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  1. New Member Seeking Writing Ideas

    Hi there, Drew. Glad you stopped by and joined. I try to keep it simple by praying and meditating on one topic, I also take the topic and write down 5 key points I want to share with others.
  2. New Writer! Excited With New Release And Where It Will Take Me

    Glad you stopped by, Benjamin. Welcome to CW.
  3. New Member Says Hi

    Hi, Kate glad you found CW. Lots of excellent tools.
  4. Grief Writers?

    Welcome. Check out the Writers Market here at CW. Glad you joined. GBY Cindy!
  5. Surgury Prayer

    I pray for your wife's recovery. God is always there and with Christ, everything will go according to God's plan. God bless you ZX1ninja, your wife, and family.
  6. Remember Christ Is Available

    Hi there Njoku. Thanks for sharing your faith with me. I'm grateful God crossed our paths so we can rejoice together about Christ. May Christ continue to grow stronger each day and may Christ be with you always.
  7. Scrivener And Prowritingaid

    Hello Jayne. I have used both Scrivener and Pro Writing Aid together. Scriver is a powerful tool for writing and is excellent in organizing manuscripts. Pro Writing Aid is a good editing tool that gives good corrections in a number of areas ( sticky sentences, overused words, vague word choices etc.). They work well together. Both are worth the investment.
  8. Excited New Member

    Welcome, I'm glad you joined Franseca. Much excellent info here.
  9. Hello From New Mexico!

    Welcome to the group. Lots of excellent info here.
  10. Unfinished

    Loved this Lester. Your points are right on. Many times it's easy for me to live in a wrong Christian mindset and forget as you put it "unfinished.". Until the new heaven and earth become reality then our best approach is accepting the fact we are exactly where God wants even though we still disobey. GBY my friend.
  11. God’s Eternal Outlook

    One of the greatest examples of God’s eternal outlook on how humans should live is Psalm one. It depicts the way He intends for us to respond to Him. Here we discover His separation between good and evil and His grace versus the wrath imposed on evil doers. God Defines His Eternal Outlook 1 Blessed is the one who does not walk in step with the wicked or stand in the way that sinners take or sit in the company of mockers, 2 but whose delight is in the law of the LORD, and who meditates on his law day and night. Nothing captures the Lord’s attention more than walking away from unfavorable living and follow His commands. This isn’t easy because we realize a few family members and friends are among those who live in spiritual blindness. So the question God asks is am I willing to trust Him and make the right choice. God is precise in the way He teaches us to live. He never changes. Even though the psalmist lived thousands of years ago, the validity of this truth still stands today. And in the New Testament Christ preached the same reality. Here our Father shows us to place Him first by building a mindset anchored in His word. God wants us to think of Him, follow His truth, and take action on His commandments. Each of us must remember our salvation is His gift. And we need to show Him gratitude for delivering us from evil. On the positive side, meditating on God unveils spiritual wisdom; an attribute reserved for faithful believers and delivered through Christ. And the more one embraces Jesus, a life filled with God’s love, grace, and mercy emerges. It’s a joyous and enlightening experience to understand God. One no one wants to miss. I love building a private relationship with God. It’s uplifting and filled with peace. No matter how troublesome life becomes, He is my way out of distress and into serenity. How willing am I to follow God regardless of the outcome? To receive God’s blessing, I must abandon myself and be careful who I call friends. 3 That person is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither— whatever they do prospers. The third verse God promises an unshakable future. This analogy shows God’s intentions to give an eternal foundation for our faithful adherence to His truth. This endless delivery of spiritual nourishment removes the sinful roots of Adam and Eve. Our Father’s promises prosperity. Since the Lord provides us with the means to meet our physical demands (food, water, and shelter) and sin separates us from His grace. Then our need is spiritual. Here God wants to give us an abundance of His Spirit. And with His guidance, everything needed to live in the Spirit of Truth blossoms. So, it’s not by accident we find God improving our spiritual lives. Remember real prosperity is losing our individuality and living in Christ! The Eternal Penalty For Disobedience 4 Not so the wicked! They are like chaff that the wind blows away. 5 Therefore the wicked will not stand in the judgment, nor sinners in the assembly of the righteous. Make no mistake. Our Father is straightforward in how He handles unfaithfulness. A point often overlooked is the penalty for turning away from Him. It’s a serious offense with deadly consequences. Under those circumstances, no one wants to face His power in handing out the sentence of condemnation. But through Christ, He shows mercy. God’s Eternal Protection 6 For the LORD watches over the way of the righteous, but the way of the wicked leads to destruction. God never abandons those who pick up their cross and walk in Christ. He makes this known by protecting His chosen ones. I know what is to embrace God’s shield. In the spring of 1985, He revealed Himself. Before this time, I never experienced His presence. He allowed me the privilege to connect with Him. But He knew I wasn’t ready to concede to His will, and in 1991 He released me back into darkness. It took twenty years before He rescued me again. Even though I lived in disobedience; His hand kept me from many evil encounters. Living outside His kingdom wasn’t pleasant, but He made sure I didn’t sink deeper into self-destruction. I’m forever grateful He pulled back from the gates of wickedness. Given these points, God’s eternal plan is a blessing full of grace. Our Father wants to give us His blessings and will do so for as long as we stay loyal to His word!
  12. Hello From The Uk!

    Hello there Catherine. I'm grateful you joined. Enjoy everything and you will find lots of help. GBY.
  13. Remember Christ Is Available

    Do you ever struggle with the small everyday challenges? Try to solve problems alone without reaching out for help. Forget to remember Christ is available. I do. Often, willpower to overcome a shortcoming causes troubles. The big life events are easy to accept but the little day-to-day matters life’s terms throw out is a challenge to respond in a spiritual reaction. For example, when impatience emerges, frustration ensues. Here controlling the outcome becomes useless. And this makes finding peace unreachable. Likewise, anger oozes out my inner-being, especially in bumper to bumper traffic. I don’t reach the point of rage, but anger’s effect is subtle and makes me lash out in unacceptable behavior. This self-centered tendency spills over into my family, work and social outlets. I can’t escape it, and the more one relies on self, the deeper I fall into the hole of despair. Forgetting other people don’t react to life as me is easy. As a Christian, I must remember, Christ is my equilibrium when the scales of temptation tip me into sin. God is my spiritual balance in times of injustice. Nothing equalizes life’s terms than for me to anchor my life in Christ. And as the result of reliance on Jesus, my ability to live peaceful in times of distress increases. God never fails me. Likewise, the Holy Spirit is always available to guide me in living a saved life. When I struggle, it’s a reminder for me to ask Christ for the solutions. Once I take action with Jesus and continue to rely on His perfect vision, then I’m able to see the path of rightful living. The fruitlessness from living a unsaved life is familiar. Before God rescued me from the black hole of agnosticism, my existence comprised drugs, alcohol, and egoism. My problems with life never got better, in fact, they got worse. This led me to the road of suicide, but the Lord had other plans and spared me from self-destruction. My past helps me to remember the outcome of living apart from God. It is a useless and lonely existence. But His grace and mercy coupled with Christ’s redemption show me a future with eternal consequences. I’m grateful for the Lord’s impact on my life. I hope your experience with God is profound and life-changing awareness.
  14. It’s easy understanding God’s perfect honesty. The knowledge necessary in grasping this truth takes a personal commitment to learning His word. With this in mind devotion is the key to discovering God’s truth, promises and timing. And when we engage in the Bible without reservations, then God unleashes His wisdom. Infinite Truth God and truth are inseparable. This revelation showed up in His creations and attested through scripture. When the Lord inspired Moses to write His word it explained the reason heaven and earth exist (Genesis 1). It’s here where God is first exposed as truth putting to rest man’s attempts to disprove Him. So gaining insight to God’s unremitting truth, one must engulf themselves in His word. And as the result of living in God’s way, we see He can’t lie because His Spirit penetrates our inner-selves with a truth unlike any other. In both the Old and New Testaments God’s integrity never changes. The Lord’s flawlessness to back up His Word in action smashes disbelief. In fact, every recorded Scripture captures His faithfulness in carrying out His promises. God made knowing Him a relationship full of hope and filled with love. For example, Noah built the Ark under God’s command (Genesis 6:13-22) and received ridicule for trusting the Lord’s plan. But when the flood came God’s truth became a reality (Genesis 7:1-24). Likewise, Moses took on Pharaoh to free the Israelites, and the Egyptians discovered God’s almighty power (Exodus 6-14). Many other Old Testaments verses support the authenticity of God. In the New Testament God uses the same demonstrations to heighten His unwavering nature. When Christ became human, it validated the Prophets message that God keeps His promise to send a Messiah. And the Gospels catches God’s consistent righteousness. Even though the Lord made Jesus His new Covenant with humanity, He didn’t deviate from His truth. As a matter-of-fact Christ proves, God is the one real God. Because once He unleashes Jesus in one’s life, the Holy Spirit permeates the mind body and soul. The Spirit of Truth It’s the Holy Spirit that unveils God’s inability to lie. Once the Lord saves a soul, then Jesus takes over and sanctifies the heart. God’s Living Spirit of truth (John 14:17) illuminates our awareness of His existence. And from God’s anointment of the Holy Trinity, the transformation into salvation illustrates the validity of God’s purity. Our Father’s greatest pledge is eternal life. He assures us if we accept Christ as the way to heaven (John 14:1-6) our inheritance in His kingdom stays secured (1 Peter 1:3-5). Each of us understands this reality because Christ takes away temptation and supplies courage to walk away from sin. This proof of God’s powerful promise revolutionizes our lives giving us the strength to live righteous in a broken world. My Experience with God's Truth In my relationship with God, everything He promised came true. Before He saved me my life wasn’t holy. Agnosticism ruled my mind. I centered my life in skepticism unwilling to accept God. And when my disbelief led to self-destruction, He rescued me. Today I know the way of faith. It’s important to realize trusting Christ dismantles my doubt and takes away the need to live apart from God. The biggest dividend I’ve received knows God’s graceful Spirit. When I turn to Christ my ability to overcome problems increases and gives a most compelling evidence to God’s trustworthiness. For as long as I stay willing to put Him above everything God never leaves me without a solution. Waiting on God's Timing One of the toughest challenges in living a Christian life is waiting for God’s response. A point often overlooked is comprehending Christ’s timing. Since the Lord knows our needs and never fails to give, it’s crucial to stay active in our devotion. This means we need to continue praying and meditating on His truth. No matter how troublesome our lives become, God is our greatest strength in moving past our problems. The first thing to remember God doesn’t abandon us. The key in knowing the spiritual actions Christ directs us to take is spending private time with God. And the more we absorb His truth our ability to recognize His commands emerges. It’s no accident God allows us to gravitate to His presence. Since our Father is Spirit, then the measuring stick in knowing how to go ahead becomes engaged in the spiritual realm. Nothing matches God’s intuitive commands and once acted upon the wisdom to fathom what to do becomes noticeable. Sometimes God stays silent. This doesn’t mean He is not listening. Here we need to examine ourselves and make sure our approach is faith-centered. Scripture reminds when asking God for wisdom is trusting Him (James 1:5-8). Humility is a crucial principle in receiving God’s answers. Other useful tools in waiting are patience and perseverance. Patience is a willingness to surrender our will over to God’s regardless the outcome. Perseverance is faith in action. Each of them alone brings a positive result but when they intertwined an unshakable foundation in discovering God’s answers transpires. Given these points, we can agree God is the truth, honor His word and never fails to give the spiritual food necessary to live according to His purpose. Proverbs 3:5-6 gives an excellent example of the efforts favorable to God. No matter if you are new Christian or a seasoned veteran trusting Christ gets God’s attention!
  15. Hi, I'm New Here

    A warm welcome to you Christine and thanks for joining. I look forward to witnessing your love for Christ. May His spirit continue to be uplifting and peaceful.

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