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  1. Nicholas Reicher


    ...where applicatable.
  2. Nicholas Reicher


    I need to do some editing. And one character in there is named for a Star Trek fan who spent a lot of time designing starships. He passed away last year so I need to get permission from his family first comma, and...
  3. Nicholas Reicher


    Why would anyone divide a marshmallow?
  4. Nicholas Reicher

    Merchandise For Your Book

    I'm still stuck on coffee mugs, but these are great ideas!
  5. Nicholas Reicher


    Can you check with Rebecca and make sure it's okay? I don't want to do anything wrong.
  6. Nicholas Reicher

    Get Ready To Laugh

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    Vanity Press Blog

    Welcome back!
  8. Nicholas Reicher

    Exercise For Writers (serious Thread This Time)

    Okay, try this... you need something one step higher. Step up onto it with one foot, then the other. Put the feet back on the floor one at a time. Keep it up 1,2,3,4 etc.
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    Vanity Press Blog

  10. Nicholas Reicher

    Exercise For Writers (serious Thread This Time)

    I don't know - HELP! Actually, just move your feet off onto the floor.
  11. Nicholas Reicher

    Exercise For Writers (serious Thread This Time)

    I got that from Arnold Schwartzeneggar's workout without weights.
  12. Nicholas Reicher

    Exercise For Writers (serious Thread This Time)

    Won't say anything about easy cardio. The last time I spoke about it the reaction almost drove me away from here. The usual stuff is exercise bike or treadmill, or that skiing thing you stand on.
  13. Nicholas Reicher

    Exercise For Writers (serious Thread This Time)

    FILL your lungs with air, release half. You'll feel it when you're half full. Most people breathe shallow, and actually have stale air in their lungs. Swat the air above your leg.. Hand should go outward. The whole idea is to do more than a situp. I've never had the chairs move when doing the chair pushups.. I've had it where I went too low and couldn't get back up again!
  14. This morning, I picked up my Chi Ishi, and tried using it three times... and my back locked up. Okay, time to address exercise! First exercise. - toe grab. Get out of your chair. Take off your shoes bend over grab your big toes. Hold. Make sure your toes are on the floor, and not lifted. If you've been sitting too long, you'll probably feel every vertebrae pop one after another. Whew! Next. Tummy Frownies Make SURE your lungs are half empty when you do this. It creates downward pressure that can lead to hemorrhoids if your lungs are full!! While sitting, Tighten your abdomen muscles. Hold your breath BEND FORWARD slightly. HOLD THE PRESSURE! I got the name from a calvin & Hobbes comic. Believe it or not, you can get a 12 pack doing this enough. Enough repetitions and you'll need to learn to speak with an Austrian Accent. Fly Swats Lie on your back. sit up rapidly, Swat your hand across your legs to the outside. do 30 per day, 15 per hand. Chair pushups you need three chairs. Feet on one chair each hand on a different chair. body suspended. Do ten pushups. This will do for now.
  15. Nicholas Reicher

    Vanity Press Blog

    Scrivener should come with shark repellent! Real simple rule, as Johnne/Phy keeps telling us - publishers pay you, not the other way around. If they're not talking about what they pay you, they're not a publisher.