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  1. Joeli

    Motivation And Habit

    Good encouragement, Phy.
  2. Joeli

    Happy Birthday, Mike Morrison

    Happy belated Birthday, Mike!
  3. Joeli

    Happy birthday, Grace Roman!

    Happy Birthday, @Grace Roman! May God bless you abundantly today and throughout the year!
  4. Joeli

    Happy birthday, Blackthorne!

    Happy Birthday, @blackthorne! May God bless you abundantly today and throughout the year!
  5. Thank you Joeli nice to meet you.

  6. Joeli

    Happy Birthday, Blue Minnow!

    Happy Birthday, Blue Minnow! I hope you had a wonderful day. May God bless you throughout your personal new year!
  7. Joeli

    Hi My Name Is Dorothy Henry

    Welcome to ChristianWriters, Dorothy! I'm glad you found us! Blessings on your ministry to women. It is so needed!
  8. Joeli

    Any Others?

    Hello, Joshua! Welcome to ChristianWriters.
  9. Joeli

    Hello :)

    Hi, Lauren! Welcome to ChristianWriters!
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    The Pet Section

    Mine, too .
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    Waddling In

    Welcome to ChristianWriters, Penquin!
  12. Joeli

    Praying For All Those In Irma's Path

    Your daughter and son-in-law okay, Lynn?
  13. Joeli

    Not Around In Awhile

    Adding you to my prayer list, Nancy!
  14. Joeli

    Hello Fellow Writers

    Welcome to ChristianWriters!
  15. Joeli

    Hello From Dr. Zee

    Welcome to the group, Dr. Zee!