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  1. 11 Examples Of Bad Typography In Print

    When reading the linked article, did anyone else think of the character Brick from The Middle, who belongs to a font club at school? And $29.95 for an adult to have brunch with the bunny? Whoa!
  2. I was going to return the favor and read some of your writing, but I guess I'm lost. How do I find a specific person's writing?

  3. Two Words I Can't Seem To Shake

    Just try very hard not to use them.
  4. Whatcha Doin'?

    Congrats, zx1ninja! You seem very busy! There are others here who can help with advice about book and cover design. (At least there were years ago when I was a member here.) Blessings on your writing!
  5. Whatcha Doin'?

    Congratulations on getting so far with your memoir, Blackthorne! Yes, these do sound like exciting times for you. And so nice that your wife is your partner in this project. I hope all goes well with your book.
  6. Gray Or Grey?

    I would be consistent, unless you have a good reason to use both spellings.
  7. Question About A Character's Lifestyle

    Hi, Scott! I don't read enough within the "Christian market" to answer your question. I do have a suggestion, though: Read several published, Christian market books that are similar to yours. Doing so will help you answer your own question. Also, if you plan to query agents, know that many want the writer to include comparable titles in the query letter. If you provide comp titles, that gives the agent an idea of what your book is like, and it also shows you've been reading in your genre and/or category, which we all should be doing.
  8. How Not To Write Lame Scenes

    Good stuff, Phy! A couple of things struck me that could be misinterpreted, perhaps, by newer writers, especially if they don't read the entire article you linked to. Newer writers, it is important to establish the setting very early in your story. This grounds the reader. I think the above is saying to weave information about your setting into the story--don't create a scene simply to establish setting. Well, I suppose I should say don't do that unless there's a very good reason to do that. I'm thinking of a particular literary novel that was rejected by several publishers before eventually winning the Man Booker Prize. I admit, I initially didn't care for all the setting stuff at the beginning, and I probably wouldn't have kept reading if I hadn't heard how good the story was. Also, note the scene with the car crash and the attempted homicide of the protagonist probably should not be the first scene in a story. A common criticism of work by new writers is they start the story with something big or tragic happening to their protagonist. (They may have heard the advice to start "in media res.") Even though the event may be huge, the book is still easily put down because the reader doesn't yet care much about the protagonist. The reader has to get to know the protagonist first. You might look and keep driving past the scene of an accident if an ambulance is already there. But if you recognize the car and realize you know the person, you're much more likely to pull over and find out more.
  9. Whatcha Doin'?

    Oops--I forgot. The first post in the thread says we could update others. (Forgetting was doubly bad, as I'm the one who wrote the first post. ) I got a request for the full manuscript of novel #2 yesterday. (Novel #2 is the one I'm currently querying agents about; novel #1 is currently shelved; novel #3 is my work in progress.) Unfortunately, the agent wanted the full on an exclusive basis, but I couldn't offer exclusivity because another agent has the requested full and a couple of additional agents also have requested material. For those new to querying, there's advice that says not to offer exclusives even if you can. I did once, but the agent said she would get back to me within fourteen days. And she was true to her word--and also very nice and probably would have been wonderful to work with. I didn't have to make that decision this time. So, that's my update, which I suppose really isn't much of an update, but maybe somebody can learn something about the querying process by reading it.
  10. Whatcha Doin'?

    Hope all goes well, Justin. I'm excited for you. Please let us know how it goes. I was thinking it might be useful for us to have a thread for those of us in the "query trenches." We could encourage, inform, and maybe commiserate with each other. I'd be glad to start one if there's interest. Any thoughts?
  11. Whatcha Doin'?

    Congratulations, Phy!
  12. Whatcha Doin'?

    Plot hole--tricky business. Glad you know it's there, though. So you can fix it. I'm sure you will.
  13. Whatcha Doin'?

    I don't know, Lynn, don't you think you should get busy on something? Aren't you bored? Woman, when do you sleep?
  14. Hi, Lawrence! Your book will need to be complete before you contact agents. Approximately how many words long do you think your book will be when it's finished?
  15. Whatcha Doin'?

    I'm thinking it might be interesting and fun to share what we're working on and to keep each other updated. (If there's already another thread like this, please let me know. Thanks.) As for me, I'm taking the traditional route to book publishing (not self-publishing). I'm querying agents about one novel while writing the next novel. I started the new one in first person, present tense, but recently decided this one will be better in third person, past. So, I'm working my way through, making changes in person and tense. I'll eventually get back to writing about new stuff in the story. Actually, I am adding some new things as I go along. And editing. There's always something that could be better. Anyone want to go next?

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