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  1. I'll sure do my best on that one! ... or two... or three ... or.....
  2. Nicola, see the last two replies by me above.
  3. What I wrote above is the take-away truth. The story concept logline (stated in a way to hook not-yet Christians) is: "A physically broken young woman must do the impossible to follow her dream."
  4. "Brokenness can be your greatest asset for greatest service."
  5. I've never been asked those questions. I think I cuddle up beside, but sort of sneak in the back door. Post a bit of both on the critique forum -- hmm. OK, but maybe not for a couple / three days, when I get a chance. Then maybe you can tell me if I cuddle or sneak.
  6. You're right. Thinking it over more, I think I need a good editor to read it and tell me if what I have works or not. I do have a beta reader lined up, but want to give her the whole thing at once, with all pieces in place. In this first draft, that is.... Just that one beta reader for now.
  7. The way I set it up, it lets them know what is happening.
  8. I am just about finished with the first draft of my memoir. Two short passages are written in present tense; the rest in past tense. I think the transition between tenses works, but now Inner Edit says "You might want to make it all present tense?" Oh, no! SO much work to change it! If I put myself in the place of the reader (best I can), those present tense parts put one right in the middle of the scene, able to feel and see it. Aack! Do I *really* need to change the whole thing?
  9. Elinor

    Typing A Book Manuscript

    Good grief! What did I start?
  10. Elinor

    Typing A Book Manuscript

    Yes, Suspensewriter is right. The book manuscript template already has those things.
  11. Elinor

    Typing A Book Manuscript

    Thanks, Lynn. I'm relieved. It was one I downloaded today from my Office 365, so SHOULD be recent? Thanks also to zx1ninja. I will look that up.
  12. The book manuscript template in MS Word says, ". Keep in mind while writing your manuscript that you should follow each sentence with two spaces." Is that true? If so I've got a lot of correcting to do!
  13. Elinor

    Flash Forward

    Thanks, both of you. This Flash Forward does, I think, move the story along and adds color, suspense and curiosity. Adds substance, too. I put it in and think it works. We'll see what an editor says when the time comes.
  14. Elinor

    Flash Forward

    Has anyone out there successfully used a Flash Forward? I would like to use that technique in one chapter. A website I found says, "... due to their immediacy, they can be a powerful way of delivering important information. ... they (can) allow you to show instead of telling the reader about an important event." Both of those reasons fit for me. I know it's not usually advised, but what do you think? Too risky?
  15. Elinor

    Pay-to-publish Recommendations?

    Thank you, David. I'm very glad to know about these avenues for help! I'm at least 18 months from being ready to supply a manuscript, but will definitely keep this in mind. No, I don't write romance. It's non-fiction.