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  1. Christian Writers Super Bundle Giveaway

    Did I win?
  2. 26 Exercises To Add Punch To Your Writing

    No worries - you'll be sitting back there with me soon!
  3. What Bible Software Do You Use?

    Thank You! for purposes of accountability with my wife, I do ask that women I am not married to please don't message me - I don't want to offend, but that can lead to things. As Christians I'm sure we all understand.
  4. What Bible Software Do You Use?

    I'm very worried about causing anything divisive. I think the best thing for me to do is just explain that there are 31,173 verses in the complete Bible translated from the Textus Receptus Greek Texts. There are 16 verses less in those translated from Alexandrian texts, not counting John 7:57-8:11. The total omissions in Alexandrian texts add to the equivalent of the removal of two books of the Bible. To state anything more is going to create controversy. If this answer seems to controversial, please delete it and I won't be offended. I'm triyng to use wisdom and restraint on a very delicate and controversial issue.
  5. 26 Exercises To Add Punch To Your Writing

    um... Oi-zuki! Gyaku zuki! mawashi zuki! Oh, wait, punch to your writing, not writing punches!!!
  6. When Is A Critique Group Toxic?

    I'm sorry too... I've been ridiculed and mocked on Christian musician forums, and have never gone back. And recently one of my sisters read my writing and suggested I pay for writing lessons. Criticism is often jealousy from those who can't. Those who can, do. Those who can't, criticize. Unless those who are tearing apart your writing have several successful published novels on the market, take everything with a grain of salt. or sea salt, if you're health conscious.
  7. Logos Sweepstakes

    Excellent! I pray one of the two of you win!
  8. What Bible Software Do You Use?

    Thanks, but really I'm not - there was a work settlement where they offered a merit bonus, and paid me several hundred dollars. That was the only way I could buy Logos. When I bought it, it was two days before they upgraded, so they gave me a credit towards the new version, and I upgraded a little higher with another bonus. Short of a miracle, Logos Bronze is as high as I can go.
  9. What Bible Software Do You Use?

    This is kind of political.... I'd need for an okay from the moderators to kind of discuss this subject. Those who favor modern translations call this issue divisive, and I don't want to do anything that could be seen as causing division..
  10. I Like The New Format For Christianwriters.com!

    Why, the store is where you can buy back all the left socks that disappeared in your dryers!
  11. Where Are We?

    Olympus Mons, Mars.... I live a ways from the Monkey Face, which is actually a nice set of strip malls. There's a really cool Chinese restaurant there!
  12. 3 Free Webinars From Jerry Jenkins

    Did I miss it?

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