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  1. Ah, that devil, slipping things into our words because The Word is the power of life to us. A clever ploy. I think about Paul writing in a prison. Every word counted and had to be approved by the prison guard. How did he slip so much truth past the nose of someone who should have been hostile? In the first prison I think he succeeded in converting the guard. In the second, the Light of God might have blinded the reader who might have held the letters back. We must steep ourselves in God's Word in order to claim any inspiration. Having such good and beautiful loving Words in us, we can trust the Light will blind and illuminate as He sees fit.
  2. How To Attract Publishers

    Hello George! What is foreign to you? What part of the world do you hail from? As a Canadian, I have greater hoops to jump through to break into the larger market south of our border. There was a good article on not writing books to other countries about how to run their business. It doesn't only apply to Americans. https://stevelaube.com/challenge-american-christian-authors/ Happy Writing! And if you find the answer to your question, please pass it on to us.
  3. Evangelical Romance And Amish Action Heroes

    I find Wattpad a good place to put the Gospel in stories. It is an unclean place where darkness reigns in minds and hearts. But they will click on just about anything once!
  4. Selling Your Family

    Thanks Lynn. Yes, it will be God's answer to prayer that brings him back into the fold. I know he can't outrun the Hound of Heaven.
  5. Evangelical Romance And Amish Action Heroes

    Have you heard of Amish Vampires in Space by Kerry Neitz?
  6. Selling Your Family

    My husband is an atheist. At the same time that he supports my writing activities and encourages me to take courses, and buys me endless notebooks to fill, he thinks what I write is garbage and wishes I wouldn't pollute people's minds. My other relatives are of the, 'that's nice dear, but don't ask me to read it,' ilk. One sister tried to read my work. I used to tell her stories when we were young and she enjoyed them then. Now, she says they are too dark. Growing up took the shine off. Has anyone tried introducing a book by an unknown author to a family member? They seem just as reluctant to take recommendations as to read my work. As if the writerly life has disqualified me from knowing a good book.
  7. Creative Writing Software

    I've done it. That means anybody can. Lots of little # and boom! Bob's your uncle. Or whatever idiom you use for 'That was easy'.
  8. Isn't it interesting how syntax and grammar and vocabulary are as much part of the scenery as clothing, architecture and tools. I cannot read a historical novel that uses the least hint of modern idiom. That is like dressing Queen Victoria in a mini skirt. There are people around me who are intent on punishing the ancestors of people who were just doing what was considered moral in the day. That is putting vocabulary in mouths that are already full of marbles. Wasting time and effort. This is another reason we must allow the Scriptures to interpret the Scriptures. God's voice is unique and easily recognised by His sheep.
  9. You did better than a synopsis! Thanks for the great read this morning!
  10. 168 Write Of Passage Competition

    Yup, I want to know too. Most interesting project!
  11. How To Conduct Research

    The best and deepest research that we must do is into ourselves.
  12. How To Conduct Research

    Other than the obviously dangerous (no wonder you're a suspensewriter....) participation is key. Real life experiences with all the senses turned on will give your readers your unique gift of observation. No one will see it like you do, and few have the gift that you do for putting your experience into words. In addition to the practical 'work' of those experiences, chances are you'll have a rip roaring wild and happy time, you'll learn something about yourself and your God, and you'll meet people who will want to buy your book because they helped create it.
  13. There are many kinds of loneliness, as proven by the adage, 'one can be lonely in a crowd.' One can be very happy with no other soul around. Kings are lonely at the top; slaves are lonely in dungeons. Humans are lonely so they create aliens; aliens are lonely so the seek out that bright green planet in the Milky Way. Pianists and organists are lonely because they can be self suffcient; conductors are lonely because they are not. So many stories! So little time to write them! Loneliness is the absence of connection. Humans are created to belong. They wither and die without connection. Have you read Rudyard Kipling's The Light that Failed? I believe that story describes a kind of loneliness of the artist. Misunderstanding, isolation, the drive to forge ahead where others are in the dark, the inability to explain.
  14. Christian Poetry

    Sounds like you want to create a poetry club. Please make it open so non-members can at least read the poems.
  15. Mini Bible

    Thank you DrRita! I was wondering, though I do not expect to write a episodic series for any kind of media. Isn't it interesting how the world has reclaimed the word 'bible'? On Wattpad there are all kinds of bibles for all manner of subjects. It really only means 'library' of sorts.

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