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  1. How To Be "salt" And "light" To 2,000,000 People/month

    I didn't even know there were such things. Tell us more about what a publicly edited website is, please.
  2. Maybe This Is The Genre For What Is Love?

    Hi Grace, Psychological suspense isn't genre specific, and its barely considered a subcategory. By that I mean it underperforms when compared to other subcategories (saleswise, I mean). You'd be better off going with another subcategory in suspense that will generate more robust sales. Also, and don't shoot me for this, but you might want to look at your title through the eyes of both Amazon machine learning and Google analytics to see how it will play. After the movie Night at the Roxbury, Haddaway's song seems to dominate that lane. And since search parameters are, in the main, how your book will be found, Your novel deserves an audience, an these parameters are now an intrinsic part of the bookselling landscape.
  3. You know, Phy, if no one has ever told you, your commitment and grace in sharing these lessons is down and out inspiring.
  4. April Is National Poetry Month...share A Poem

    You are all so inspiring that I may actually try my hand at poetry some day. Under an assumed name, of course.
  5. Sola Scriptura

    Are you so very sure about that?
  6. Do You Know What Hedging Language Is?

    Oh, that was so smooth!
  7. Treasures In Dark Places

    Yes, welcome, Talwyn. We're lucky to have you here!
  8. This topic is headed straight down hill.
  9. Do You Know What Hedging Language Is?

    I think that, maybe, I will possibly, if it's all right with all of you, stay away from hedging in my writing, if it works out. And, I believe it would be great, basically, if the rest of you could sometime consider agreeing if you're okay with that. Also, sometime soon I will tentatively remove the word "immediately" from my vocabulary. Thank you, Lynn, I think.
  10. Honored But Nervous

    It's already been said by the others, but a devotional really is different from teaching, Regarding the man thing, if you don't mind a suggestion from a guy- maybe lighten up a little before you start? It's supposed to be a fun gathering, yes? And, well, keep it brief. I like your example about God giving the abilities, and, as a guy, I'd like to hear the short form and then get to the activities. Also, if there's food, you've got a captive audience! This sounds like a great forum for bringing people together and you seem like an easy person to like, so I'm sure it will be not only fun, but inspirational. One more thing, I'd bring some tarps. Most of us guys are kind of sloppy.
  11. Premium Lifetime License For Prowritingaid

    That was so funny it hurt my side.
  12. Premium Lifetime License For Prowritingaid

    Never let an algorithm near the humor button. The dishwasher, maybe, but not the humor button.
  13. How To Avoid Dangling Participles

    There is no more merciless wordsmith than the toddler class!
  14. How To Avoid Dangling Participles

    Hi Alley, Dive in any time with the joking- we could use the help! And science isn't that hard to learn. Just nod and smile when Phy and the rest of the crew get going- its been working for me. SW
  15. 3 Free Webinars From Jerry Jenkins

    Did anyone get to see it? I'm interested in how helpful it was.

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