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  1. An Argument For #specficfaith

    I'm excited to see the community raising its head above the bunker. There will be shots from all sides. Our helmets might get dented. In the end, we'll celebrate that we are known as a force to lift hearts of story lovers everywhere.
  2. Rules Of Critique

    These sound gracious and helpful. They cover what we find among our talented contributors to our critique forum. http://thewriteconversation.blogspot.ca/2017/10/first-rules-of-critiquerule-one.html http://thewriteconversation.blogspot.ca/2017/11/first-rules-of-critiquerule-two.html http://thewriteconversation.blogspot.ca/2017/12/first-rules-of-critiquerule-three.html https://thewriteconversation.blogspot.ca/2018/01/first-rules-of-critique-rule-four.html
  3. Author Inside Circle

    Or the hair....
  4. Author Inside Circle

    What goes on in the forum, stays in the forum. Who else would understand multi ethnic detectives and the case of the missing present tense hiding behind yodeling potted palms?
  5. Writing The Big Fat Book

    Ouch! I looked it up. Make sure you do those exercises.
  6. What's The Difference?

    Throughline=Plot in my books. This action leads to this reaction which leads to this action etc. Like Carolina said, That is not as ridiculous as it first sounded. As long as there is something behind the =, the book will have a plot, the reader will follow through to the end, and the writer might get paid. Theme arrives in a solid unit. If you think of plot as a bunch of glass slides lined up with pictures on them, theme is the background paint on all the slides. What is your message? Love conquers all? Snot in the tissue on Tuesday could be gold in the bank by Friday? The story has a noble purpose to raise the reader above y=mx=b
  7. I Rant Against Present Tense

    Your anthropomorphic detective needs to join the Jewish detective and the Hillbilly detective. What kind of case would be most appropriate?
  8. Sigh. Canadians jump through the funniest shaped hoops to be published in the States. I'm sure there's a tool for that too.
  9. I Rant Against Present Tense

    Phy, I remember reading the beginning of that story. Where might I obtain a copy to read its entirety?
  10. Writer's Block Busting

    Do you see, Carolina? These are the nuttiest, most encouraging inner circle people in the writerly world. Found here first, but also, so I hear, lurking behind potted palms, cascading down mountains in dirndls...
  11. Author Inside Circle

    Stick around here. They'll show up. God has a way of introducing us to the people He has cast for the part.
  12. Author Inside Circle That would be you people, to me. I hope I can be so to you. From the article by Judith Briles: You want someone who has got an inkling of what is going on in the publishing business. We all know publishing is in a combo evolution and revolution. Who is out there in the midst of it? You want someone who gets your Vision for your book and where you want to go with it. She or he gets it; gets you; and becomes your cheerleader. The passion you have and amount of time, energy and money you invest in your commitment to your book project is understood and supported. You want someone who is connected with others and opens doors. Yes you do—someone with a phone call, text, or email request can get you to a source—someone who knows someone else that can smooth your way or offer assistance. You want someone who has a kaleidoscope of business experience. Absolutely—one of the key failure factors in the authoring/publishing business that most authors don’t recognize. This person gets a P & L, understands contracts and negotiating. If he or she knows publishing, it’s a bonus. You want someone who loves brainstorming and off-the-wall ideas. Eccentric, a tad wacky—you name it, this person walks to a different tune … most of them you don’t get, but once in a while, your unique and odd-ball someone hits it out of the park. You want some who gets social media marketing. But there’s a catch, this person has to be able to articulate knowledge/concept/game plan in your mother tongue what he or she is saying and you understand it. It doesn’t mean that you are going to be the full time implementer of what social media you are creating and using. For me, I write mine—but I don’t push it out. I have someone on my team that does that task daily. You want someone who has a sense of humor. Not only can authoring and publishing be lonely at times as you tunnel yourself into the completing of your book—there are booby traps along the way. Being goofy can be a good thing. You want someone who will say it as it is and not side-step any elephant in the room, including you. Let’s face it; we all get stubborn at times; quite myopic in the author paths we get into our head. You need a reality checker. Who is out there and has the guts to tell you that you are off your authoring/book rocker? You want a “Go-Go-Go” person who gets you into action. No butt-sitting allowed or procrastination allowed.
  13. Nancy Kress (!) Has Doubts

    Yes, I worry about jumping through the hoops. Looking at the hoops daunts me. They keep moving, realigning. The sweet spot is elusive and subjective. Everybody has an opinion, but no one can say for sure. Then God comes to me, makes a hoop out of His arms and says, This is the only hoop for today. And tomorrow. And forever.
  14. My 600-lb Book Life By Bob Hostetler

    Thanks for the follow! and thanks for the article. I thought tweet deck was for more than scheduling tweets. I understood that it categorised what you followed. I'll read the article... Thanks again!

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