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  1. Poem Parks

    11 Examples Of Bad Typography In Print

    When reading the linked article, did anyone else think of the character Brick from The Middle, who belongs to a font club at school? And $29.95 for an adult to have brunch with the bunny? Whoa!
  2. Poem Parks

    Not New

    Hi, Keith! So glad to see you! I re-joined recently, but when I was here years ago as "ArtsyAmy," I so enjoyed reading your poetry here. You were my poet pal from across the pond! I hope I'll get to see more of your poetry here.
  3. Poem Parks

    Need To Share

    Hi, Tracy! Nice to meet you. If you haven't yet checked out Writer's Market, I think you will be oh-so-happy if you do. It comes out each year, and has all sorts of information about where to sell your work, who is looking for what, how much they pay, etc. You might be able to find a copy at your local library.
  4. I was going to return the favor and read some of your writing, but I guess I'm lost. How do I find a specific person's writing?

  5. Poem Parks

    Sunday School Writing

    Pray about it. I imagine it would be a very large undertaking and an investment of time, effort, and money. Of course, that doesn't mean it can't be done. I'm guessing most of the people who find success with new businesses are those who know their field well before jumping off on their own. Seems to me it might be best to start off trying to write for an established company. You can see whether you like the work and whether those who use your lessons respond well to them.
  6. Poem Parks

    Two Words I Can't Seem To Shake

    Just try very hard not to use them.
  7. Poem Parks

    Patior Potior

    Hi, M. T.! Nice to meet you. I'm taking the agent/traditional publishing route (as opposed to the self-publishing route), too. Fortunate you--you get to read lots of children's books and can call it "work." You're seeing what else is out there in children's lit. I so enjoy reading children's books. Great to have you here.
  8. Poem Parks

    Whatcha Doin'?

    Congrats, zx1ninja! You seem very busy! There are others here who can help with advice about book and cover design. (At least there were years ago when I was a member here.) Blessings on your writing!
  9. Poem Parks

    Whatcha Doin'?

    Congratulations on getting so far with your memoir, Blackthorne! Yes, these do sound like exciting times for you. And so nice that your wife is your partner in this project. I hope all goes well with your book.
  10. Poem Parks

    What A Great Idea For Writers!

    Hi, Ose! It's nice to have another writer among us. I tried your link, and also tried typing the address myself, but neither worked. What services do you provide as a manuscript coach? Do you have someone else handling editing? Does the publishing arm of your business require writers to pay a fee? Answers to these questions may assuage any concerns members here may have. (I sent you a private message.) May God bless your efforts to serve Him.
  11. Poem Parks


    Hi, Jean! Nice to meet you.
  12. Poem Parks

    I Found The Party

    The situation may not be as bad as you may be thinking. (You may already know all this, but I like to think we try to learn here even from threads started by people other than ourselves.) If you want your work published by one of the big publishers, you'll need an agent. The big publishers only accept submissions from agents on behalf of authors they represent--the big publishers don't accept submissions directly from authors. An agent won't cost you anything. Agents typically get 15% of their clients' earnings on domestic book sales. (And in my view, they definitely earn that 15%.) You may not need to hire an editor. There are authors who hire an editor before approaching agents; however, many writers get agents without having hired an editor. Many agents are very hands-on with editing before they submit their clients' work to publishers. For now, maybe it would be best to concentrate on writing your manuscript. When you're done that and have done your own editing and revising (and perhaps you'll also use critique partners), then get your beta readers and take it from there. Blessings on your writing!
  13. Poem Parks

    I Found The Party

    Hi, Grace! Nice to meet you. I'm a mom too. Are you planning to self-publish or to try to get an agent and go with traditional publishing? Depending on your plans, you might not need to hire an editor. You might find some good beta readers and offer to read their work in exchange for reading yours. And as far as turning forty goes: Forty is the new thirty, and by the time you reach your eighties, average life expectancy might be one hundred or older. So, basically, you're not middle-aged--you're almost a child.
  14. Poem Parks

    Gray Or Grey?

    I would be consistent, unless you have a good reason to use both spellings.
  15. Poem Parks

    Question About A Character's Lifestyle

    Hi, Scott! I don't read enough within the "Christian market" to answer your question. I do have a suggestion, though: Read several published, Christian market books that are similar to yours. Doing so will help you answer your own question. Also, if you plan to query agents, know that many want the writer to include comparable titles in the query letter. If you provide comp titles, that gives the agent an idea of what your book is like, and it also shows you've been reading in your genre and/or category, which we all should be doing.