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  1. How To Go About Publishing Your First Book

    lynnmosher, Thank you for your helpful information and for the clarifications . I look forward to being a part of this forum.
  2. Author Shares How He Wrote His First Novel

    I find that really quite interesting, Phy... I always love hearing how other authors develop and evolve their first novel!! For me, well...I have been developing my story for going on sixteen years. It all started with a dream I'd had. It had always involved a young boy overcoming abuse, but I must have written it and re-written it a thousand times, in the least. I had that life-changing dream when I was about fourteen years old, and it evolved from being during present-day times back into the 1800s. I did that so I could include horses frequently and because I have always been fascinated by Western movies and books. But, I never could quite get it right. The book did not fall into place until a life changing moment happened in 2015. I just started re-writing it...again...when, in that October, I met Jesus Christ. I experienced salvation while in the hospital for a suicide attempt. My book suddenly had hope; a point to work toward for my little boy...and, the novel just sort of, came together beautifully! I have not had a huge amount of success yet at all with the selling of my book, but I pray that those who are meant to read it, do, for the Gospel is presented clearly in a heartwarming, adventurous, exciting, suspenseful, and creative novel. And if just one person comes to know Christ because of my book, then it will be worth it. God bless and can't wait to be involved in more of these discussions!
  3. How To Go About Publishing Your First Book

    Does anyone know anything about Xulon Press? It is advertised as a Christian print-on-demand book publisher with affordable rates and easy payment plans...Everything about it sounds immensely enticing, like I should try it for my next book. They claim the author is able to keep 100% of royalties, which would be more encouraging than what I am receiving currently. I published my first book, a Christian-themed novel set in the 1800s, A New Hope: Second Chances and a Forgotten Boy, through a completely-free publishing company. I have been okay with the company so far, but would strongly like to move forward with a better company, even if I have to pay - provided that I can afford it. Another question I have is, has anyone published their first book, and then gone on to a better publishing company for subsequent books? Basically, now this might seem ignorant of me, but I don't know, but I am trying to find out if I can have my first, already-published book re-published by a better company of my choice? A company in which might edit it, and market it? Thanks in advance for any input and I appreciate this blog's members' patience with me, as I am a new blog writer and a new author.

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