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  1. EClayRowe

    Icons For A Website Or Blog

    Biblically, dried fish. Often the only protein most people got. Cookies can get you in trouble. Like when I was using public access computers and forgot to sign out of this site. Real cookies seem to make the calories load quickly, too. Broccoli is a special treat at our house. My wife gets terribly sick, so we'll have it only when she's not home or in Chinese takeout. But cookies...
  2. EClayRowe

    Icons For A Website Or Blog

    I may have mentioned before that eating something is usually the signal on Scripture that one is truly alive in the flesh. Good thing I like fish!
  3. Anyway, that explains why I lost my feed to G+ from buffer.com. Now I'm off to that app to reconnect Instagram, where my armor and spacesuit fans hang out.
  4. EClayRowe

    Search Engine Optimization

    TDD, I was advised to stick with ".com" to drive more eyes to the site, though I could have picked up ".net" at half the cost and ". club" for even less. But I think that it's ".club" that will really build my mailing list for what I have in mind. Do you have thoughts on this?
  5. EClayRowe

    Completely New Writer Here. How Do I Publish A Book?

    When I saw this in my notifications, I was intrigued.
  6. EClayRowe

    12 Words Still Misused

    The algorithms are linear, not holistic. They churn through inescapable loops unless the code has a built-in trigger that recognizes subordinate clauses.
  7. EClayRowe

    O Word! Where Have You Been All My Life?

    SW is always the one who sends me back to the dictionary. That's a good thing, since Webster and I grew up together.
  8. EClayRowe

    Completely New Writer Here. How Do I Publish A Book?

    I'm glad to hear that you stick to your standards. " If Nicholas posts it, it's golden."
  9. EClayRowe

    Secrets To Writing A Great Scene

    Dear Sir or Madam: I was all set to bookmark your post as Good Writing Advice until Santa Clause [sic] punched " theEastern Bunny." Please refund the balance of my paid subscription forthwith. You should know that I can practice law in Missouri without completing law school. Affectionately yours, EClayRowe, NRS, MNGS
  10. EClayRowe

    Avoid These Common Book Proposal Mistakes

    You are getting sleepy...
  11. Big fan of KM Weilan and this post prompted me to sign up for all the free swag. I already have two e-books.
  12. EClayRowe

    6 Types Of Narration

    I'll admit a fondness for 1st person narration, especially flawed narrators with their own agendas. Nick Carraway in The Great Gatsby is a prime example. Huck Finn, making moral choices he believes to be immoral.
  13. EClayRowe

    Just For Fun-thursday Pick Me Up!

    "Davey and Goliath" was all you could find in the '60s. Nice but hokey stop motion. Extremely Lutheran.
  14. EClayRowe

    Introducing A Fantasy Setting

    First thing you do is, you make up a language. You have to be really good at this, as good as, say, a British University professor... And when you actually write your story, tell it to a four-year-old first.
  15. EClayRowe

    Hello From A Newbie

    Hello and welcome!