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  1. I Rant Against Present Tense

    I,m with you PHy, when I see some clown writing in present tense,I throw it down, whop it across a rail fence several times, and walk away screaming "My eyes! My eyes!"
  2. Resist Resistance

    At the present rate, just two or three sentence's at the time is the rate my present book is proceeding.
  3. Judge Dredd And Why You're On Trial

    Buzz of Dredd, before I sew your thumb and forefinger together with barbed wire!
  4. I think what King meant by that is that in reading, he is communing with other writers, and as writers we need that.
  5. I do have one story on Amazon Phy. Yes Amazon is a good vehicle for e-books. I end up buying more books from them than I get downloaded, but I really need to get serious about Amazon as a way to reach more audience. Thanks for reminding me.
  6. I write e-books, ok nasty word for some, and I give my work away. Probably a good reason why I don't get paid. But for the writer who needs to get paid, and just from what I have observed in downloading trends the last few years, something is happening in the market place, although I can't say what. In 2011 I averaged a thousand downloads a month. In about 2015 the numbers began falling off, until now, I'm lucky to get 10 a month. I use Smashwords and can track where the downloads come from. If one could go by that, I'd say don't quit your day job if you have one other than writing. I Really feel for those writers who are disabled, and perhaps in a wheel chair, and depend on their writing for an income. I would guess that it's not your writing that is the problem, but the ever changing market. Better still, the swiftly changing world we live in. Its like living in active earthquake zone. the ground is unstable beneath our feet. I'm just glad that Jesus is the same, today yesterday, and forever.
  7. Start With The Villain

    Great place to start, but in most of my stories, I start with the main character. In one story I started with the villian which was a killer virus. The villian doesn't necessarily have to be a man or woman, it can be extreme depression, disease, or any number of things. Just my opinion.
  8. 6 Tips To Help Format Print Books In Word

    And E-book writers, don't forget that little venerable Wordpad if you mess up the formatting. Transfer it to Wordpad, and it'll take all that nasty formatting right out.
  9. Selling Your Family

    Nahh,Its because they don't read fiction. I have a great family who supports me in anything I do for that matter. My daughter-in-law is a heavy reader, but she likes romance books, so she's not waiting for my next story to come out.
  10. Selling Your Family

    So far being a writer hasn't made me a hero yet! I don't think my family even reads my stuff.
  11. The one thing that your post reminds me of is that the devil can seek to use anything to worm in, and upset us, and keep us from our rest in Christ Jesus which is ours by our new birth. The devil is the accuser of the brethren, or sisteren, whichever we are.
  12. Amazon Paper Back

    I noticed Amazon offers to print on demand and they say the printing cost come out of your royalties. Anybody ever tried that?
  13. Do you know what a swingle tree is? I am writing a story, and the time is directly following the civil war. My editor said one time that I keep her running to the dictionary, because I used words she had never heard before. As I used the word swingle tree, I wondered if I needed to explain what one was, but the thing about readers that I keep remembering is that they quickly figure out what you are saying without skipping a beat, or they quickly forgive you if they have to stop and think about it. That says a bunch of good things about the reader. We don't need to dumb down our writing. Over the last few years I have come to appreciate my readers, and have never ever been chastened for using unusual words even if my editor thought I was pulling a fast one on her. Readers are smart, and us writers don't need to apologize for a tool box of words. Having said that, we don't need to use words to show we are smarter that the reader...mainly because we aren't.
  14. Sleep on it. I used to feel like if I didn't rush on the story would get away from me. Thats not true, at least for me.
  15. E-reader Submissions

    Smashwords might be a good place to start as they give the option of 5 or 6 different e-reader formats. Also what goes to Smashwords goes to Barnes and Nobles, However, there is a learning curve there too, as they have what they call their meat grinder, and the book needs to be formatted correctly. I've used them since 2010. I also use Amazon. No problem with formatting as a book suitable to pass muster with Smashwords will pass Amazon with flying colors.

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