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    New Writer From Nigeria

    Thanks .Glad to be here, Having a great time already.
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    New Writer From Nigeria

    Wow! Thanks Chuck
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    Critiques Needed

    Thanks for the suggestion.
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    What Should I Do?

    Stop writing. Don't put yourself on unnecessary pressure.Just think, think. The story will flow. The content is in your head waiting to come out.
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    New Writer From Nigeria

    Thanks Rebecca. Glad to meet you.
  6. Be not afraid, only believe. Those were the words Jesus said in Mark 5:36 to the ruler of the synagogue when he received report that his daughter was dead. I have spoken those simple words to myself during moments of despair and it has never failed to bring needed succour. The first thing it does is to replace fear and anxiety with an overwhelming peace. Fear has torment with the ability to magnify a challenge more than what it actually is, bringing about hopelessness and despair. Moments will come when even the brilliant mind will not know what to do. You have tried to solve a particular problem and frustration has set in because there appears to be no way out. The situation remains unchanged as time passes and you conclude that God has turned his back on you, when he is waiting for you to give the problem over to him and relax. But peace can only be achieved when you believe that God is in control of the situation and he will come through at his own time, in his own way. During times of need, it used to be a struggle for me to wait passively and do nothing, just simply wait for God’s intervention. I understand faith, but I have been used to using my intelligence to solve problems because of my training in the secular world. After I have committed a matter into God’s hands and felt he was taking time in coming forth, I withdraw the matter from him and begin to try to solve it on my own and overthinking for solutions. Most often, I would get frustrated when all my efforts and intelligence proved abortive, come back to him again to do what I should have done before. Leave the problem with him in faith. In the story of Mark 5:36, the matter was a closed case under human reasoning. The man’s daughter was dead. There was nothing more to be said. Knowing that the news was meant to devastate the father, Jesus was quick to give the antidote for despair and fear, BELIEVE, DO NOT BE AFRAID. Is someone overwhelmed by a need which is standing like a mountain before you? Have you heard a devastating bad news? Afraid for the future? Struggling with an illness? Whatever the case may be, stop! Stop struggling on your own. Cast away fear, anxiety, hopelessness and frustration. Don’t allow fear to eat away your joy and peace. Give it to God. When we walk in unbelief, we tie God’s hands. Let the word work for you. The bible says, ‘’he sent his word and healed us from ALL our destructions.’’ When we are in peace, faith is at work. But when we are full of anxiety, faith has jumped outside the door. And without faith it is impossible to please him. Note that, he that doubts can receive nothing from God. What is the yardstick to know if you are walking in faith or not? The level of your peace. If we believe God's word and do what it says, we won't be afraid even in difficult times. That is the reason why Peter could lie down and sleep soundly when he was on the death roll. He had no fear because he was trusting completely in God's power to deliver him. He was in faith! He slept so soundly, an angel had to smite him on the side to wake him up. In the same way, the Lord has enabled me to lie down and sleep soundly even in the midst of the most adverse circumstances. I could sleep even when nothing seemed to be going right. I was able to sleep in perfect peace because I knew that godliness is profitable. I knew that if I would be faithful and not grow weary in well doing, in due season I would reap. I wanted to be ready to reap when the due season came. Yes, many times, it would have been easy to become easy, it would have been easy to quit. But something on the inside, the word and the spirit kept encouraging me to hold fast to my confession of faith. Be a man or woman of the word and of the Holy Spirit. In the midst of adverse circumstances, declare that the word is true. Remain faithful to obey God even when the going gets hard, and sooner or later; promotion day will come. Most of all, hold your peace, don’t allow the devil steal it through fear. And the peace of God which passeth all understanding will garrison your heart.
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    New Writer From Nigeria

    Hi everyone. I am Mopelola, a christian writer from Nigeria. West Africa. I write apocalyptic christian fictions, inspirational fictions, devotional and christian articles. It feels great to be here. Bless you all.
  8. Mopelola, so nice to have you here. Unfortunately, members rarely see messages left on profiles. We'd love to have you hop over to Meet and Greet and introduce yourself so everyone will know you are here and can welcome you. :D

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      Mopelola Adeniyi

      Thanks. Will do that.

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    Critiques Needed

    Hi everyone. I completed an apocalyptic christian fiction a while ago set in Africa. I will appreciate the piece to be critiqued and read by interested members. The book, titled SOUL REAPERS is set in Nigeria. It is about Dan and Jeremiah who are the leaders of the two churches marked for destruction by the dark kingdom. The unseen wicked powers use sophisticated spiritual weapons and devices to monitor, ensnare, weaken, pollute and turn key members and leaders of these churches away from the faith. Their main goal is to make the saints unprepared for the return of the bride. The enemy’s most deadly weapon is the saint’s ignorance of the battle going on around them. Many become captives by the voice of the enemy through the weapons of thought suggestions and mind control, while others fell through the caprices of their unbridled desires, wants and secret passions. Not even the saints are spared. See how heaven moves at the cry of the seemingly weakest saint on earth and respond to petitions. See what goes on behind the scene when a believer drops on his knees to pray. Look forward to hearing from you all. Thanks.
  10. Christ in us, the hope of glory.

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    Devotable Is Seeking Authors/bloggers/writers

    I laden. I actually have a huge file of devotionals I have been gathering for years with the intent of publishing. I am interested . WIll visit the site. Thanks.
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    List Of Genres We Write/critique/read

    Write: Christian fiction Read : All genres Critique: Romance, Christian fiction. suspense, mystery
  13. Hi everyone. It feels great to be here. I am a christian fiction writer from Nigeria, west Africa.