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  1. Mr. B

    Old Dog - New Tricks

    Thanks, everyone. Not sure who I used to be, Lynn, but memory of such things I usually have to write down. This has improved greatly so someone has been doing great work. I hope to be helpful as I only teach two days a week and stopped consulting. Blessings. Persist.
  2. Mr. B

    Old Dog - New Tricks

    Hey guys, About ten years ago when I was writing my first book ( I say this only because I'm working on a second) this group was a source of great wisdom and generosity during a challenging eight year process from idea to publication. Since then I've reached threescore years and ten, taken on teaching two high school classes in worldview and popular culture, and mostly finished a book on the one God-given mission all we elders have--mentoring the next generations. A website is under construction for this end of life focus including a blog especially for those thinking about meaning in the "third half" of life. I've also just retrieved the publication rights to my book as I am seeking to revise and refocus it a bit for reissue. I'm here again out of need for wisdom on several fronts, but also wanting to connect with folks who may be somewhat older but committed to finishing well, running right through the tape at the finish line. I'm also happy to share any wisdom I might have picked up in the slog to get published (not self) and in finding purpose in these last years of life however long God may grace us with. Glad to be traveling with you. Grace and wisdom to you all. Ray Blunt