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  1. How Do You Decide What To Write/market?

    Let me suggest the SEP field I use at work. It's not real invisibility. Big purposeful strides Eyes focused on handheld terminal screen. Weave around potential interruptions. If someone interrupt s, swivel your head quickly around,shrug, resume stride.
  2. Reliable Cars

    My wife has a 2008 Yaris. She doesn't complain,which makes it a great little car in my book. Me, I'm a Rain Man "excellent driver," a perfect storm of ADD, monaural hearing,and tunnel vision (myopia means thick lenses, smaller lenses less thick therefore less heavy). So I use a bike. Mountain-type bikes hold up well on potholes.
  3. Group Effort

    According to Einstein, you can't travel there, but you can use a gravity lens to observe it. So you watch yourself write it then, post it now, and the butterfly effect makes lemonade fall out of the sky.
  4. Describing Words Website

    I'm probably gonna regret saying that extremely soon.
  5. Describing Words Website

    Adverbs? We don't need no stinkin' adverbs.
  6. Elmore Leonard's Best Writing Tip

    Some of the funniest stuff in The Princess Bride (book, not movie) is the "author asides" that I would normally skip. Moby Dick is a lot easier to get through if you skip the chapters on whale oil rendering.
  7. Just For Fun And Laughs

    A (Wait for it) MEN!🤗🤗
  8. Group Effort

    Always wondered where the methane comes from on Mars. But you have to go through the fire, become totally immersed in the all consuming flame-- I don't know if I want to go there. I've touched the fire, and it burns, it burns-- That is not a happy little tree.
  9. What Are You Not-working On?

    Real Keyboard Time! Huzzah!
  10. What Are You Not-working On?

    Something that can't connect to the internet, like an AlphaSmart Neo. I write the old-fashioned way, ball-point pen on legal pads and spiral notebooks. Now I read the chicken scratch into my phone, sync the speech-to-text copy to a cloud doc when I get to the library, edit on the fly, then cut and paste.
  11. Dick Dastardly's henchman (henchdog?)
  12. What Are You Not-working On?

    This is why I want a portable word processor.
  13. Money In The Early 1800's

    I think you're missing out on something here. There's a " stranger in a strange land. " He's fairly well acquainted with the local customs, but--- What if he doesn't know what things cost? I'm sure none of the "honest townspeople" will try to take advantage of him, since he only has uncoined specie to pay for stuff. The "free lunch" at the saloon isn't free. You have to buy a nickel beer, or they kick you out. " That air real gold,Sonny? Wal, lemme have, what, two of them big chunks on deposit,an' I'll let ye know when 'at runs low." "Harrumph." "Not now,Clay. Caint ye see I'm doin a bit o' business here wit' dis foine gemmun?" "Them two chunks are, what,half ounce or so? Zed,ye know d----d well that a half ounce of pure gold would buy this whole place and pay yer sorry arse to run it for the next twenty years."

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