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  1. Was thinking "self, what's your inspiration for writing?" Mine was a love for science fiction and God. What is yours?
  2. zx1ninja

    Prayers Please!

    Lord, we are praying for the safety of everyone caught up in the fires. Especially Lynn's son. Keep them safe, provide strength, support, and perseverance in this time. Provide comfort to those who are in need and healing for those hurt, and for families who lost loved ones. We have full expectations that you will do this because you have said you will and you are our steadfast and trustworthy God. In Jesus name; Amen
  3. zx1ninja

    Who Wants Some Free Publicity?

    @Rebecca Your just awesome
  4. zx1ninja

    Need Advice!

    LOL okay
  5. zx1ninja

    Need Advice!

    Pssst, may I suggest Science Fiction. 😁
  6. zx1ninja

    My Books Out Now!!

    Congratulations SE.
  7. To sleep until his return,

  8. zx1ninja

    Happy Birthday, Eclayrowe!

    Happy birthday!
  9. zx1ninja

    Happy Birthday, Celebrianne!

    Happy birthday!
  10. zx1ninja

    Good News For Bible Software - Logos 8

    Thanks for telling us Nicolas.
  11. use a flow chart. use your words to describe what it looks like. or Write on a US map
  12. zx1ninja

    Prayer Request!

    Lord God, one of your children needs your help with peace, comfort, finances. I ask that you let Holyblues know your present and in control. I have complete confidence that you will provide all that is needed just as you promised you would. Confirm this Lord for all to praise you, in Jesus name; Amen.
  13. zx1ninja

    Do Authors Really Need To Blog?

    🍎 Here's an apple for your snack.
  14. zx1ninja

    Nanowrimo 2018 - Who's On Board?

    Umm Forced Redemption Glory still thinking🤔