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  1. Hello From A Returning Memeber

    Welcome back, Beverly
  2. It's Been A While

    Thank you very much. It's good to be back and I am looking forward to spending more time here as the school year winds down and I am doing less lesson planning. God has been so good to me.
  3. It's Been A While

    Thank you all
  4. It's Been A While

    Greetings everyone. I joined this wonderful community way back in 2008 and was active for a while. I met some awesome people, learned to hone my writing, and eventually published my novel. Since then, God has set me on an amazing journey. I went back to school and earned my Masters degree in Pastoral Studies and now teach theology in a high school and parish setting. Also, during that time. four of my five children finished their education, got married, have beautiful families of their own. I have three grandchildren with two more on the way. Life is grand and I am grateful. I hope to become active again. I learned a lot on this site and I know it helped lead to my successes. God is good all the time.
  5. Multiple Platforms

    I'm almost ready to publish as well and your advice is very helpful, Lynn. Thank you.
  6. Free Ebook On Seo For Writers

    Thank you, Lynn!
  7. Tagline Help

    Number 3 says it best, me thinks
  8. What is a troll?

    Trolls, to me, are those mischievous little creatures who dart about with high-pitched gleeful laughter and who are too enamored with their slapstick pranks.
  9. Some Pictures From My Book Signing Yesterday . . .

    Congratulations! May your blessings continue
  10. The Birth Process Of Your Book--How It Works

    Awesome article and I love the humor. Thank you, Gravity.
  11. Free Webinar On How To Finish Your Kindle Book Quickly

    Thank you, Lynn. I bookmarked it.
  12. One of my biggest problems I've discovered lately is commas. I used way too many and now that I'm in the editing phase, I have to remove most other them.
  13. The hardest part for me is editing. I don't like to edit though I believe it's necessary. I learned so much after I wrote my first novel that I had a LOT to fix and in the process created confusion. I am still untangling but making progress. It's taken a long time for another reason as well. I am also a graduate theology student and so I don't have time to really stay immersed in my novel, but I only have one more course to take and I'll be able to breathe again. I so much prefer writing novels and reflections/devotions to writing for a grade.

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