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  1. I Rant Against Present Tense

    I only said it makes sense. But this seems to be getting a little intense now.
  2. Phy you find the most amazing things. Between you and Lynn I will never get bored here. Thanks
  3. Rules Of Critique

    Definitelysomething to keep in mind when critiquing any work. I still heave a lot to learn.
  4. What Did/do You Like To Read?

    Your welcome SW
  5. I Rant Against Present Tense

    Makes perfect sense to me.
  6. Group Effort

    Okay people. This just sounded like fun and it could prove very enlightening. And besides, I'm curious to see where this goes. I started the story with 660 words and laid out some information so there can be a number of places to go. It's a Dick Tracy type story set on Mars. I know it's in the science fiction genre, but do't let that scare you. just keep the limitations of the setting in mind (it is on Mars in domes and underground to start) add whatever you have in mind (a sentence, paragraph or two or more if you wish) and let the imagination run. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> I was able to get rid of the rude landlord who’s trying to evict me if I don’t pay my rent by promising I’d have the money by the end of the week. But I only have thirty credits to my name, enough to by a sandwich. Not the three hundred and fifty I need to pay the rent. This place isn’t that big, it’s a one-room cutout in the side of a tunnel wall under the main dome. It did come with a desk that doubles as my dining table next to the couch that also doubles as my bed in a living area that triples as a kitchen and restroom. Air and water are pumped everywhere for free and power is available for a fee of course. And all I’ve got other than the cloths on my back and large over coat is some high tech equipment for work. I should go back to Earth, but you need money to pay for the trip and that would take thirty thousand credits. And there’s the rub, I haven’t been able to get any work since moving to Mars one hundred and eighty sols ago. You can’t go outside without a pressure suit and if you did, you can’t get to another doom unless you can hire a transport. No one wants to hire a private investigator because where can you go? I don't have any training in anything but security, leaving me with no job prospects because security is run by the Martian government. Wish I would’ve researched that little piece of information before I got here. And they aren’t very happy with me because of the misunderstanding we had about ninety sols ago. I might be able to go into the underground communities or the tunnels with the rest of the homeless and stranded. That means selling my equipment though, if only I could get enough from all of it for the trip to Earth it'd be worth it. But it'll buy some food. And because most of it comes from Earth on supply shuttles, it isn’t cheap. As I sit behind the desk trying to figure out what I’m going to do while toying with the ID badge Mars security gave me when I first arrived, there’s a knock on the door. Hoping it’s not the landlord coming back because he changed his mind, I open the door cautiously. On the other side is a caucasian woman, medium length brunet hair, about five foot six, one hundred thirty pounds and outright gorgeous. “Can I help you?” I ask. “Are you Ray Mauser?” She asks me as she try's to look around me into the room. “Who’s asking?” “You can call me Penny, Penny Blossom.” “What do you want with this Mouser Ms. Blossom?” “I need your help Mr. Mouser. I need you to find someone for me.” “I’m not your man.” “Mr. Mouser, it’s very important to me. I have to find him so he can help the master.” “Why don’t you go to Mars security, they run the security on this planet. They can find your man.” “They won’t help me Mr. Mouser, they think I’m nuts.” “Well what makes you think that I don’t think you nuts or I’m Mr. Mouser?” “Because I’m not nuts and I can see your ID badge on the desk.” Of all the bad luck, I left my badge out in the open and she saw it. “I can pay you quite well. I’ll give you a deposit, say twenty five thousand credits up front and another twenty five when you find him.” Fifty thousand credits, that’s a lot of cheese to find a guy on a planet where there’s no place to hide. But if I can find this guy easy enough I‘ll have enough to get off this God forsaken rock and back to Earth to start over. Maybe I should see if I know this guy. “If I were interested, what’s this guy’s name?” “John Stone, his name is John Stone. But he's known as John the Baptist.”
  7. Group Effort

    That's what I thought. Okay then 3,000 words at a time.
  8. Group Effort

    Should I post it or attach the file? MS Word?
  9. Group Effort

    Was curious to see anyone would be interested in doing a group story. Curious what could happen if say I start a story with a few lines and then it's passed around for others to change/add etc a few lines and pass on to the next until it ends. Was thinking a Dick Tracy type thing on Mars. What do you think? Could be fun.
  10. "total Reputation"?

    Those can't hold candle to the quotation wars of '83. Hundreds of thousands lost and hundreds never found again.
  11. "total Reputation"?

    Careful, those are the worst. The dry ones just break under extremely little pressure. I think those are better. LOL That will never happen.
  12. Prayers Please

    Lord please provide comfort and peace for the loss of two companions. While they may not have been human they showed the same unending love that you show us. Help to overcome this loss while we draw closer to you. In Jesus name.
  13. Website Question

    Did a quick look at Medium and it's app. There's nothing there that says you'll be paid, or any other type of support, even after I searched for support or info on their site/app. The only thing it appears to promise is to "publish" your work to the internet. I'm no expert and have only little to no experience in this, but I wouldn't do this unless all you want is (barely) referenced exposure as a writer. And they don't actually promise that. Based on my limited review I'm with Lynn, if you plan on giving it away then okay. Otherwise I'm with SW, think thrice and say no.
  14. I Was Looking For ... And I Found It Here

    Don't stop

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