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  1. I Rant Against Present Tense

    Time to break out the chamomile tea, Z to calm them down! And you know what? We should ask Dr. Rita which tense screen plays are written in. I've only read a handful of screenplays, but I think they were written in present tense. Wait, can we count what writers write in writing forums? A lot of that is in present tense, too. Some greeting cards also, I think. We could throw in almost of the teleprompter speeches written in the entire world excluding Antarctica and come out on top. I think we could even get a movement going to bring present tense out of the shadows.
  2. Rules Of Critique

    I like their (the blogposts) guidance a great deal and will try to learn from them.. You have a gracious heart for posting this.
  3. An Argument For #specficfaith

    So there.
  4. An Argument For #specficfaith

    Well, now. I was going to give my brain a rest today, but after reading your post, I'm heading over to the store to buy a carton of 25 hour energy drinks so that I can stay awake long enough to think about what you've shown all of us here. After that, I'm going to start a petition to mandate that you write at least one post per month that can be answered without straining even one mental muscle. That includes the little ones used in remembering how to unscrew the cap from the toothpaste tube.
  5. Writing The Big Fat Book

    Thanks. I have it on two fingers on one hand, and two on the other. I'd never heard of it before until I smashed them up; if asked I would have said it was a gunslinger thing.
  6. How Katie Weiland Uses Scrivener

    Looks like a great system!
  7. What Did/do You Like To Read?

    You are so welcome, Z.
  8. What Did/do You Like To Read?

    Z- I owe you and Phy for getting me to read science fiction again. Phy and Nicola got me to read fantasy. Other than that, I've been a mystery and suspense reader for years. For the Bible, I've been using the Tyndale `1 year reading plan and listening to two versions on Audible- the NIV and NKJV. What I have enjoyed and reread is "Cold Case Christianity." For some reason, I love that book. Also "Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian." Love that one, too.
  9. New Writer Here-pk Mitchell

    PK, we're happy to have you here and look forward to getting to know you.
  10. Writing The Big Fat Book

    And now, because of the impact, I have what is called "Trigger Finger." It's worth looking up.
  11. Writing The Big Fat Book

    Broke them right in the middle of the book. Thank goodness for Dragon Naturally Speaking. And, thanks for asking- they're still healing.
  12. Writing The Big Fat Book

    Me, too, Nicholas. My last novel was 235,000 words. My fingers are still sore.
  13. Author Inside Circle

    Thanks for reminding me, too, Nicola. And I count you and the rest here in that group.
  14. What's The Difference?

    According to Wikipedia, "The through line, sometimes also called the spine, was first suggested by Constantin Stanislavski as a simplified way for actors to think about characterization." I learned something, too!
  15. I Rant Against Present Tense

    Well.... I was thinking of the past present pluperfect tense... yeah, that's it.

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