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  1. Nicola

    Christian Science Fiction

    Oh dear. Sounds like there is a devotion brewing.
  2. We need fluff as in 'comforting pillow down'. Holy cotton wool. A warm hug in soft arms.
  3. The Lie of Perfectionism This podcast covers things like: I especially appreciated this, as a recovering Pharisee:
  4. Nicola

    Managing Social Media

    Not me, sorry. But there are apps out there. And companies, and virtual secretaries. SuspenseWriter's four year old nephew is for hire. πŸ‘ΆπŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ“
  5. Nicola

    On Writing A Book Two

    What a comforting phrase! I feel at home with people who say that.
  6. Nicola

    Editing As Income?

    You have already proven your mettle here! Let it be known you are available, and you'll be flooded with requests.
  7. Thanks Phy, this is higher level thinking. Leoshine's theme is mercy, cost and reward. The two main societies have different definitions of mercy, and then they find out God's definition. Grace is more often the subject of our conversation than mercy. Sometimes I feel it is regarded as the lesser gift, but it is a marvelous thing to ponder. This chart is very helpful too!
  8. Nicola

    Key Book Publishing Paths 2018

    This is very thorough and helpful, thanks Lynn. I can't afford the webinar, but the chart is free.
  9. "Dandelion Fluff for the Chronic Thorn"
  10. Nicola

    Small Indie Press: No Fee

    Hello! Thank you for telling us about your work and collaboration with Word Crafts. You have encouraged us because anywhere there is: There will be God's glory and honour.
  11. I agree, your well needs a maiden and a knight. Oh boy, now we are into cover design....
  12. Nicola

    Giant List Of Power Words

    We also look forward to you being 'established' around here. Don't let our contrariness put you off. We're the nicest bunch of contrary writers you'll find.
  13. Nicola

    What To Call It?

    Really? one needs to be 'established' to get a critique? I guess that is a safeguard, and we thank our administrators for protecting us! SEHatfield, we look forward to reading your work!
  14. Nicola

    Christian Science Fiction

    I'm in charge? You mean it's better to be in charge by self-publishing Christian Sci Fi. Then all the gold flows directly into your pocket.
  15. Nicola

    Networked Blogs Closing

    Thank you for your explanation. So there is a big barn/castle in the sky where the internet lives and stores its treasure. ScribbleLive is the gate keeper? I give them permission to trade my treasure that I have put in the barn? Thanks for being patient with me!