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  1. Hello From New Mexico!

  2. Happy Birthday, Cathy7!

    Thank you!
  3. Old Dog - New Tricks

  4. Hello From Hungary:))

    Welcome! Glad you are here! I visited Hungary in 2005. It was beautiful. Flowers were everywhere , lining the sidewalks and in containers beside the shops. And and acres of sunflowers growing in the fields.
  5. I have written 178 words of my manuscript today, whereas I have hand-written a lot of notes and research. It seems I can't just write the story because I feel like I have to get the facts and historical items right or I just flounder. So, that's where I'm at today. I had to research cameras, film developing and photographers of the mid sixties and also the draft procedures of World War 1 and battles that took place in 1914. Whew!
  6. Greetings From Central Pennsylvania

    Hi Kari, I just joined in October so I am new here as well. Glad you are here!
  7. Hey y'all, I'm still plodding along. No amazing word counts flowing off my keyboard but I'm still in the game. I got a little bit back in the groove today with a word count of 1330.
  8. Day 2 Update

    Thanks, Nicola I didn't realize it might be possible to count words written then deleted. I checked but couldn't find a way to count them. Oh well, it is what t is. Hopefully from here on out (Day 4). I can just move ahead with "Crows Across the Sun". Most of this day is free, so I better get a move on!
  9. Hello From The Uk!

    Hi Catherine, I'm fairly new here myself. Its nice to meet you. I have six children, who I homeschooled. The youngest graduated two years ago. Homeschooling is a challenge, but the rewards are worth it. I'm working on my first novel as well.
  10. Just Getting Started

    Glad you joined in!
  11. I only made 686 words today. I spent all my writing time on finishing my rough draft of "Where the Angels Wait". I had trouble getting the ending to work out as smoothly as I wanted it to. I kept rewriting it over and over. I THINK I may have it like I want it, but by the end of the day it is all running together and I can't read it, without feeling confused. I'm ready to lay it aside and let it rest a few days before I look at it again. I am going to bed early tonight. Tomorrow I plan on getting up early and beginning work on my novel "Crows Across the Sun." I hope the rest of you had a successful day.
  12. Trying Something New

    Welcome JNOEL.Your lettering is beautiful.
  13. Day One Update

    Rebecca, I understand about that inner editor, I have to fight it as well. I've been trying to strike a balance between "getting it right" and "letting the words just flow". I'm afraid I have to do some of both, which makes me slower but I still feel ok that I've written something that I can eventually go back and clean up without too much work. Because I'm so slow, I have been writing on my Ipad part of the time, so I can carry it with me as I go about my day, and get a little writing in between tasks. I then copy what I've written on my ipad and send it by email back to my laptop where I add it to my main manuscript. It works well for me. Hope you have a really good writing day. I am praying for the writers in our club.

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