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  1. Nicholas Reicher

    Over 25% Done

    1670 words tonight.
  2. Nicholas Reicher

    Music Recommendations

    Epic Music. Bach. Bigtime Bach. Try the Goldberg Variations. Vivaldi. Both Leopold and Wolfgang Mozart. Holst.
  3. Nicholas Reicher

    What's Your Novel On?

    Buehler.... Buehler...
  4. Nicholas Reicher

    Over 25% Done

    1778 words tonight... over 30,000 words in the novel so far!
  5. Nicholas Reicher

    Prayers Please!

    praying for safety!
  6. Nicholas Reicher

    War Books/movies

    Best war movies - The Lost Battalion. Hands down one of the best. Charles Whittelsey is one of my heroes. He killed himself after the war, sadly. This movie has some of the most graphic violence I've seen in it. You'll almost be in shell shock yourself watching it. Band Of Brothers. I met one of them recently, and I was trying not to smile because he really is how he was portrayed in the movie! viewer caution. Stop watching after "The last Patrol". there's an adult scene with nudity in the episode after that. We Were Soldiers - outstanding. Exceptionally vivid. Drastically hard movie to watch. Have Kleenexes ready. Blackhawk Down - I worked with someone who knew the snipers who went on the ground in that battle. I was really surprised he bought me the dvd! A Bridge Too Far. Outstanding despite some of the glaring errors in it. Really, if you grunt when pulling the pin out of a grenade... oy. I hate to be the party pooper, but Saving Private Ryan was just okay to me. I haven't seen it in years, but I thought Band of Brothers did it much better. Haven't seen American Sniper. Hopefully I helped One of the thing everyone who remembered the Band of Brothers battle taking Carantan is the scene with the piano. Everyone remembered the oddness of that. Blackhawk down - the scene where the convoy stops the second time, and the director does cut-freeze on Othic. He's reloading his weapon and sees a hand in the street. Watch his reaction.. We Were Soldiers - watch the deleted scenes if you have the DVD. The scene of return to the camp needed to stay in the movie, and I'm angry they didn't include it. One deleted scene has a nude man in it, so limit it to the "March into the camp". There you go. These are my favorites.
  7. Nicholas Reicher

    Over 25% Done

    Got another 1800 words tonight... how's everybody else doing?
  8. Nicholas Reicher

    Over 25% Done

    1777 words in today for 26,778 words!
  9. Nicholas Reicher

    Write A Better Story

    I'm down to writing one draft! "The. Door opened and, I leeped out. Quickly I fells on my face. Owch."
  10. Nicholas Reicher

    Nanowrimo 2018 - Who's On Board?

    Naw. kind of writing slowly. But thanks.
  11. Nicholas Reicher

    Need Advice!

    Write! Start with "the." add 84,997 more words. Add "the end" after that. Seriously, if you're not bursting with ideas (I bet you are), do get a list of writing prompts and write a bunch of short stories. The more you write, the better you get. For devotionals, I strongly recommend you study doctrine first - I had a reputation at my old church of trashing Sunday school lessons and weekly devotionals for inaccuracies, wrong conclusions, errors, bad advice and some actual heresy in one of the more famous monthly devotionals! Your pastor can help point you in the right direction!
  12. Nicholas Reicher

    Help Me Understand My Responses

    I'd say this is a major reason. I've noticed the forum is a little slow in November.
  13. Nicholas Reicher

    Nanowrimo 2018 - Who's On Board?

    25,001 words so far.
  14. Nicholas Reicher

    Write A Better Story

    I thought Phy was doing a critique on my book when I saw the subject line!😆
  15. Nicholas Reicher

    Over 25% Done

    50% done! 25,001 words so far!