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  1. How To Fight And Win The Insecurities Battle

    You're most welcome, Jorge! Yes, my summer well.
  2. Excited to be a published author!!!

  3. How To Fight And Win The Insecurities Battle

    Oh Jorge, how was your vacation? More grace!
  4. Patience

    Amen! What are Christians for? As Christians, we are meant to encourage one another as we run our spiritual race. Keep on penning life-changing and spirit-enriching write ups. God is your strength, my sister!
  5. J. E. S. U. S. Sentence Challenge

    Jesus Erased Satan's Useless Scheme!
  6. What We Live For Matters!

    Yes, possession is window dressing! Thanks for your reply, Ragamuffin_John!
  7. Patience

    My take-home sentence from your impactful post is this:...if we are willing to wait forever, we will not wait for long." That is a very powerful statement! It's so deep. The anchor word in the sentence is the word "willing". It is true that when God sees and tests our willingness to wait for Him, even if it seems forever, it won't be long when God will crown our willingness to wait with the fulfilment of His plans for our lives. Just as you have rightly said, patience is a virtue, a fruit of the Holy Spirit that will all need to nurture to maturity in our lives through the enablement of the Holy Spirit. Of course, we're living in the most impatient age in human history. And if we're not careful as Christians, may be dancing to the tunes of impatience, unknowingly, to the detriment of our relationship with Christ. Once again, ending my reply in your words, "...if we are willing to wait forever, we won't wait for long!" More grace to you!
  8. Canvas

    What a sermon in a poetical form! We should live for and walk with God. Blessings!
  9. How To Fight And Win The Insecurities Battle

    Jorge, more grace from God to you, in Jesus' name! I'am blessed by your article. I believe the bottom line is that Jesus Christ is the ultimate meaning of life. And if Christ is the meaning of life, then He is the meaning of our lives as Christians. When we enter into an enternal and cordial relationship with Christ and begin to see everything through His eyes, our lives begin to take on real meaning, true shape, etc. In fact, in Christ, our pursuit of perfection and excellence become enjoyable and satisfying, because we now discover and understand that the ultimate object and reward of our pursuit is Christ, who is the meaning of our lives. You've written well.
  10. Never Give Up

    You're most welcome, Jean!
  11. Limiting Beliefs That Hold You Back From The Next Level (1)

    To God be the glory, Robert! Your encouraging words mean a lot!
  12. Never Give Up

    Thanks for this wonderful piece, Jean!
  13. Great to see you're still much around! Praise God.

  14. What We Live For Matters!

    Thanks for your words of encouragement, Robert; I appreciate them!
  15. Law Stoned, Grace Forgave

    You're right, Robert. I believe those within our own ranks, who are deliberately taking the grace of God for granted, should be made to realize the gravity of their action. So, I assume Vivian is particularly addressing the availability of grace to the unbelievers, who should be lovingly shown the way to God through Christ.

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