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  1. The Western Market

    At this point, I've found you can buy just about the entire Clint Eastwood outfit from the Spaghetti Westerns! Darn it! I'll never make any money from writing at this rate! "So let me get this straight - you're a Jewish cowboy?"
  2. Google Earth And Writing About Where You've Never Been

    I do this too. I'm just lacking in money and a passport to visit Munich.
  3. Ugly!

    But you know, for a cut rate price of $900, I can make sure you're a first class writer in the Nicholas Reicher group! Think of it! For just the price of one month's rent of a trailer, I can get you started on a rewarding career writing movies about twin brother ninjas! But this offer won't last forever....
  4. Ugly!

    Thank you all so much - trust me, I had a hard two weeks after that was her only advice.
  5. The Western Market

    "You always go to bed like that?" "Don't worry, I didn't dirty up the sheets."
  6. How Do You Decide What To Write/market?

    That's because Heinlein passed away.
  7. Writing Advice Treasured By Nancy Kress

    Nancy Kress's writing books should be sought after by every writer
  8. Nicholas And The Gunslinger

    Yah... we're talking 1969, 1970? I can't remember the humidity. I just remember the big kid who beat me up when I was burying my turtle. And I'm convinced I know who it is, because by a coincidence, we worked together. He retired a couple of years ago. I accused him of it regularly and he never denied it.
  9. The Western Market

    Oh, Cimarron arms sells the poncho.
  10. The Western Market

    Look for Man With No Name. Literally you can buy all of this!
  11. Ugly!

    Oh, it's worth salvaging! I just think it needs some poking. Trust me, writing this series really was tough. I spent a lot of time crying while typing. The second book doesn't need a lot - the first book has ugly structure problems I'm pulling my hair over.
  12. The Western Market

    Now you just need a cross draw holster and black Levi's.
  13. Ugly!

  14. Ugly!

    My sister read my book and said I need to pay money for writing lessons
  15. Lessons On That Dreaded C Word: Commas!

    String ties, my gunslinger friend.

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