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  1. The Female Carries The Mystery

    I agree there isn't much plot there, but I feel sorry for the man who has to solve the unsolvable. I am still talking feminine mystique, not the actual mystery of the detective story.
  2. Thanks, Phy. I am pursuing traditional publishing first, except for Wattpad. (I know my work there is considered 'published' but I am not considered a published author for having things there.)
  3. "People who claim that they don’t want to teach through their literature may actually be honest, but they will fail in that endeavor. You see, everything that we write teaches something. As writers, each of us have our own values, and our values come out through our own writing on a subconscious level." How to inform our subconscious: Steeping ourselves in the Word. Spending time basking in the Glory of God.
  4. Evangelical Romance And Amish Action Heroes

    Have you looked into Wattpad? Beware unclean territory and dig for the gold you find in the creative mess that publishers won't touch. Wattpad is rumoured to be in conversation with publishers to turn their most popular stories into currency.
  5. The Female Carries The Mystery

    The feminine mystique. Women don't even understand themselves. That makes anything suggesting the feminine available for use in evoking the male instinct to solve mysteries. A curved line instead of a straight one can elicit a response from the reptilian brain. Poor reptiles, they are reactors, not responders. What happens when the man allows the mystery to be unsolved?
  6. Do You Know....?

    I'm impressed, Lynn. You are an amazing resource.
  7. "american" Fantasy

    Suspensewriter: I agree with every word and am in awe of your writing. I'm laughing and wanting to share this with others. RADerdyn: There is one way you could succeed. We want to see you succeed. I believe the best way to encourage forgiveness and reconciliation is sharing our cultures. The indigenous people of this entire continent are rightly afraid that any sharing would result in further disappearance. What has already disappeared is a cultural travesty and we of this new era, though not responsible, do bear privileges based on those disappearances. The one way you could succeed is to convince an indigenous person to co-author the story and lend their authority to the telling. Convince them that you respect the beauty and truth and worth of their entire culture. Leave no stone unturned in loving. In Canada, the Christian I know of who has made great strides in this area is Steve Bell of Winnipeg. https://stevebell.com/ I believe he would be happy to be a resource for you. He's that kind of person. I grieve to say it is too late to talk to Gordon Downie. http://www.gorddownie.com/ And I don't know if he was a Christian.
  8. All the more reason to plug in to that charisma thing. Know the author you are reading.
  9. The whole reason for reading is to feel cared for. That might be an exaggeration, but think about the person who reads horror. They are seeking an emotional response in themselves as much as the romance reader. The emotional connection that they made in the shower is fostered. The connection they didn't make but wished they had is engendered by the story. That an author took time to craft an avenue to such a response must mean, it has to mean, please tell me it means that he cared for me. Then, when that author responds to an email, or signs a t-shirt etc, wow! I know I am cared for.
  10. I would be interested in this. As a Canadian, I have to be British, Mid-Atlantic and American. Do I have to write my book three different ways?
  11. I can interpret that as 'Before Christ's Era' and 'Christ's Era'. Every knee bows, every tongue confesses. Sometimes they don't know it yet.
  12. Creative Writing Software

    You need to put a # at the top of every chapter, then there is an 'import by section' button. Then you get to rearrange ad libitum. Keep at it! You'll be glad in the end.
  13. Ah, that devil, slipping things into our words because The Word is the power of life to us. A clever ploy. I think about Paul writing in a prison. Every word counted and had to be approved by the prison guard. How did he slip so much truth past the nose of someone who should have been hostile? In the first prison I think he succeeded in converting the guard. In the second, the Light of God might have blinded the reader who might have held the letters back. We must steep ourselves in God's Word in order to claim any inspiration. Having such good and beautiful loving Words in us, we can trust the Light will blind and illuminate as He sees fit.
  14. How To Attract Publishers

    Hello George! What is foreign to you? What part of the world do you hail from? As a Canadian, I have greater hoops to jump through to break into the larger market south of our border. There was a good article on not writing books to other countries about how to run their business. It doesn't only apply to Americans. https://stevelaube.com/challenge-american-christian-authors/ Happy Writing! And if you find the answer to your question, please pass it on to us.
  15. Evangelical Romance And Amish Action Heroes

    I find Wattpad a good place to put the Gospel in stories. It is an unclean place where darkness reigns in minds and hearts. But they will click on just about anything once!

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