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  1. That's great Lawrence. What is the book about?
  2. Becoming A Bestselling Author

    For most writers becoming a bestselling author would be a dream come true. Do you believe that this could be possible for you with your book?
  3. Question for Writers/Authors

    Thank you Phy for sharing this unbiased article. It shows that authors shouldn't fear co-publishing. As long as you know what you're getting into and you choose the right company that has what you're looking for co-publishing could be right for you. We don't ask authors to purchase thousands of books knowing that they will have a hard time selling them. In fact we may be one of the cheapest co-publishers in the business. We only require an upfront payment of $333, and even when authors come to us who aren't in the best financial situation we find a way to work with them and get their book published because we love making dreams come true.
  4. Question for Writers/Authors

    Hi Marshalee, Yes we can definitely help you with these things and would be glad to. Please go to our website and send your manuscript and we will be in contact with you shortly.
  5. Question for Writers/Authors

    That is correct, if a writer wants to pursue a traditional writing contract, there should be absolutely no money flowing from the writer to the publisher (or agent). Period. But we are not a traditional publisher, and we clearly state that on our website. So we are in no way scamming writers. When you hire a professional service to do something for you are they scammers because they require payment? No.
  6. Question for Writers/Authors

    Once again I say that Co-publishing is an entirely different model and you can not say that a successful publisher never needs to take money from an author when that is how our business model works. We are a successful publisher and we give our authors what they want.
  7. Question for Writers/Authors

    Justin you can not speak on behalf of all publishing models. Everything that happens in traditional publishing does not happen in co-publishing. And your statement "Typically over half a publishing house's books bomb financially" is exactly why they are starting to publish fewer and fewer books by unknown authors. Do you seriously think that they see that their is a flaw in their business model and just are not doing anything about it? No that is not the case. They have stopped "putting books out there and crossing there fingers" and started only publishing books that they are guaranteed to make their money back with, and the ones who have not are failing and dying.
  8. Question for Writers/Authors

    Hi there my name is Matthew Mitchell and I'm the publisher for Firebaptized Publishing and I'd be glad to address these things for you. Yes I am aware of the scams writers are faced with since I am a writer myself. By me being a writer first I know the struggles that we face and I didn't start my publishing house so that I can put other authors through scams and disappointments . There are some people who tell other authors to run the author way if a publisher is asking for money but the thing is publishing is changing, and changing for the better. Traditional publishing has many flaws and many things have to be sacrificed by the author. The traditional publishing company gets majority of the money and you no longer own your book. That doesn't seem very appealing to me. And not to mention the fact that these days traditional publishers are not looking for average joe's but they want influencers and well known people in the church so that they are a hundred times more likely to get their money back double. Our publishing model takes away the risk so more authors can have their books published and not be turned away because we're afraid to take a chance on an unknown author. The money that we receive from the author is used to make sure your book receives what it needs and you have our expertise and knowledge to guide you through the publishing process. Co-publishing is simply a way for authors and publishers to meet on middle ground, everything that authors want such as marketing, distribution, and things such as that are included and everything that they don't want such as no longer owning their book and barely receiving a dollar if a copy of their book is sold is taken away. But in order for authors to have their cake and eat it too there is a small price involved, and many authors have no problem with it at all because they get to have publishing done their way. I'd also like to address the statement that you need more clarification on which is "We guarantee that if your book is chosen for publication it will be read by a great multitude of eager readers." While this statement may sound too good to be true it is not. We use the same marketing strategies that Big Five Publishers use so our marketing effort results look very similar to theirs. We use the word multitude because it lets the author know that their book will be read by a lot of people without under promising or over promising. Generally the numbers will be in the thousands. I have worked very hard to be able to guarantee fellow authors things like this and it makes me happy to know that I can back it up with results and I would love to prove it to you with your book if you have written one. I really appreciate your caution and for asking these questions. If you are looking for a publisher I assure you that we will do right by you.
  9. He Thought You Were Worth It

    Jean that is a very moving poem! Your writing truly touches the heart. If you've written a story published or unpublished I encourage you to send us your manuscript at www.firebaaptizedpublishing.com. We would love to help powerful writing like this get into the hands of many people.
  10. Question for Writers/Authors

    We would love to take a look at your manuscript! Our authors receive great marketing and top notch support. Check us out here www.firebaptizedpublishing.com
  11. Question for Writers/Authors

    Authors, what are some things you look for when choosing a publishing company?

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