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  1. Chuck Kralik

    Hello From A Former Game Developer

    Hello, TD. Welcome to the group!
  2. Chuck Kralik

    Another New Member Here. Nice To Meet All Of You.

    Hello! Welcome to the group!
  3. Chuck Kralik

    New Member

    Hello, Mattie. Welcome to the group. God's blessings on your writing journey!
  4. Chuck Kralik

    V. Eln

    Hello, V. Eln. Welcome to the group. Best wishes on your writing adventures!
  5. Chuck Kralik

    Dallen Malna Introduction

    Hi, Dallen! Welcome to the group. God's blessings on your writing adventure.
  6. Chuck Kralik

    Prayer Request

    Continued prayers for you and your family!
  7. Chuck Kralik

    Hello Everyone!

    Hi, Dan. Welcome to the group. I, too, am a pastor and author. Feel free to check out my writing at chuckkralikauthor.com (only if you want, though). Anyway, it's great to meet you!
  8. Chuck Kralik

    Hi Everyone

    Hi! Welcome back!
  9. Chuck Kralik

    Prayer Request

    Prayers for you, Nikki, and for all the others suffering from mental and physical ailments. Thanks for sharing your story with us. God's healing and blessings.
  10. Is anyone using Patreon to promote their Christian devotions and/or other writings?
  11. Chuck Kralik

    Hello To You All!

    Welcome to the group, Ella. So glad you've joined us!
  12. Chuck Kralik

    Hello There!

    Hello, Ceci! Let the book out of the dungeon already! Just wanting to encourage you. Best wishes and God's blessings.
  13. Chuck Kralik

    Freelance Posting (writing)

    Hello, Linda! Welcome to Christianwriters. I'd like to encourage you to press on. Best wishes on your writing!
  14. Chuck Kralik

    Spiritual Christianity In Silicon Valley

    Hi, Dr. Ernie. Welcome to the group! I wish you nothing but the best on your writing!
  15. Chuck Kralik

    New, Here; Hello!

    Welcome to the group. Best wishes on your writing!