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  1. Advice On Using Multiple Protagonists

    Nicola- Thanks for sharing this. Now you have me thinking about adding them to the prologue when the Sheva are introduced...............hmmm
  2. Advice On Using Multiple Protagonists

    In the first book, called The Messengers, this is what I am doing. Each of the protagonists is being introduced as the Sheva bring Elyon's message to their perspective regions. The book will end with the rapture (I think). In the rest of the series the protags will be united so I may use Jerry Jenkins suggestion about an extra space or a series of *** to indicate a switch in POV. (Thanks for the link to that article btw!)
  3. The Book Writing Roadmap

    Thank you Phy. I started a new thread as you suggested. I appreciate your advice!
  4. I'm looking for advice on using multiple protagonists in my novel. It is actually a series of 4 novels based on the book of Revelation. There is a heavy theme throughout Revelation of things happening in sevens (Sevens is actually the name I'm using for the book series with each book getting a different sub title). I'm using seven warriors as the main characters. They are all working toward the same goal of convincing others that Elyon (God) is passing judgement on humans and they (we) need to repent. There is only one antagonist of course, that being Nabal (Satan). The warriors will actually be responsible for releasing seven of the judgments on their fellow humans with the help of the Sheva (Elyon's dragons: aka angels). The warriors are a mix of male and female, different races, different backgrounds, coming together to fight a common enemy and save as many of their fellow citizens as possible before the end of the judgement period and Elyon's return to Ara (earth) as King. I want to do this in a way that will still capture the readers hearts and emotions with out confusing them so any advice you have would be very helpful.
  5. The Book Writing Roadmap

    Phy- thanks for sharing this. I have a quick question if you don't mind. In your step one, you mention ( and I have seen this in other places as well) the protagonist as singular. In my series, there are 7 protagonists. Everything I have seen usually mentions the protagonist as a single. My story won't work with a single protagonist. I believe I can still follow the steps you have laid out, I'm just looking for a little advice on having multiple protagonists. Thanks- Rachel
  6. Life Without Limits

    I have always loved writing. Since I was a young lady ( I think they call them tweens now?) I would sit with my pencil and notebook and write my own versions of my favorite stories. I never actually thought about making writing into a career though. Until now. God was calling me then. He wanted me to write for Him back then. I didn't listen. I was too busy. I'm listening now, but here's the problem. My insecurities and doubts are getting in the way. Have your insecurities and doubts ever gotten in the way of what you feel called and compelled to do? I'm betting at some point they have or will. Don't let them. I have let my doubts and insecurities place limits on what God has called me to do. God has not placed limits on me. In fact, He says in Matthew 19:26 "...with God all things are possible." He says "all things". He says "possible". Who am I to place limits on what God has called me to do? He says that all things are possible with Him. He doesn't say all things are possible if you have the perfect figure, or if you have the perfect voice, or if you have all your limbs, or if you can hear and see perfectly, or if you know how to write the perfect story that millions will want to read. Nope. He just says all things are possible with Him. That's it. So why do we place limits on ourselves when the God of the universe doesn't? I think it is because we have a fear that our hopes and dreams and passions are different from what God wants for us. And that somehow, if we follow them, we will fail. Do you believe that God would give you a passion for something that He didn't want you use? Or that He wanted you to fail at? Or do you believe that He wants you to use your passion to honor Him and bring Him glory? I have to admit, I fall into the category of fear of failure. I don't want to have my dream dashed by publisher after publisher so I just haven't pursued it. Not anymore. I want to live with passion. I want to write with passion. And I will pursue being published with passion. I don't want to limit myself when my God has said I can do anything with Him beside me. I will believe Him, not my doubts. I will trust Him, not my insecurities. Will you join me? Maybe your passion is not writing the next great fantasy fiction novel like mine is. But whatever it is, will you do it with passion? Will you let your God given talents and gifts shine brightly and not be dimmed by doubt or insecurity? I pray you will. John 10:10 says "The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." Do not let doubt and insecurity steal, kill and destroy your passion. Live your life without limits, with passion, with Jesus' promise that you can have this life "to the full".
  7. Free Writing Classes Online

    Thanks Lynn!
  8. Fedor- Are you talking about actual novels or computer games? I used to love RPG games and the thought has crossed my mind that are not any christian ones that I'm aware of. I guess I didn't realize that there were actual novels that were considered RPG. I have several book ideas that I think would fit very well in this category and I would love more info about it. Maybe you can recommend one or two of your favorites that I should read? Thanks for sharing. This really has some wheels turning in my brain. :-)
  9. Any Thoughts On Kdp?

    I was just introduced to KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) by a young lady. Has anyone out there had any experience with it? Good or bad, I'm interested in whether it is something I should look into or just avoid. I have discovered so many things aimed at writers that all seem like a good idea until you really take a good look. Thanks for sharing any thoughts!
  10. I like to go pull weeds in my flower bed. In fact, headed out there right now!!
  11. This post reminds me of why I love to write. I want to share Jesus with the world in a way that stirs their hearts and imaginations, not just their minds. Jesus taught with stories for a reason. Thank you for sharing Phy.
  12. Writing Advice

    Thank you for sharing this! As an aspiring writer, I often think I don't have the skills needed to write what I want to write. This is very encouraging.

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