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  1. IF YOUR FATHER IN CHRIST IS PART OF A DENOMINATION HE WILL NOT WANT YOU TO READ THIS...ITS ABOUT A RELATIVE OF A PROSTITUTE... You prayed the sinners’ prayer, repented and gave your life to Jesus you took it with Passion, You did door to door, Open Airs and Street Preaching, you had evangelical Classes, whenever you prayed strong holds of Satan Manifested and collapsed, You would walk in to a store and you would begin flowing into the prophetic, but Christian denominating was introduced to you and you become confused, Troubled even frustrated and become a divided soul, you could not pray anymore because you heard a friend praying in tongues. Now you started wondering if you have been Baptist with the Holy Spirit, now you keep asking yourself if you are truly saved. I know what they said to you, they said you are a Baptist but you Speak in tongues, you are a Jehovah’s witness but you believe the is Hell Fire, you are a 7th Day but you visits other churches on sunday, you are a catholic but you don’t believe in infant baptism and so on and on… My brother my sister I am here to remind you of what Christianity is about. IT IS ABOUT A Man called Jesus, A place called Calvary, and a Destination called eternity So, all this DEMONination you see are a relative of the Greatest Prostitute called Religion Vast Army End Time Movemt. Evangelist M.A Dube