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  1. EClayRowe

    Merchandise For Your Book

    Sorry, that was a joke. No action figures were harmed in the production of this hoax. The off-the-shelf figures really do exist for board-based war games, I can't afford to lay out that kind of money.
  2. EClayRowe

    Merchandise For Your Book

    Action figures! My Warhammer followers just broke the internet! I repainted Jack Black figures in Desert Storm camo for Professor Harker. I ordered off-the-shelf Parthian cataphracts and Jordanian Army female troopers.
  3. EClayRowe

    I'm Back!

    Yes indeedy! My print Bibles acquire all sorts of notes.
  4. EClayRowe

    I'm Back!

    My carrier doesn't cover New England well. Riding back into Portland my phone blew up with notifications. A mix of sorrow and joy for the trip as we scattered my Dad's ashes over the pond he loved so much. All but one of my siblings were there, and two more generations of nieces and nephews.
  5. EClayRowe

    How & Why To Skip Time In Your Novel

    I tried reducing the food supply, but the neighbors feed them.
  6. EClayRowe

    I'm Back!

    I recently returned from a visit to Maine. No internet connection or voice service except by borrowing a phone on a system that covered the lake region. I spent the last couple of days getting everything back on my phone. I was way ahead in my daily reading plan,but re-reading Scripture can't hurt.
  7. EClayRowe

    30 Conferences For Writers

    Nice to know I don't have to go out of state for a conference (although Eastern Connecticut was about midway between New York and Boston.)
  8. EClayRowe

    Fair Time Again

    My brother-in-law works as a vendor. New England has suffered from brutal summer weather. Red clay dust or limestone dust?
  9. EClayRowe

    Prayers Please For Suspensewriter

    He has contact information in the Find us on social media thread. Mainly business and writing, so not a priority.
  10. EClayRowe

    Prayers Please For Suspensewriter

    Soon as I heard
  11. EClayRowe

    New Kid On The Block

  12. EClayRowe

    How Jerry Jenkins Edits

    Didn't he recommend the team approach? Mentor/disciple creative process?
  13. EClayRowe

    How Jerry Jenkins Edits

    This is me on this method: "What was I thinking when I wrote this %$#@? Where's the delete key?" Five minutes later: "Fourteen files titled 'hotforgatsby'? All modified yesterday at 2:17 AM? Which is the right one? Which one is the version closest to the one I deleted?" Five minutes later: Beautiful Bride says, "Did you try to print something last night? There's a paper jam." "God is good! God is GREAT! No weapon formed against me will prosper!" " You know that thing uses power when it's jammed up. If you turned it on with your phone, it sends you an alert. So you can check it. And there are three other documents in the buffer. I sure didn't put them there. And when are you going to mow? When it gets hot?" "More rejoicing! That which was lost is now found!" "What did you lose?" "The name! It was so good! 'Major Paine!'" "Wasn't that the movie you tried to get the kids to watch? And all they wanted to do was run through the sprinkler?" "Oh..."
  14. EClayRowe

    Find Us All On Social Media Sites

    Update: they seem to want more access to real money than I'm comfortable with.