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  1. zx1ninja

    Nice To Meet You :)

    Welcome to the family
  2. zx1ninja

    Hey Everyone!!

    Welcome to the group.
  3. zx1ninja

    Prayers Please For Suspensewriter

    Well, I believe he is visiting the site. I know he can see it, but. SW, wanted to let you know we all praying for healing, peace, comfort and strength. We're all asking for a speedy and complete recovery. We miss you wit, and knowledge. Get well soon
  4. Oh, almost forgot. Need to have a pencil there, that's what the knife and shavings are for
  5. How about simple. With a knife and shavings sitting next to a stack of paper on a wooden table. I'd give a photo but couldn't find one quickly. You could probably do it yourself
  6. zx1ninja

    Writers Conference

    If I can find someone to pay my way I'll go listen to you. 😃
  7. zx1ninja

    Writers Conference

    Leave it to Lynn to know where and how to find them. Thanks Lynn 😀
  8. zx1ninja

    Writers Conference

    Why are they never (or at least I've not seen them) on the west coast so maybe I could attend one?
  9. zx1ninja

    Magazine Publishing

    One of the things that I keep seeing is, what category there article is for? I honestly don't know other than fiction. Any ideas?
  10. zx1ninja

    Magazine Publishing

  11. zx1ninja

    Prayers Please For Suspensewriter

    Just keep on praying. We'll hear from him.
  12. zx1ninja

    Magazine Publishing

    Yup, like maybe mine. But then a few won't consider it because it's been published already, like here.
  13. zx1ninja

    Magazine Publishing

    Been doing a little looking, not as easy as one might think. Most are very specific in their acceptance guidelines that this story won't be accepted. Primarily because of the length. Or they want it for youths, probably not appropriate. All want it submitted and you'll be lucky to hear back in 3 to 8 months. Pretty standard. Still looking
  14. zx1ninja

    Magazine Publishing

    Thank you.
  15. zx1ninja

    Happy Birthday, William D' Andrea

    Always celebrate a birthday, even if it's bing watching your favorite tv show. Happy birthday