and then, but a week or more!? We're not used to temperatures like this for an extended period of time.
  4. Cathy7

    Happy New Year!

  5. Cathy7

    Hello Fellow Writers!

    Welcome, Ana! Been keeping the woodstove going 24/7 here in NC to keep warm. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and are staying warm as well.
  6. Cathy7

    Happy Thanksgiving From Tennessee

    Welcome, Mary Jane.
  7. Cathy7

    Hi Y'all

    Nice to meet you, Gwen.
  8. I got really, really, bogged down in research and my actual writing fell by the wayside. I fell so far behind it was useless to try to catch up. A little embarrassed that I gave up so quickly but resolved to press on in the new year.
  9. Cathy7


    Welcome, Tom.
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    Hello From New Mexico!

  11. Cathy7

    Happy Birthday, Cathy7!

    Thank you!
  12. Cathy7

    Old Dog - New Tricks

  13. Cathy7

    Hello From Hungary:))

    Welcome! Glad you are here! I visited Hungary in 2005. It was beautiful. Flowers were everywhere , lining the sidewalks and in containers beside the shops. And and acres of sunflowers growing in the fields.
  14. I have written 178 words of my manuscript today, whereas I have hand-written a lot of notes and research. It seems I can't just write the story because I feel like I have to get the facts and historical items right or I just flounder. So, that's where I'm at today. I had to research cameras, film developing and photographers of the mid sixties and also the draft procedures of World War 1 and battles that took place in 1914. Whew!
  15. Hi Kari, I just joined in October so I am new here as well. Glad you are here!