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  1. Nicola

    Merchandise For Your Book

    I still think it is a great idea. Go to the second hand store. They have billions of action figures crying out for repurposing. Even if you do one for each character. You can use them in book trailers! I know what's going to keep me busy this winter ... Among a thousand other projects!
  2. Nicola

    First Manuscript, What To Do With It?

    Welcome TD Draken! Congratulations on reaching this far in the writer's journey! Have you heard of SimLit? There are other sites where people create stories for video games. That would be your audience and a great place to build your platform. There are two things we do simultaneously as writers. 1. Write fabulous stories (this step includes continual learning and honing of our craft) 2. Build community to sell our books. (this step includes the social media thing, public speaking, helping others )
  3. Nicola

    Looking For Advise From The Published

    Plus editors know people in the industry. They can be mined for contacts, not just commas!
  4. Nicola

    Vanity Press Blog

    Ditto, ditto. You give us more reason to praise God.
  5. Nicola

    Merchandise For Your Book

    Pictures please! You are very creative, repurposing other figures.
  6. Alley, what about asking your children to design something for you? It may be rough around the edges, not so sleek as those computer designs, but you might be surprised at what they see and can articulate through art. You might even turn it into a learning experience and teach them a few elements of design?
  7. Nicola

    Merchandise For Your Book

    Ooo! I like Zazzle! Their opening page has blank product - very attractive to the creative mind. Then they have custom paper plates, tissue paper, and best of all ... ping pong balls! Thanks for the link Nicholas!
  8. Nicola

    I'm Back!

    Yes! We missed you around here! But fasting off computer is healthy and I hope you return refreshed and full of insight. Does this mean you will read what you read already, when it comes back up on the schedule? Every time we read a verse, the Holy Spirit can say new things to us.
  9. Nicola

    Merchandise For Your Book

    Do you have other sites that would help? I had always thought of the book being the income earner. But we should take a page from the movie franchises! Sell action figures! Halloween costumes!
  10. I heard Tony Evans comment that we are living in the age of the feminised male. We need to stand up for both sides of God's gender creation. Men, I want to read what you have to say! I value your input here on this forum, and out there in the heat and sweat.
  11. Swag Print on Demand Swag
  12. There are lots of 'show don't tell' ways to pass time. Pregnancy, seasons, holidays, the growth of beards and hair and nails, children gaining knowledge and stature. Not calling attention to the passage, while making it logical and organic to the reader's experience takes great skill. In my story I try to blur the measurement of time. One of the cultures has no measurement. Most of our earth's population tells time by passing seasons and moon phases rather than the atomic quivering of a crystal.
  13. If you could get the vines to spell something... or make a heart. One of your earlier choices was trees making a heart...
  14. Timeless. Horses are timeless. Long hair is a timeless expression of romance. Jewelry can be timeless, if it is very simple.
  15. Thanks for asking the question. Read this whole forum, going back many years. And keep asking questions because the rest of us benefit, and the information changes as the years roll by. God bless all our writerly efforts!