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  1. Where Are We?

    Washington state. I live on the Cowlitz river, down stream from Mt. St Helens.
  2. Did Anyone Watch The Crossing?

    I watched it. I'm a long time Sci-Fi fan. I don't see how the idea can even last a season, but I want to be fair, and see how it goes.
  3. A Resource To Enhance Setting Description

    I married your sister.
  4. A Resource To Enhance Setting Description

    Almost a necessity to know about edible plants when writing about survival situations too. Plants in my state in the pacific northwest are not the same as where I grew up in the Ozarks.
  5. April Is National Poetry Month...share A Poem

    Tiny Little Feet I love the sound of tiny little feet’ Pitter Patter sounds so neat’ My children used to run and play’ It never seemed to end the day’ I did not realize, what I had back then’ Now that I’m a Grandpa, I can only remember when’ They come to my house to stay a minute or two’ Say, Dad I’ve got to go, but I sure miss you’ My hearing is going bad, my eyes are growing dim’ I work in my shop, but I still remember when’ The pitter patter of tiny little feet around the house’ Don’t get in the street’ God gave me those gifts to fill my days for awhile’ And when I am old, my memories bring a smile’ But Oh how I would love, it would be so sweet’ To hear the pitter patter of tiny little feet’ One day soon, as I close my eyes to rest’ You see, I will have to go, because the father knows the best’ But Angels will come, to carry me to golden streets’ And I shall hear them coming, a pitter patter of tiny little feet’ Some days when I grow weary of the pain that love knows’ My heart explodes as it did today’ In tiny bits of prose’ So soft upon my heart, love lays so neat’ Its almost as if I hear the pitter patter’ Of those tiny little feet’
  6. Capturing Nocturnal Brainstorms

    True story Several years ago I was building a 17 ft. sail boat. When it came to making the cuts for the stern I was studying the plans trying to figure out the angles. I got really frustrated looking at all those lines, but couldn't figure it out. Finally after two very frustrating days of looking at the same series of lines, I gave up. That night I went to sleep, and the very next morning I knew how to make the cuts. I went right to the shop and made them. Its as if I was all of a sudden looking the eyes of the person who drafted the boat.
  7. I've Got The Singer's Problem With My Writing!

    That is why we need to read a lot. How do other writers do it? Why does Hunter have to be in the room? Hunter stood in the small room, a small mechanical device in his hand."
  8. Have Any Floating Body Parts?

    I've used, "His eyes looked off into eternity." Meaning he was dead. I wonder if that would be termed a floating body part?
  9. Commas!

    Sounds right to me,too, I'm not the comma police.
  10. Don't Make These 7 Ebook Formatting Mistakes

    Good stuff Lynn. When I first began formatting for Kindle, it drove me crazy. One thing you can do if you feel you messed up a lot is to bring in good old Wordpad.
  11. Hello From Nc

  12. I was just recently musing over the same question Z. It seems to me that the last few years sc-fi and fantasy have sort of melded into a soup of the two genre's.
  13. I'm New Here!!

    Hi Allan. Welcome.
  14. Most of this seasoned writers know not to do. New writers might read this and learn. Even seasoned writers are often tempted to do little no-no's in their craft. Warning: The writers use the f word once, and I hate the use of the word, so read at your own risk. I thought the article might be helpful. http://threeguysonebook.com/50-things-a-writer-shouldnt-do/
  15. The First Five Pages

    I wrote a story in which a persons life was mundane year after year, and I wanted to show that right off the bat. Of course, her life was about to change drastically, but the first few pages were taken up in mundane living. I guess I pulled it off with 3.8 stars out of 54 reviews. I certainly agree with the importance of those first pages, and honestly, I don't know how I pulled that one off. I wasn't interested in impressing some agent or publisher, but if you can't get the story off the ground in those first critical pages I doubt you can pull in your reader either.

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