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  1. Woman-of-Hope

    The Triage Edit

    Without straying too far off topic (I know this is a totally different vein) but poetry should always be read aloud.
  2. Woman-of-Hope

    Get Ready To Laugh

    WOW !!! I'm an amazing teacher....😍
  3. Woman-of-Hope

    Get Ready To Laugh

    go to the video on you tube....there is a "share" under the video, click on it, it brings up a popup, click on "copy" and then paste it at CW.
  4. Woman-of-Hope

    Get Ready To Laugh

  5. Woman-of-Hope

    Get Ready To Laugh

    go to the video, click on share, click on copy, paste to where you want it. try it..
  6. Woman-of-Hope

    Get Ready To Laugh

  7. Woman-of-Hope

    Prayers Please For Suspensewriter

    For sure he is in my prayers.
  8. Woman-of-Hope

    Prayer Request

    My prayers continue as well for you and your family.
  9. Woman-of-Hope

    Prayer Request

    Prayers for you...
  10. the serial comma sounds like a real killer. 😁
  11. Woman-of-Hope

    A Writer's Beatitudes

    Ditto what quietspirit said.. Thanks for sharing Lynn.
  12. Woman-of-Hope

    Taking A Break

    This is funny and gave me a chuckle this morning!!!
  13. Woman-of-Hope

    Great Article On Increase Of Poetry Readers

    Thank you for this Lynn.
  14. Woman-of-Hope

    Help With Wordpress

    Ive only ever used Blogger. Good luck Carolina.