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  1. Hark! Hark To The Media File!

    http://www.talklikeshakespeare.org/ Today is Talk Like Shakespeare Day!
  2. A Resource To Enhance Setting Description

    Today I realised this is the only community where I laugh. I am deeply grateful for protagonists who sacrifice their dignity for YA.
  3. You get lost in Detroit? Making it home full of bullet wounds is more of a feat than reading a map!
  4. Challenges. Growth. Never stop learning. Thanks for teaching us this today, Phy.
  5. Sola Scriptura

    Every time I read the scriptures, the Holy Spirit inspires ME to understand a new facet of God. I know that with Him, I'll never run out of things to learn from the scriptures I have in my hand, and that's enough for me.
  6. 20 Year Class Reunion Memoriam

    You might describe all the different chairs there are: dining room, rocking, high chair, etc. Then say something about the different people who occupy the chairs and the roles they play. Finish with, "We know you had time to sit in some of these chairs, and there'll be some that are always empty." or some such phrase.
  7. Honored But Nervous

    Good for you for hearing and obeying God's voice. He can be trusted to know the personal message to the specific hearts gathered in your hearing. Thank you for sharing the Word with us! Your message resonates with me... 'Scuse me while I go paint my expressed love for this community.... Writing for speech is different from writing for reading. The more conversational you keep your tone, the less teacherly you will seem. I was thinking about the humour Suspensewriter suggested. You might consider saying something like, "At first I was going to tell you about the artisans of the Tabernacle. Do you know how much linen they had to weave for the outer fence alone? "(then you throw a bunch of statistics at them. You could continue with the statistics for another sentence or two) Then pause for effect and say, "Aren't you glad God had a better message for you today?" Just a thought. I love the way you have written this and I believe your group will thrive on it.
  8. Premium Lifetime License For Prowritingaid

    Clay, I did as you asked. Here is the report! Document Scores (Scores out of 100 for key document areas) 100 OVERALL SCORE / 100 100 GRAMMAR / 100 100 SPELLING / 100 100 STYLE / 100 N/A TERMINOLOGY / 100 Key Actions A high "glue index" suggests you're using lots of filler words. Try reducing these. Look at the sticky sentences section below for more specific guidance. Document Statistics (The key statistics about your document) 18 WORD COUNT 3 SENTENCES 2 PARAGRAPHS 71 CHARACTERS No Spaces 97 CHARACTERS With Spaces Vocabulary 17 UNIQUE WORDS 15 WORD FAMILIES Most Unusual Words revolting counts peasants replied sure Most Used Words I2 the1 peasants1 are1 revolting1 must1 be1 off1 am1 sure1 Your vocabulary was more dynamic (unique words/total) than 99% of ProWritingAid users Readability Measures (Your text analyzed using common readability measures) Tip! Readability scores are calculated using a combination of words per sentence and syllables per word. Grade Scores correspond to US school grades. i.e. 5th Grade is very easy to read and easily understood by an average 11-year-old student. To improve readability use shorter words and sentences. 102 FLESCH READING EASE Target > 60 Grade Level Measures Flesch-Kincaid Grade0.5 Coleman-Liau2.5 Automated Readability Index0.1 Dale-Chall Grade9 - 10 Other Measures Flesch Reading Ease102.0 Dale-Chall7.4 Readability by Paragraph 1 Easy-to-Read Paragraph 0 Slightly Difficult-to-Read Paragraphs 0 Very Difficult-to-Read Paragraphs Read More About This Report Overused Words (Words and phrases that are overused compared to published books) Tip! We compare your document to published writing in the same genre to show overused words and constructs. Identifying and reducing these will improve your writing. Note: Often this requires more than substituting a different word. 0 OVERUSED WORDS 21 NOT OVERUSED that1Not overused went0Not overused could0Not overused feel/feels/feeling/felt0Not overused believe/think0Not overused Read More About This Report Sentence Structure Tip! Varying your sentence length keeps the reader engaged. Too many long sentences are hard to read. 5.8 SENTENCE VARIETY Target > 3 6.0 SENTENCE LENGTH Target between 11 and 18 0 LONG SENTENCES Your sentence variety was higher than 29% of ProWritingAid users Your sentence length was higher than 11% of ProWritingAid users Read More About This Report Sentence Lengths (The length of all the sentences in your document. Varying your sentence length engages your reader.) Tip! Look for areas where all your sentences are around the same length. These areas will benefit from more variety to maintain the reader's interest. Writing Style Tip! Highlights common style issues such as passive voice, hidden verbs and adverb usage. 0 PASSIVE INDEX Target < 25 0 HIDDEN VERBS Target 0 0 ADVERBS 0 outside Dialogue 0 REPEATED SENTENCE STARTS Target 0 0 STYLE SUGGESTIONS Your readability was better (suggestions/sentences) than 78% of ProWritingAid users Read More About This Report Grammar & Spelling 0 GRAMMAR ISSUES 0 SPELLING ISSUES Your grammar was better (mistakes/sentences) than 67% of ProWritingAid users Read More About This Report Sticky Sentences (Sticky Sentences contain too many common words. They slow your reader down.) Tip! Sticky sentences are ones containing a high percentage of glue words. Glue words are the 200 or so most common words in English (excluding the personal pronouns). You can think of the glue words as the empty space in your writing. The more of them there are the more empty space your readers have to pass through to get to the actual meaning. By cutting down the amount of glue words in your sentences you help expose the true meaning and make the reader's job easier. 0 STICKY SENTENCES Target 0 55.6% GLUE INDEX Target < 40% Your glue index was better (glue words/total) than 3%of ProWritingAid users Read More About This Report Dialogue 80.4% DIALOGUE 50.0% DIALOGUE TAGGED Top Dialogue Tags reply1 Your use of dialogue tags was higher than 70% of ProWritingAid users Read More About This Report Pacing (Shows areas of slower pacing by looking at verb tenses.) Tip! Dark areas in the chart indicate areas of slow pacing (backstory in creative writing). Where you have large chunks of slower pacing, try to add some faster pacing to keep the reader more engaged. 0.0% SLOW PACING Read More About This Report Transitions (Looks at words and phrases that link your writing together) Tip! Transitions are useful when you're trying to structure an argument. They link your sentences together forming a flowing and cohesive structure. 0.0% TRANSITIONS Target > 25% Read More About This Report Repeated Phrases Read More About This Report Cliches & Redundancies (Cliches can make your writing sound tired) 0 CLICHES 0 REDUNDANCIES Read More About This Report Consistency (Checks for consistent spelling, hyphenation and capitalization.) 0 INCONSISTENT SPELLING Target 0 0 INCONSISTENT HYPHENATION Target 0 0 INCONSISTENT CAPITALIZATION Target 0 Usage Consistency Curls/Smart Double Quotes0 Straight Double Quotes4 Curly/Smart Single Quotes0 Straight Single Quotes1 Ellipsis characters0 Three dots0 Hyphens0 En-dash0 Em-dash0 Read More About This Report Other Items Diction off1Avoid using prepositions such as "off" as the last word in a sentence Vague & Abstract Words Corporate Wording
  9. Premium Lifetime License For Prowritingaid

    Isn't that what we all get? Isn't that why we Love it? It strokes our egos.
  10. Premium Lifetime License For Prowritingaid

    I ran 500 words of Leoshine. Here's what it said. That's enough for me to go on.
  11. Premium Lifetime License For Prowritingaid

    Can you reassure me that the Algorithm isn't blending us all out to sound the same?
  12. Asking For Prayers

    Dear God, Please allow for the heat to sooth the cysts in our friend's body. Calm the tissue down, and comfort his heart with his extraordinary history with them. Please provide for the support and willingness to receive help that his parents need. Independence is not the virtue they need right now! Thank you for this community, and our privilege of lifting each other up to You in prayer. Thank You for Your ever attentive ear, and Your warm soft heart toward us. Amen
  13. Prayers Please

    You'll keep us posted? We are with you in Spirit!
  14. Prayers Please

    Amen and amen

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