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  1. EClayRowe

    Background Sound To Help You Concentrate?

    Epic movie soundtracks. Skip when I start to hum along. Or obscure classical. Tinnitus? Since I was nine. Music helps me. World Cup is on TV now. Crowd noise makes me look up. Too distracting for real writing. Vamanos, Argentina! (Croatia scores!)
  2. Quotes within quotes flashed me back to the 70s!
  3. EClayRowe

    Christian Science Fiction

    The ultimate question has changed, since we all know that the answer, according to Douglas Adams, is "forty-two." "How many bags of stuff did you set out for trash pickup without asking anyone if they wanted to keep what was inside?" (My grandson " helped" me clean the garage.)
  4. EClayRowe

    A Common Problem With Story Openings

    Reminds me of the predicament I got my protagonist into to use the chapter title "I Am Nailed to the Hull."
  5. EClayRowe

    Editing As Income?

    I just downloaded Adam Smith's The Wealth of Nations. Oddly enough, my Kindle didn't get any heavier.😉
  6. EClayRowe

    A Common Problem With Story Openings

    Submitted for criticism and feedback?
  7. Using a Grammarly keyboard for my phone helps tremendously in that regard. My biggest failing is sentence fragments. I'd argue that it's a "writer's voice" issue, but apps aren't impressed by passion.
  8. EClayRowe

    Christian Science Fiction

    Science fiction is not prophesy. And I'm convinced from years of study that the primary purpose of prophecy is not accurate prediction of future events, but a revelation of God's will and purpose. Accurate prediction of future events is a test of the source of revelation. Science fiction has failed miserably in that regard. But we can use it to explore the Big Questions of our place in God's multiverse, why pain exists and life seems unfair. And the biggest question of all: "If you're such a high-and-mighty child of God, why do you always eat the last sausage patty and not tell anyone?"
  9. If you think of fiction this way, it makes sense: A narrator, whether first or third person, is speaking to tell a story. The letters on the page are a record of that speech. Accurate representation of speech would not include acronyms or initialisms except to report their use or when these are commonly used, as NASA, CIA, ATF, and the like. I remember how incongruous these initialisms sounded in "White Chicks" and some Disney Channel movies, but I got the deliberate parody in this usage.
  10. EClayRowe

    Managing Social Media

    Say I run across a picture on Pinterest or a video on Youtube. I want to share it on as many sites as I have a presence, like my FB,Twitter, and poor lonely G+. And my author website.. Who can help me simplify this to "one-and-done"?
  11. EClayRowe

    Critique Forum - Notice

    In Windows you can cut and paste to Dropbox. Open both windows, highlight what you want to move, drag-&-drop. Or save to cloud storage.
  12. EClayRowe

    How To Pick A Good Editor.

    As a reader: I get a book from Amazon or Google and it's a mess with four star reviews. Typos and grammatical mistakes that are laugh-out-loud funny. Continuity errors. "If I wasn't so busy with my own stuff, I could fix this." As a writer who has already paid for a service: "Can you give me a clean copy with spelling and grammatical mistakes corrected, leaving only notes about pacing and word choice? I value your opinion, but I'm paying you to perform a service and I'm not happy with the result."
  13. EClayRowe

    Key Book Publishing Paths 2018

    Count them.
  14. EClayRowe

    Telling The End At The Beginning

    It can be an inspired concept. Doesn't fit well in established plotting formats like "Save the Cat!" or "A Hero's Journey. " What comes to mind immediately is the mini-series " 'Salem's Lot" where Kerwin Mathews and David Soul make their way from South America to Maine and assemble their vampire hunter kits. We already know from word-of-mouth what the story will be about. Then we go back to the "mysterious stranger" beginning and the famous Steven King suspension of disbelief. But he doesn't repeat the scene-for-scene beginning of the end when he goes back. If you tried this, there are some amazing things that can happen. Cryptic dialog becomes crystal clear. Subtle tweaks of the narrative are like ivory-on-white minimalist art. But I foresee a mob of angry villagers waving pitchforks and Kindles at the castle gates.
  15. EClayRowe

    Key Book Publishing Paths 2018

    Saved the chart. Qqqqqqqqqq!