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  1. God could be Self-Creating, but probably not. Here is a brief exploration of such a theory: If God is the greatest creator, He probably created himself. For the greatest thing ever created would have to be an omnipotent God. And for God to be God, he must be equal in power to the greatest possible omnipotent creator that ever could be. Therefore, God exists whether there existed nothing in the beginning or God and nothing. So God and/or nothing created both God and the universe. And since God is nothing in his primordial state of existence, then God truly is the Alpha and the Omega: or the beginning and the end. I mean couldn't the final end of the universe be also nothing or sort of like nothing as well? The question now is: would we come near such an end? I hope not. Another look at the idea of the First Cause: If God was created, wouldn't he be the greatest thing ever created? And for God to be the greatest creator, wouldn't he have to create the greatest thing: himself? And the greatest thing created must have been created by the greatest possible thing to exist. Therefore, God created himself and he exists. So did nothing come before the First Cause?

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