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  1. suspensewriter

    Vanity Press Blog

    Thanks everyone for welcoming me back. It means a lot.
  2. suspensewriter

    Vanity Press Blog

  3. suspensewriter

    Vanity Press Blog

    I'm trying, Alley. Give me few weeks, though!
  4. suspensewriter

    Vanity Press Blog

    I agree with not being hounded.
  5. Saying hello and God bless you Brother

    1. suspensewriter


      thank you, sister,

  6. I have had a stroke; and will be off by a while so don't panic.

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    2. Dramedy Writer

      Dramedy Writer

      Oh no! Praying for you.

    3. Easton_Livingston


      Goodness. Will pray, my brother.

    4. Nicholas Reicher
  7. And where have you been???

  8. Been off totally immersed in finishing my new novel, but coming up for air again!

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    2. Alley


      Glad to see you back!  

    3. Mario William Vitale

      Mario William Vitale




    4. Alley


      Hey, we thought you were coming up for air.  What gives?  :D

  9. suspensewriter


    Congrats, Nicholas!
  10. suspensewriter

    How To Pick A Good Editor.

    Just so, RAD.
  11. suspensewriter

    Background Sound To Help You Concentrate?

    I'm with you, Lynn. Except... since I can't turn off the sound of rain pecking against my window, I go with it.
  12. suspensewriter

    If Kafka Said It, It Must Be True

    I actually didn't put any thought to this at all when I saw it- I just laughed. Kafka's sense of humor was legendary among morticians.
  13. suspensewriter

    Christian Science Fiction

    When I sat down to catch up on this thread, I couldn't have realized it ended with that quote.
  14. I'm going to have to locate my serious reading glasses for this one! It seems worth the searching.
  15. suspensewriter

    Editing As Income?

    It never gets boring, I can tell you that.