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  1. Where Are We?

    I'm from upstate NY, lived in beautiful Colorado in the 80's and 90's (a place I shall always call home", moved to Missouri (never again!) then back to upstate NY, a job took me to NC and I have now retired to beautiful VA, Williamsburg area.
  2. When Is A Critique Group Toxic?

    Ive participated in a number of critique groups...and I did so because they were primarily for poets. And please don't take this out of context, any that are reading this, but there are plenty who will not offer poetry critiques. Yes, I get it, we are dance to a different beat, but writing is writing. But without taking a breath, I also know I cant offer up a lot to many of the writers here...they are way above anything I could ever accomplish. I have always believed the purpose of a critique is to gain the opinion, knowledge and insight from another.....and to take what is offered and use it however you choose or what best improves your piece. CW has always been "home" for me and for a long while I didn't participate anywhere. While I miss many of the great writers I came to know and love during my earlier years here... I am always encouraged and blessed with meeting the new. I agree with SW when he says "perhaps without them knowing it, they need you more than you know." There is no harm in checking in every so often with them and certainly no harm in blessing us here. Blessings to you!
  3. Prayers Please

    stopped in this morning..... My prayers continue.
  4. Prayers Please

    Prayers for all.
  5. Honored But Nervous

    what I have to offer you is encouragement; to find understanding and then be guided. If what matters the most....is that you adhere to the convictions God has placed on your heart.... then you will go forward in the peace HE brings. You mentioned the "old ideals, the old ways", and if those are your ideals and your ways then to go outside of them will create conflict and confusion. No harm in seeking the wisdom and advice of others, but not so much as to find an immediate answer but to search your own heart and find resolve. Blessings to you. Wow I just reread what I wrote. Hope I didn't come across as being preachy....
  6. It's Been A While

    Hello and welcome back Skeeter!!
  7. Company Offering Resources For Self-publishing

    Plan to take a look at it also.
  8. April Is National Poetry Month...share A Poem

    Love it !!!
  9. April Is National Poetry Month...share A Poem

    oh my...this is wonderful!!!.....thank you for sharing!
  10. My Dream: Write Fiction Books For Young Girls

    What they talk about is pretty much the same...how they reach their conclusions is the heart of your story. Drawing from a biblical foundation, your story can introduce today's young lady to what's available to her using wiser choices than ones the main stream crowd uses and prepare her for adversity, controversy, ridicule, peer pressure. The sky's the limit when it comes to boy issues and make-up.
  11. Book Fair/book Signing/book Launching

    All of your responses are of excellent merit and help. Thank you! I will share as the details unfold. I am in Virginia.
  12. Hello From Nc

    Welcome !!
  13. I will be participating in a book fair/book signing event that will take place in June. The newspaper that is currently publishing my poetry is sponsoring the event to introduce/provide exposure of local authors to the general public. I would like to make use of this opportunity to not only introduce/sell my poetry books but also to promote the future publication of my memoir. I self-publish and am looking for suggestions as to what/how is the best way to do this... provide a couple excerpts or the introduction? print a writer card with intro to new book?
  14. How To Use Foreshadowing

    Thanks for sharing Lynn....
  15. New Member

    Greetings and welcome. I'm a former NYorker.

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