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  1. Do You Know What Hedging Language Is?

    What he said, I think.
  2. Find Us All On Social Media Sites

    Hey, bumping/rubbing is racing right? But then the NASCAR officials don't have a big sense of humor.
  3. Asking For Prayers

    Lord God, another of your children needs your intervention with cysts. They also need help with parents. Lord God provide healing to all of them. Patience and peace as they wait for what we all know you will provide in your way and time. In your Holy name, Amen
  4. Prayers Please

    We'll keep praying
  5. Prayers Please

    As always. Lord God, your children need you. One in the family of God, Lynn is facing not just finance issues, but one close to her also faces health issues. Lord God place your healing hand upon her husband, guide the Dr's and provide wisdom to them for the procedure that lies ahead. Provide peace and comfort to them in this time, and relieve them of financial burdens, allowing them to focus on you and your presence. We are confident that you will provide and protect as only you can and will do, as you have promised. In your holy name we pray, Amen.
  6. Where Are We?

    Cool, we have got to go sometime and check out the Kung Pao Nekihc..
  7. Where Are We?

    Already as far away as South Africa. So cool.
  8. Where Are We?

    Just curious about where in the world we are located. Thought stating the country, state/providence might be ok. I would understand why you might not want to say and that's okay. But like all the different jobs we have, the different places we each live in could be useful to someone as an information resource for a book, i.e. weather, life style, environment, and maybe a little social information for a scene. Might be a little surprising. (Besides, it's on your profile.) I'll start. U.S.A. - central California.
  9. Hello From The Ozarks

    Welcome and praise God for giving you the strength to share what you have. I'm confident he will continue to provide for your needs.
  10. Flash Fiction Contest

    Duh, I tried going sideways.
  11. Flash Fiction Contest

    This goes to a strange page. Maybe I missed it, but is this right?
  12. Logos Sweepstakes

  13. What Bible Software Do You Use?

    The correct word is thrifty.
  14. How To Use Foreshadowing

    Could be the didyas and doyas
  15. Book Fair/book Signing/book Launching

    Did someone say candy?

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