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  1. Nicola

    Flash Fiction

    Don't read it alone, or after dark. It is genius writing even if there are racist tendencies. Kind of like Edgar Allen Poe. My father used it as bed time reading when we were on summer holiday. Some of those nights were utterly sleepless. 😕
  2. Alley! I'm shooting for 120, so I admire your friend. And people used to ask if my mother was home long after I owned my own and had a child. The greatest compliment I ever had was my three year old student asking what my dad was doing out in the yard. My husband was cutting grass. Very true. We have eternity in our hearts, and through our writing we will live and have influence on the earth as long as it orbits the sun.
  3. Nicola

    D2d Getting Into Pod

    We have our own 'hip'
  4. Nicola

    Flash Fiction

    Yes please! I am interested in writing Flash fiction. I am also interested in reading South African flavoured fiction! Have you read Herman Charles Bosman?
  5. The young crowd? Definitely! We share cookies! But we are family here. I think the C0ffee Blog is a less protected environment. We might feel a colder wind blowing over our frail egos whereas here, we are gentle and kind with each other while still being truthful and cutting to the root of our errors.
  6. Nicola

    When Should A Book Be Released

    Never waste a penny, they pile up into dollars. Please may we have your two cents to add to our pile? You are your brand, not the book. People are buying the present message in hopes of more from you. This is very uncomfortable for a servant of the Lord, since He requires humility. I push my stories ahead instead of myself and I hear you doing the same. However, we can use this 'brand' thing to justify using the same platform for all that we do! It makes it easier for readers to find the encouragement God is sending their way.
  7. Nicola

    Flash Fiction

    I haven't tried, but I think it is a chance to be wildly creative and stretch the bounds of believability. You have to start in the heat of the moment and end the scene on a cliff hanger. We look forward to reading your efforts!
  8. Wattpad is like social media in that people follow each other and belong to groups that message each other. People post their stories and readers comment. It is a young crowd, mostly teens, but lots of fun.
  9. Coffee Writers Blog We are always looking for ways to be known. I like the idea of Wattpad because I am known there for the stories people read, not by the blather I could write about myself. This seems a similar platform. What is your opinion of the Coffee Writers Blog?
  10. Nicola

    Nanowrimo 2018

    There is a club for this
  11. I just tried the links and they didn't work. I am curious, like Alley. I think a bulb (blurp) would do the job!
  12. Do you want most of your scenes to shift from positive to negative but to varying degrees? Then in the last scene we want to shift to the positive with the maximum of two more scenes to wrap things up?
  13. Nicola

    Publishing And Book Trailer

    We authors are always interested in new publishers! Please keep us up to date! I agree that video trailers are powerful aids to marketing. You will need actors and props when you don't do the static quote thing. Do you think you will be able to interview readers giving endorsements? Readers like to see the author in their home stomping grounds. What are your thoughts on what a trailer looks like?
  14. Nicola

    Came In The Mail

    This is a happy moment for all of us. You give us all hope, Steve, that this journey is meaningful. We praise God for you and your perseverance, and we pray for many lives to be uplifted through your words. Cookies are awesome!