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  1. William D'Andrea

    Guide To Speaking Rhode Island

    When I was a child, I thought that the State was named "Road Island". I figured that was because it had a lot of roads. Now I know that the smallest state is nicknamed "The Ocean State". Is that because most of it's land mass surrounds a single bay, which is the State's largest feature?
  2. William D'Andrea

    Being Precise In Your Wording

    This is one thing I like about writing, more than speaking. You can't mumble, so you don't have to repeat yourself. As long as you get the spelling correct, people will know exactly what you mean. However, whether you're writing or speaking, it's also helpful to know what you're talking about.
  3. William D'Andrea

    How To Keep Your Author's Voice Across Genres

    I've just checked out my account on amazon.com. I clicked on where my novel "A Gatored Community" is displayed. The Genre is given as "Mystery Thriller and Suspense". It doesn't say anything about sci/fi. Well, it has been several years since I posted the novel; and I don't always remember all the thoughts that were flashing through my mind, while I was writing something; or posting it on different writers websites, or on amazon.
  4. William D'Andrea

    How To Keep Your Author's Voice Across Genres

    I don't actually list all those genres. I designate the book as "Science Fiction/ Suspense Thriller". Those other designations are part of the plot, which the reader would come across while reading the novel. Hopefully, he or she will discover that there are more elements to the story than would be expected from the designated genres. Also, the book is self published, which is all I can afford. It's been available on amazonbooks. for the past several years, during which less than a dozen copies have been purchased, mostly by personal friends of mine. This has led me to a conclusion, which I have often repeated. No matter how good anyone's writing is, neither he nor she should quit his or her day job.
  5. William D'Andrea

    How To Keep Your Author's Voice Across Genres

    When I write I often combine genres. I've written one novel about the effects of global warming, titled "A Gatored Community". I classify it as "Science Fiction/Suspense Thriller/Crime/ Romance/Political/Religious". In that way, I don't think I'd loose parts of the audience. I think I'd be combining them.
  6. William D'Andrea

    Hurricane Michael

    Hello again Trumpeter: I've checked out the Geoengineering Watch website. It's a very large one, which could take me a considerable amount of time to read through. Maybe more than a week. I'm also a committed Christian; constantly looking to the Lord for, and receiving guidance from Him, in all things. I will pray to the Lord and see what knowledge I receive from the Holy Spirit; while going through the Geoengineering Watch website. Thank you
  7. William D'Andrea

    Hurricane Michael

    Hello Trumpeter: After reading your Biblical quotation, I'm not sure whether you agree with me that the accusation shouldn't be taken seriously.
  8. William D'Andrea

    Hurricane Michael

    I don't know why anyone would take this accusation seriously. It sounds like science fiction, not actual science.. While it's easy for me to cook dinner in my microwave oven, I sure that controlling a hurricane would be infinitely more difficult. Just how powerful would microwave devices have to be to control the positioning of a hurricane? They'd also have to be able to control the movements of all the weather patterns; high and low fronts, across the North Atlantic Ocean, and all of the U.S. , Canada, the Caribbean, along with Mexico and Central America. Has anyone asked any real meteorologists what they think?
  9. William D'Andrea

    How To End Your Story Well

    What way does Steve H write? Has he posted anything here on this website?
  10. William D'Andrea

    How To End Your Story Well

    For me, a satisfying ending is one in which all the elements fall into place. It's often happened that while I've been writing works of fiction I've thought, "This is gonna be awful". Then I've just keep on going, until I've reached a point where all the elements have fallen into place, and the works have turned out much better than I'd expected. I've found that very satisfying, and so have the people who've left reviews on the writers websites, where I've post them. xxxxxxxxxxxx "Live the way we write"? I've written many suspense thrillers, in which the characters are dealing with serious dangers. Those are situations which I think that most of us would prefer to avoid. I would certainly like to avoid any dealings with any of the vampires I've written about. That's even including the sexy vampire gals.
  11. William D'Andrea

    Hurricane Michael

    I, and everyone in all the churches here on Long Island, to the east of New York City, are praying for everyone in danger from the Hurricane. Oh Lord protect everyone in danger from the storm, and all other hazardous occurrences. In Jesus Name. Amen.
  12. William D'Andrea

    Is It Just Me?

    Do you have a feature on your computer that you can click on for maintenance? That might be all you need.
  13. William D'Andrea

    I Need Prayers For Healing Digestive Problems.

    Thank you everyone for your prayers and helpful advice. Things seem to be getting back to normal. I've been taking probiotic capsules, which have cleared my digestive system, and it's now getting back to normal. According to what's written on the box, each capsule contains about 5 billion microscopic beings. Imagine that. 5 billion of anything in a capsule this (------) size? I'm also taking AZO tablets, which aid in relieving bladder problems. According to information on that box, a dosage of two tablets, is equal to one glass of cranberry juice. I've also bought a package of cranberry raisins and a can of cranberry sauce. Now I'm feeling so much better. Thanks be to the Lord. I consider medications and nutritional supplements, when take correctly, as prescribed, to be blessings from the Lord. All praise and thanks to the Lord. In Jesus Name. Amen.
  14. William D'Andrea

    I Need Prayers For Healing Digestive Problems.

    Thank you for your prayers. I'm beginning to feel a little better. Now I'll just have to see how well I get through the night. Then in the morning, I pray that when I leave the house, I'll be clean and clear and under control. Last week I requested prayers for peace of mind and a sense of well being. Overcoming these problems would be a big help. I ask in Jesus Name. Amen.
  15. I need prayers for the healing of chronic problems I have with my digestion, of which I'll avoid all revolting descriptions. I'd also like to add healing of bladder connected problems; along with me and someone with who I have to share a bathroom, not getting in each other's way. I ask not only for myself, but for everyone else with the same problems. I ask in Jesus Name. Amen. Thank you.