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  1. Inspiration For My Character: Heroine

    I still like milk chocolate better. Now, if they were to put almonds in dark chocolate maybe...
  2. Inspiration For My Character: Heroine

    That's the goal - to want what God wants. But God wants what is best for us, and sometimes that hurts or tastes bad. Ever notice how everything that tastes bad is good for you and everything that tastes good is bad for you?
  3. Inspiration For My Character: Heroine

    Carol! You've got it. You understand the whole premise of my book - if you don't control your life, God will make it go a way you don't want, but if you try to control your life (which never works) you end up fighting God. I won't spoil the ending for you.
  4. Inspiration For My Character: Heroine

    Thanks, and I accept the kind words, but the next page of the children's book says, "But today, I'm helping my father paint the garage..." It echoes my (and Heroine's) agony that we should never have been given or allowed to develop for ourselves false hope of an adulthood which included much else than a house falling apart, a car falling apart, kids who whine and won't behave and, of course, all the joys of working at The Store.
  5. Scrivener

    I keep hearing about Scrivener. Does anyone have it? Is it any good? How do you get it? It's apparently not an app for android.
  6. Hiring A Revision Partner

    And I plagiarize. . Well, it's not plagiarism if you recognize the source. I "borrowed" from Braveheart and Lord of the Rings. My point is that we can reach this level of popularity with people quoting us, but not if we hide in our shells, and not if we refuse to work together.
  7. Hiring A Revision Partner

    Jadi, remember that Jesus said to pray for those who persecute you. Pray for the terrorist who stole from you; but also pray over your content. The Lord gives and takes away, He allowed this for a reason - I don't know what it is, and if you want a heroine to follow who is expressing frustration over working so hard for absolutely nothing, please read my work, What Is Love? I know even more people are out there with hopes and dreams about life who are struggling to make those dreams a reality and having to come to terms with the fact that even God won't help them, because He wants them to throw away their dreams at His feet so He can change their hearts and only then will He give them the desires of their NEW hearts. I know there are girls who were sold into slavery and freed but are having trouble dealing with what happened to them, and they need to read Leoshine and be brought back to Christ. And I know there are people out there who need to read the material that was stolen from you, and I believe the material is blessed by God still. Pray that everyone who reads it would feel a strong pull from the Holy Spirit. Ok, you might not get the credit, but life isn't about us, is it? I've been writing for 20 years, half my life, and you know what has happened in that time because I didn't take risks and didn't trust anyone before I joined this group? What I've accomplished? What I've learned? Nothing. If we cower in fear, the terrorists win. And all the rest of you too - we are the Lewises and Tolkiens, the Perettis and Kingsburys of our time. Let's not let the enemy keep us from seeking and saving the lost with the talents God gave us; let's not bury those talents. Yes, be wise as serpents. Yes, let's be careful, but don't give up! Write! Write to ruin and the world's ending. Smile at the enemy and let him know that he may take our work, he may take our lives, but he will never have our God-given purpose! And as long as God still wants us to accomplish that purpose, not only will we live another day to pester the enemy but we will accomplish that work He has set out for us to do. Let's not allow the enemy to divide us. There are already too many denominations to count when Jesus' dying wish was for us to be as one as He and the Father are one. Who's with me?
  8. Hiring A Revision Partner

    Has anyone noticed a lull in the critique group? Like suspense writer said, there is plenty of evidence. When you write something on the Internet, they don't call it, "publishing" for nothing.
  9. Hmm. The frustration regarding trying to live out one's passion and society not giving her an out, comparison of the weaknesses of both Capitalism and Communism, and even the struggle to figure out why God would give her a passion and not promote that passion are all challenges my Heroine face in What Is Love? She wants to be an artist and has no passion for anything else. She struggles against what the world wants from her but also what God wants from her. Who will win? I would love opinions not just on my writing style but also my commentary on politics today and how they are going to affect people 200 years in the future if the Lord doesn't come back first. I predict that "beauty" will turn it's head again, turning back to a Victorian appreciation for "a little meat on the bones". Government, after a nuclear war with the communists, will dissolve the USA in exchange for something more dictatorial only for the purpose of protection. The scales of economics will tip over completely, causing mass homelessness, but the rich will soon learn that without people to work in the economy, their position will also disappear, and we all go down.
  10. Heroes And Villains

    (Why does this thing make me quote myself every time I reply? And I can't erase my emoji. Anyway...) Yes, I have excerpts on here, and I would be delighted to have more opinions and criticism. (Thanks for your loyalty, Nicola!) My writing is about getting people saved or closer to God if they are saved already, not about me feeling good. They are all labelled "What Is Love", sometimes with numbers so you can tell in which order to read them. The VR is kind of a subplot, actually. The whole thing is set a few hundred years in the future, and VR is at the time, an addiction like drugs. (Thanks for paving the way with Tek, William Shatner!) My main characters are actually struggling with reality while some minor characters are the ones using VR. My main character is a young woman trying to find a way to survive in an economic system that I feel will be the result of the system we have now if Jesus doesn't come back by that point. She is a Christian, but is concerned with surviving in the physical world, much like many of us today. She has a selfless mentor who tries to show her the way, but then the world sends counselors, bosses, and "friends" to pull her back to "reality". Once I've made the point that this world is not the real reality, I will use VR as an object lesson to show that nothing this world has to offer really matters. I am trying to keep elements of sci-fi for fans of things like Blade Runner, Tek, etc.; political philosophies I feel will be a result if Christians don't get involved; romantic intrigue for Nicholas Sparks fans; personal issues we struggle with today like not having skills for things we're passionate about and/or not having passion about jobs that seem to be the only ones available; and, of course, spiritual issues like witnessin and struggling to advance our relationships with Christ when the world threatens to keep money from us if we stand our ground. So, gentlemen, please don't think of it as a romance novel. There will be plenty of other good stuff in there too. I look forward to your comments.
  11. Heroes And Villains

    Rather than an artificial intelligence programmed to imitate humans, I explore the concept of VR, programmed to imitate life, which feels better and is therefore more addicting but which eats at the soul because of its emptiness. On the flip side of the coin, real life seems to torture my characters to the point at which they do what they can to escape the torture and create a shard of joy out of the dungheap. In the end, the reader learns a modernized Ecclesiastical message - all is vanity, and it's going to be destroyed soon anyway. Hey, wow. I just wrote a synopsis!
  12. Preaching In Fiction Or No?

    I've read some articles (most of my writing education has been obtained from Pinterest now) about including sermons in fiction, how to get a point across without preaching... but we're Christians; at my age I've heard at least 2,132 sermons, and I'm a preacher's kid, so it's been more. Trust me. Sermons, love them or hate them, are a part of our lives. What do you think? As long as we "animate" our pastor-character, can we include sermons as long as they are a reasonable length?
  13. How To Successfully Manage What Annoys You

    The fact that my children will not listen.
  14. Conflict - Christian Style

    *my dream. I hate auto-correct.

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