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  1. Christian Poetry

    No problems Lynn - thank you so much!
  2. Christian Poetry

    Hi Teddy, I agree - our God is truly a creative God and He has given us all different gifts, which I think is so very wonderful and, yes, there are numerous creative styles of expression. Our God is so amazing! I hope I haven't cause any offence in what I was asking. I was simply enquiring as I write lots of inspirational poetry which focuses on Christian life (as well as poetry on everyday topics). As well as enjoying reading non-poetry articles, stories, etc, I simply wondered if there was a dedicated section for poetry for those who wanted to would post their poems (eg. a bit like a filing system really - just so that I could quickly find it,,to save time).. All writing that points us to the Lord is important, absolutely. Poetry is a particular interest as the Lord has blessed me in that area (for which I attribute all glory to Him). God bless you
  3. Christian Poetry

    Over in "Clubs", I have just added Poetry. Hope to see you there!! x
  4. Christian Poetry

    This is a very lovely site! I am recently new here and am very interested in reading and sharing Christian poetry. Is there any possibility of a dedicated section on the site for those of us mainly wanting to do the same? It would be nice for this to be added if possible. Many blessings!
  5. Various Positions Required For Growing Magazine

    Sounds lovely! Do you accept inspirational Christian poetry? (ie. Poems of encouragement. comfort, hope, praise, etc)? Look forward to your response. Christine
  6. Standing On The Threshold Of The Season

    Fantastic poem!! Perfect for the season I especially liked..... "But still we’re on the doorstep of tomorrowstill a hope, still a reason why,still a light beyond our darknessan answer to the prayers we cry." Great imagery, sense of hope and anticipation!
  7. Christian Poetry

    Dear Friends Just a little query to ask if there are many Christian poets here, or is the site mainly for writers of stories, articles, fiction, etc? God bless x
  8. Hi, I'm New Here

    Thank you so much everyone for your warm and hearty welcome!! God bless x
  9. Nowhere On Earth

    Thanks so much Dadcard2 for your kind words and for spotting that error. Will amend. God bless!
  10. Nowhere On Earth

    I'm glad I can always come to You Lord Thank You for being my Friend Thank You for being right there at the start And still being there at the end Thank You for every trial and storm When I couldn’t see my way In the darkest hour, there You were Faithful, each night and each day Light of my life, my Father, my God Jesus, my Saviour and Lord Sweet Holy Spirit ~ my Comfort, my Guide How precious, O Lord, is Your word Hope for the hopeless, merciful King Rich in compassion and love In sunshine and rain, Your blessings abound Blessings from heaven above Nowhere on earth can we find such peace The peace you send to stay The peace that passes all understanding Gracious and kind, always Nowhere on earth is there any like You Whether north, south, east or west In heaven and earth, Your praises resound Because, Lord – You’re simply the BEST!! ---oOo--- © 2016 Christine V Mitchell All Rights Reserved
  11. Let The Love Flow - Poetry

    Hi Jean, your poem is beautiful! God bless, Christine
  12. Hi, I'm New Here

    Hi everyone, my name is Christine. I was really pleased to find this site following a search. I’m so thankful for the love of God and the comfort and hope that He has given us through faith in Jesus Christ. I enjoy sharing the blessings of His love, through poetry. God has inspired me to write many Christian poems of gratitude, encouragement, comfort, hope and more. I have published 2 books of poetry which are available on Amazon. I hope to soon publish my 3rd by the grace of God. I also share some of my poems on my blog and on Facebook. It's lovely being able to join a community of Christian writers. I look forward to working on my story-writing, though finding time isn't easy, due to family and caring responsibilities. I am married and live in the UK. We have 4 (adult) children, 2 daughters-in-law and 2 lovely grandchildren. Lovely to meet you all....God bless!

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