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  1. Insecurity & Comparison

    I enjoy reading your posts. You are a positive writer and make a lot of valid points that most can relate with. You start a good conversation. I agree with you that most people gain insecurity when they stay in comparison all the time. They also learn good sportsmanship and poor/bad sportsmanship. How to acknowledge another or how to tear another apart. I think if you accept yourself and work in correcting your insecurities until you are happy with yourself again; then when you meet another it is much easier to accept them for theirs and help them with any insecurities. Comparison that presents itself in healthy criticism grows wisdom, experience and provides education.
  2. Limiting Beliefs That Hold You Back From The Next Level (1)

    Thank you for the good read, Njoku. I do believe that in society there are 'expectations' to the we and that in fitting in, that does mean compromise but also that you have to explore your own values, morals, ethics and personal relationship with God to find out what you are willing to compromise. It is a great thing to belong but not to belong to the wrong thing. Pursuing your dreams has many pits and while I do believe that God is a huge supporter of individual good success. I also believe that it is in the way that we get there that God pays attention to also. Have a wonderful day! I am going to go cook! :-)
  3. In Comparison...

    It did. Thank you again for your speedy reply. I didn't post to the website to hide anything. I enjoy the 'share' aspect and 'encouragement', I am a big fan of. Have a beautiful day. :-)
  4. In Comparison...

    Thank you for your replies Nicola and Lynn. If the work is not published, is it seen only in a private forum by staff members of the website and potential interested parties of the author (scouts, publishers, etc...)? I assume that the ownership rights stay with the owner unless sold and copyright laws say that pledgerism is against the law but that authorized copying is without the changing of the original author's name. When a site says they reserve the right to edit, I assume again that they do not twist your words and then say that you wrote things you didn't or 'splice' words together to make something very similar to your work and then put their name on it. Inspiration is a beautiful thing, when inspired by another's style and a future writer or accomplished author awakens in their talent and writes something that touches others. I guess that was a long winded question and assumptive information.
  5. In Comparison...

    Hi, I signed up for this website. I think it is well put together. I also read the statement about the author's work being their own and they retain copyright to it. I also read that the site retains the right to edit but assume that stops short of changing and replacing a name, because that would be considered pledgerism. I love writing and think that God calls us to share in what will help each other. I also believe that means ourselves and that in taking care of your relationship to God, yourself, and your talents being shared freely and supportively with others that you will come to a place of understanding. So I think, what is publishing anyway? Is it when I hit the post button and the public gets to read my work on the internet? Makes sense, right? Or when seeking a job for my literary work, my references should be the posts that I make online (or contributions and proof of work)? So we are all together (collectively) posting on Christianwriters.com as individuals and as a whole entity with contributions of faith, wisdom, and talent. Post! We are all published now! If only I could get someone to read my work, that would equal 'accomplishment' (ok, a little humor on my part). Have a beautiful God filled day!
  6. I looked on my profile when I clicked on my name and it tells me I am viewing an unknown page... That sounds so suspicious!

  7. What We Live For Matters!

    The best relationship you can have is with God. Positive read! :-)
  8. I love your mission statement! That's what we are all asked to do as a sign of our Faith to others.

    1. Catherine Gustavson

      Catherine Gustavson

      Thank you for your positive reinforcement. I think it is great when you meet a positive with a positive... It produces a lot of light. ;-)

  9. Reflections On The Parable Of The Talents

    I have discerned, felt complete happiness and anger at this parable at certain times. Blessing those who curse you gets extremely tiring if you have people who follow you and never learn the lesson inside the beautitude. If you have a growing group of individuals that follow you around cursing you continually for doing good things, succeeding and you continually turn around and say peace be with you... I have reached moments of sheer exhaustion with this at times (I believe this has limits)! Thank God for silent retreats (mental, physical, spiritual)! The lesson is kindness, learn and do. I don't want to live with someone who is violent towards me, verbally attacks me, discourages me and has no faith. He or she may be my next door neighbor and in that then I can encourage or guide them towards a good way and forgive. Sharing your faith, talent and conscious with others in positive, educational ways so that all may understand grows your spirit, not lessens it. Thank you for the read!
  10. Any Day Holy?

    Personally, I believe that everyday God is involved... Daily mass is holy too. From once a week, to a few times a week, to 7 days a week and to a shut in's contemplation and a God loving individual active life of prayer... If you love God wholly then moving forward your life should be holy and a prayer.
  11. Heaven's Kiss

    I enjoyed reading your poetry. How long have you been writing? I enjoy writing poetry (as well as other things as well) too. Keep doing what keeps your faith alive in God, sharing it is a great gift for others and your heart as well.
  12. What I think is a beautiful and positive role model for marriage is that God is involved directly. Through church, counseling, and health. I believe that the health of both individuals is important (sobriety, cleanliness), counseling by getting to know each other before they wed, in crisis scenarios as well, that they are both of the same faith (same God, practicing and alive). I think that in some younger marriages, faith is not awake, intoxication or chemical influence is present and if those two are not enough a physically threatening marriage (shotgun marriage). To me these marriages are not valid, I am not on a tribunal or anything just my personal faith. A marriage of two souls making one heart means that their hearts belong to one another. They don't go chasing off after every other person that tempts them. They endure together. They save together. They dream and hope together. They help each other. They stay faithful. I believe that love is such a beautiful thing but there is also hurt. Seeking a soul mate is difficult but perfection is sought because of the relationship sought. Understanding does not always mean 'I am okay with it.' It just means that that person comprehends and from that point forward, depending on the situation, healing is needed, acceptance, and new (and old) faith need to be combined for the soul's benefit.
  13. How To Fight And Win The Insecurities Battle

    I enjoyed the read and it inspired me in a few different areas. First, perfection... Perfection is a present reality at all times. Getting an A in your class, perfect! Getting that body type after you put in the work, perfect! Getting to enlightenment after prayer, contemplation, meditation...PERFECT! My point is there is always perfect and there is always an opportunity to achieve it. It is WHOSE perfect are you trying to achieve and do they want you to be their student.... I believe that is where the frustration and battles can begin. In the parable of love your enemies, I don't believe we stay with our enemies for eternity. I believe kindness is a form of love. I believe that even in storing up your treasure where your heart is, there are always thieves waiting. It is not a pessimistic view, just an experienced view at this point in my journey. I also believe in faith with God, anything is possible. This includes the invisible. This includes a mountain appearing out of nowhere. This includes universal, planetary differences and realities. Did you know for a person who never met you, a picture of you from 10 or 20 years ago is the you to them NOW? Faith is an inspiring thing and holds the key to eternity. It shows us the fountain of youth is in all of us and perceptions are a changing thing. Also, having good deeds and helping creation should be a natural thing if you love but in that love you should also have self love, balance. With it if you have a superior (we all do, even when we may think we don't), and that superior says they need 200 dollars to buy a week's worth of groceries and necessities. YOU have what YOU need but unfortunately are unable to help another because of your poverty. It then becomes a battle of: I want to help, I don't want to be greedy, Am I betraying my faith, a chance of sinking into self-pity and self-absorbtion, and for people who have been in this position for a long period of time--- a thought process of 'ANYTHING, to get out. Even theft.' I don't want to get into a position where theft is the only solution to live. Survival has many faces and perhaps people who steal are not being enlightened to the real chances they have. Even if they are small at first. I believe handing on something of meaning, passes on your spirit but if you are still working in it... It is highly frustrating when someone tries to take it over. For instance donating things you like or giving because you see a need... You are giving from the good will in your heart, donating your likes and loves for someone else to share... Materials are a blessing or else we would all still be naked and in the wilderness... Know what I mean? ;-) It's the spirit that perceives it. A blessing or a curse? Not what I wanted? But all that that person could give? How do I express my gratitude? If you can master kindness, I think your soul will soar. If you master love, enlightenment is a constant gift. If you master integrity, miracles and rare sight are yours to see. That's all I have for now. Thank you for the read. :-)
  14. I Am Not What I Have

    You are a positive and encouraging writer. I admire that. I think the world is a much better place when you encounter others who are willing to read and listen to others opinions and faith. We all start with a foundation and grow from there and sometimes in moving our foundations change but we are still a part of 'the world'. I do believe what you are saying about money not defining your character as that should be found before you pursue success and dreams. There are people who try to pull you down or treat you like you are without value but in those battles you can prove your worth to yourself and others. Have a beautiful day! Thank you for the wonderful read.
  15. Age (wisdom Poetry-part 2)

    Fear strikes on many doors to prevent a tunnel, good for one to open many doors and loss for another on a sure path. Acknowledge that there is always judgement and do not let many make you weary. All have a use of one to another, let yours leave another in appreciation and company well enjoyed. Time presents many areas and space awaits sight with grace. In sleeping we fall and in waking we rise, present to each other. Let a fall be into trust and your path made clear while protection are your surroundings and remains essential. Be cautious of poisoned thorns seeking saving, in your effort and their pretension they observe and cheer while one fails. Be encouraging to an undetermined stuck in sometime. Let faith be your commitment and love your seal in target's arrow. Stay aware of your time in dangerous or opportunistic environments.

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