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  1. It's Been A Long Time

    Hi Donna, lovely to meet you! God bless x
  2. Witnesses Today

    @Donald James Amen! Blessings
  3. Come Walk With Me

    @Kari Greenaway Thanks so much Kari for your kind comments. Glad you like this. Yes ~ Jesus truly is a "tender and courting Lord", our precious, faithful and greatest Friend. God bless x
  4. Come Walk With Me

    ~ Come Walk With Me ~ Come take a walk with Me and leave behind the cares of yesterday. Come take some time aside, for I’ll be there to hear you when you pray. So many are the years I know you’ve longed for change to come your way. I’ve seen your many tears. You felt deep down that I was far away. If only you could see how many times I tried to be your Friend. If only you could know how much I longed your broken heart to mend. There is a secret place within your heart, where heaven’s light will shine; a place where you can know My lasting peace to calm your troubled mind. If you’ll open the door, I will come in and never leave your side. I’ll be your Everything. I’ll be your Help, your Comfort and your Guide. Come take a walk with Me. Give Me your heavy burdens and your load. My heart is meek and lowly. In Me you will find rest along life’s road. Come take a walk with Me. It’s My desire to cheer your heart today. My heart is full of love. I’m close to you, I’m listening as you pray. --oOo-- © Copyright 2013 Christine Mitchell (Based on Matthew 11: 28-30) The heart of Jesus is so tender and loving. I'm so thankful for the way He shows that love, over and over again, Despite our shortcomings, we are reminded of the depths of His goodness. His arms of love are always outstretched, beckoning us to find our rest in Him. The Lord inspired me with this poem 4 years ago, written as a kind of "letter of love", based on Matthew 11:28-30. I have also shared it in on another writer's site, in my first book poetry and on Facebook. I pray that it may bless readers. Blessings and love, Christine
  5. Come Walk With Me

    @Donald James Thank you so much Donald for your kind comments. (Apologies for my late reply) God bless you
  6. A Christmas Prayer

    Beautifully written prayer Donald - very humble and heartfelt.
  7. My Heart's Desire

    ~ My Heart's Desire ~ So precious, Lord Jesus Is time spent with You You fill my heart’s longing My faith is renewed Though cares may surround When I’m thirsty within I know that Your presence Can change everything For there in the garden Of prayer, I find love. There’s no greater Friend Not in earth or above. O help me come closer For more of Your grace Send forth Your anointing And healing embrace. O draw me, dear Jesus My heart,You inspire To be close to You, Lord, Is all my desire. --o0o-- © 2015 Christine V Mitchell
  8. Witnesses Today

    Hi Donald ... Welcome to the Poetry Club! Thanks for joining! There's a wonderful message in your poem. I really enjoyed reading it. It highlights so well the fact that Christ came to be our personal Saviour. "Yet we who are witnesses today need not wait...." flows so well after a reflection on the yearly celebrations of Christmas and Easter, and points to the living Lord Who "is here to be in our hearts". Thanks for sharing this inspiring poem! God bless you, Christine
  9. The Worker

    Hi Kari Your poem is beautifully written! A true prayer of the heart ...makes one want to read it over. Do keep sharing your lovely work. I look forward to readng more! God bless you! Christine
  10. How To Hook Readers With A Great Crisis

    Very interesting! Do the same kinds of rules apply to biographical writing? Autobiographies?
  11. Christianwriters.com - Site Update

    @lynnmosher You're welcome!
  12. Christianwriters.com - Site Update

    @Rebecca You're welcome!
  13. What Ever Comes Your Way

    Amen ..wonderful reminder!
  14. When Love Touched My Heart

    Thank you so much Kari. God bless!
  15. When Love Touched My Heart

    When love touched my heart, it was wholesome and clean Reaching the places that no-one had been Melting the wall that had kept me secure Protecting emotions I’d suffered before. When love touched my heart, I was no more condemned But offered forgiveness ~ given a Friend To comfort and guide me, to show me the way To give me assurance that helped me to pray When Love touched my heart ~ Hope said “Arise I never will leave you; open your eyes For I’ll be your everything ~ no need to fear Just call My Name ~ you’ll find I am near.” Though dreams had been shattered and life re-arranged When Love shone its light ~ everything changed This Love was Jesus ~ my heart was won Just knowing that, for me, God gave His Son. My heart then responded and this is my story Christ ~ my Captain, my Saviour, my glory I opened the door ~ and Jesus came in. All-perfect is the love that I found in Him. ---o0o-- © 2015 Christine V Mitchell Thank You Lord
  16. Hi, I'm New Here

    Hi everyone, my name is Christine. I was really pleased to find this site following a search. I’m so thankful for the love of God and the comfort and hope that He has given us through faith in Jesus Christ. I enjoy sharing the blessings of His love, through poetry. God has inspired me to write many Christian poems of gratitude, encouragement, comfort, hope and more. I have published 2 books of poetry which are available on Amazon. I hope to soon publish my 3rd by the grace of God. I also share some of my poems on my blog and on Facebook. It's lovely being able to join a community of Christian writers. I look forward to working on my story-writing, though finding time isn't easy, due to family and caring responsibilities. I am married and live in the UK. We have 4 (adult) children, 2 daughters-in-law and 2 lovely grandchildren. Lovely to meet you all....God bless!
  17. Christianwriters.com - Site Update

    I'm recently new here but agree with the above comments. @Rebecca and @lynnmosher..... this work is fantastic.! I have yet to just get more familiar with how everything works but from what I have seen it's lovely the way that it's arranged to connect everyone, and there is a wonderful friendly community here. Love and blessings to all!
  18. Christian Poetry

    Dear Friends Just a little query to ask if there are many Christian poets here, or is the site mainly for writers of stories, articles, fiction, etc? God bless x
  19. Christian Poetry

    Hi Nicola, sorry for the delay in replying (life has been so busy!). Yes, I did actually created a Poetry Club (found my way around the site a bit!). I made it open too., so non-members will be able to read poems. God bless
  20. Hi, I'm New Here

    Thanks so much Walter. (Apologies re the delay in replying). It's been so busy since I last logged onto the site. I'm looking forward to enjoying the lovely fellowship of believers, all sharing our love for the Lord.through the many gifts He has given us. Amen, yes....in Jesus' Name.
  21. Sun Rise

    Hi Cathy7 Your poem is beautifully written!
  22. Christian Poetry

    No problems Lynn - thank you so much!
  23. Christian Poetry

    This is a very lovely site! I am recently new here and am very interested in reading and sharing Christian poetry. Is there any possibility of a dedicated section on the site for those of us mainly wanting to do the same? It would be nice for this to be added if possible. Many blessings!
  24. Christian Poetry

    Hi Teddy, I agree - our God is truly a creative God and He has given us all different gifts, which I think is so very wonderful and, yes, there are numerous creative styles of expression. Our God is so amazing! I hope I haven't cause any offence in what I was asking. I was simply enquiring as I write lots of inspirational poetry which focuses on Christian life (as well as poetry on everyday topics). As well as enjoying reading non-poetry articles, stories, etc, I simply wondered if there was a dedicated section for poetry for those who wanted to would post their poems (eg. a bit like a filing system really - just so that I could quickly find it,,to save time).. All writing that points us to the Lord is important, absolutely. Poetry is a particular interest as the Lord has blessed me in that area (for which I attribute all glory to Him). God bless you
  25. Christian Poetry

    Over in "Clubs", I have just added Poetry. Hope to see you there!! x

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