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  1. Do you ever ask yourself the following-Who is God -Why do we have so many religions all proclaiming the name of God. - What is the meaning of the word God in its existence. - Why the evil in the world - Who am i. - Who is Jesus Christ Among other questions that individuals ask. My book entitled GUIDE OF DESTINY (GOD) will convey to you answers to such questions.. "The power within information is in its ability to inform and transform an individual."- Proud Chamutinya. Hence, the reality a man's life is a reflection of the kind of information contained inside of him.
  2. Hello Saints i'm new here. i recently finished my first book. which is one of my biggest accomplishments but then its very difficult for me as a self-publishing author. My question is how can i have my book make sales; I'm Zimbabwean by the way.

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