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  1. Preaching In Fiction Or No?

    I've read some articles (most of my writing education has been obtained from Pinterest now) about including sermons in fiction, how to get a point across without preaching... but we're Christians; at my age I've heard at least 2,132 sermons, and I'm a preacher's kid, so it's been more. Trust me. Sermons, love them or hate them, are a part of our lives. What do you think? As long as we "animate" our pastor-character, can we include sermons as long as they are a reasonable length?
  2. How To Successfully Manage What Annoys You

    The fact that my children will not listen.
  3. Conflict - Christian Style

    *my dream. I hate auto-correct.
  4. Conflict - Christian Style

    I just read an article which explained that conflict comes more easily when you "avoid black-and-white morality". But when we do that, we get Fifty Shades of Gray (is that why the author used that title? I haven't seen it nor will I) and other garbage. We're Christians here; how do we offer good conflict (perhaps the conflict is that characters argue over morality, but in our stories, good has to triumph over evil) to a world that is addicted to soap operas and subconsciously turn their lives into one and still make it interesting to them? I'm not thinking money here, Brothers and Sisters; myself dream is to make my stories "hooks" as I fish for people, as Jesus said.
  5. I was about to read Leoshine Part 2, but I would like to read Part 1 first. Is there a way to see a list of all of member's writings?

  6. How To Change Negatives Into Big Positives

    I absolutely love this! And at such a time in my life as now. I was born to fearful, negative-thinkers. My one set of grandparents lived through the Depression and became obsessed with earning money. My father almost went insane when the competition in his field became nearly impossible. My other grandfather believed that worrying was was the only way to keep bad things from happening (and sometimes I see his point). If only we could "wake up" from this bad dream of sorts for a few minutes and see the glory that can't be compared to the level of awfulness down here... but if things weren't as hard as they were, we wouldn't mature as well. It's funny how we want things to be challenging for eustress, but we see everything as distress.
  7. Is The Omnipotent Narrator Dead?

    Physical and suspensewriter, please consider reading my entry "What is Love?", which is part of the first chapter of what I hope to turn into a novel or literary work.
  8. Is The Omnipotent Narrator Dead?

    I have written scenes that have only the male protagonist, scenes with only the female protagonist and scenes with both. How would I do this without an omniscient (oh yes, I meant "is the omniscient narrator dead?")
  9. Please tell me I don't have to rewrite everything in first person!
  10. I was going to return the favor and read some of your writing, but I guess I'm lost. How do I find a specific person's writing?

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