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  1. Take It Personally

    i've not witnessed or experienced first hand much of what suspensewriter is talking about. Which I'm kinda glad about.
  2. Lessons On That Dreaded C Word: Commas!

    Ive often times overused not only the comma but the semi-colon. I'm preparing my memoir for edit and I was reading a few critiques I had received a few years back from Dr. Rita whom I have the highest regard for...and she set me on the right path a few times. However...(there is always an however with poets) I rarely, rarely use punctuation in poetry. I've grown thick thin over the years to keep my poetry free of those pesky little buggers.
  3. Newspaper..published Or Not?

    Two submissions have been published. Once I have my blog (s) updated they will also include a link. Remaining Hopeful. My intention is not to make money (poetry not a big money maker) but to awaken hearts to His promise of faith and enduring love;
  4. Join Us For A Power Verb Exercise

    The flying saucer swooped down on the saloon which was over crowded with drunken cowboys. The nurse checked each patient as they entered..
  5. Join Us For A Power Verb Exercise

    Yeah I was just trying to play along. hahaha. If you ask to take any more words out, I will be forced to write a poem.
  6. What Kind Of Writer Are You?

    I'm with Lynn, the weird recluse, without the genius or masterpiece !!
  7. Join Us For A Power Verb Exercise

    As the sun beamed through the window, tears flowed as she realized what the thieves robbed from her was now recovered and returned,
  8. Join Us For A Power Verb Exercise

    As the sun illuminated through the window, tears of joy descended from her red swollen eyes. What the thieves pillaged was now recovered and returned.
  9. Prayers Please

    Hi it's been a while since Ive been here; sorry to hear of your loss. Donna a/k/a as rodojeki in the old days and recently Woman Of Hope!
  10. Prayers Appreciated

    Will definitely keep you in my prayers.
  11. Newspaper..published Or Not?

    Thank you!
  12. Newspaper..published Or Not?

    If an article or poem is printed by a newspaper is it considered...published?
  13. Quality Takes Work

    Great article.
  14. Drop The Mic

  15. Hosting A Conference

    ahhh I lived in the Finger Lakes Region for almost 20 years.

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