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  1. Katherine Johnston

    Come Thou Fount Of Every Blessing - A Cappella

    Thanks for sharing this Alley,...I have been singing/humming it since Tuesday! ❤️
  2. Katherine Johnston

    Who/what Is Your Writing Inspiration?

    I think it is intuitive for any avid reader to venture into writing,...be it journaling, poetry or fiction. That was the case for me. The bigger leap is sharing your work with the world,..and my youngest son, who is on the autism spectrum inspires me to offer my best,...and trust to God for the rest. The gift of autism is that it pares down life to the bare essentials. I love you, you love me, and what else is really important in life? ❤️
  3. Katherine Johnston

    Wwii Brainstorming

    No, no, no,...don't ever read fiction for historical research!!! Asking for first hand accounts is a great, although I am not sure how many on this site are old enough to have been dating during WII,...that's nearly eighty years ago, although perhaps many have second hand accounts from grandparents,... If you want to write authentic historical fiction you have to research the era from historical documents and your best bet for authenticity is letters, memoirs and diaries from that era. Also scholarly work written about the home front or battlefields, get chummy with your local librarian. Listen to to the music of the era, movies, books, magazines, newspapers, check out the cookbooks, fashion, rationing had a huge impact on what was available! Most large libraries can hook you up with newspapers and magazines from the era,...it might yet be on microfilm and you have squint to read the text, but it will put you in the perfect time warp to the era you are targeting. The Diary of Anne Frank is a good starting point,...a few others are Helmets and Lipstick - Ruth G. Gaskell (memoir WII Army Nurse), The Home Front Girl - Joan Wehlen Morrison (WII diary), and The Story of The Trapp Family Singers - Maria Augusta Trapp (bonus this is the true story behind the Sound of Music),... Have fun researching WII was a fascinating era overseas and on the home front! 😀
  4. Katherine Johnston

    Grammar Rant!

    Gettysburg address? Lincoln couldn't remember how to spell eighty-seven, perhaps? 😉
  5. Katherine Johnston

    Music Recommendations

    Michael W. Smith - Glory - album is instrumental and very inspiring. Also instrumental selections from the movie soundtrack: The End Of The Spear I tend to instrumental while writing, some vocals for editing, and whatever for research. Also for my novels, I find it helpful to make a playlist for my main characters typically using music from the era I am writing and switch to it when I am really stuck with keeping the character within profile. 😀
  6. Katherine Johnston

    Prayers Please!

    Praying for all!!!
  7. Katherine Johnston

    For Those Of Us Who Didn't Go To College

    For expanding vocabulary a thesaurus is a writer's best friend! ❤️
  8. Katherine Johnston

    Sewing Seeds To Be Screened!

    Wonderful! Congratulations!!!
  9. Katherine Johnston

    Come Thou Fount Of Every Blessing - A Cappella

    Love this hymn! Such beautiful lyrics,...it's a shame how so many hymns are dismissed today without considering the words written (including EVERY stanza)! or even the circumstances surrounding the creation of each hymn,...so much inspiration, faith, comfort and so often sheer fortitude,...and of course beautiful witness to the Lord's power and grace upon their lives! ❤️
  10. Katherine Johnston

    The Wind Blew My Hat Over The Bluff,...

    Life happens,...usually when we least expect it. Take a few weeks ago while on a lunch-time field trip to the bluffs rising above our city. I knew they were high,...hello you can see them from a distance, but I didn't know the view was so beautiful, or that the local history so fascinating, or the wind was so windy! Granted this was the first jacket day of Fall 2018 for us. It had been a very long, very hot summer and it was a pleasure to need a little protection against the crisp air. Lunch was blessed serendipity as we fell in with a bluff resident who was only too happy to relate the varied history relating to the locale. Talk about getting a history lesson, first hand! After lunch we were admiring the views when all of a sudden,...poof,...a gust of wind took my baseball hat and sent it on a brief, but glorious flight down the hillside with no hope for recovery. Oh we spied it, but the drop off was too steep, and to my knowledge it yet resides beneath a thorny bush,...no doubt protecting some type creature from the fierce winds. Or if nothing less it will provide it's own local history - in the years to come, should the relicts be found. "Look," someone may say, "I think this tattered bit used to be a baseball hat. I wonder how it ever came to be here." - if they had ever read this blog,...they'd know! Needless to say our little guy was very mixed about that ol' wind that blew Mama's hat over the hillside episode,...half he was amused,...that sudden gust was funny, but then the other half his tender heart was concerned. Mama lost her hat. A great lesson in Life Happens. Did I want to lose my favorite baseball hat,...hello I live in a hat,...it makes life super simple. No, no I didn't want to lose my hat,...those quick-dry kind are hard to find on sale. Was it the end of the world? Duh,...of course it wasn't,...it was just a gust of wind,...blowing at the precise angle in relation to how I was standing. My husband didn't lose his hat. Or actually he did,...as he's a gallant gentleman and offered his to me,...as guys don't care about hat hair and much as us gals. That's another great lesson for our little guy. We're not alone. My husband was there to help me out. Thinking back upon my life to greater instances of Life Happening,...more serious, more significant, and even life threatening,...I've never been alone. Someone has always stood in the gap,...helping,...usually loved ones, but sometimes strangers. When I was newly married,...only nineteen years old and way before the advent of cell phones the muffler fell off my car on the way home from work,...it was downtown at dusk,...on a very lonely street. Boy was I scared! And crying,...and praying. I didn't know what to do,...that muffler was wedged somehow on the curb. Two seconds later,...a car pulled up behind me,...and two linebacker sized men got out. Never a word did those men say to me. Seriously,...not a single word,...they just dislodged the muffler, tossed it into my hatchback, and left. Whoa! Talk about an eerie answer to prayer. Or perhaps just proof,...that God will never leave nor forsake you. The nice part of getting older is that you can see patterns in your life where stuff happens,...and it's okay,...somehow,...someway,...and it's always for the best. Yeah, I know we all face life situations at times that are much harder than the wind blowing the hat off your head,...but that's where faith comes in,... "Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see." - Hebrews 11:1 "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose." Romans 8:28 "Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” - Joshua 1:9 When I was nineteen, I lost a muffler, but gained some faith. Now in 2018,...I lost a hat, but I gained an opportunity share a life lesson with my little guy. Can't close this post without a shout out to our veterans for Veterans Day! Thank you for your service. My Daddy was a veteran,...sure do miss him!
  11. Katherine Johnston

    Help Me Understand My Responses

    I think every writer has suffered the self-doubt of lack of response to your work. The best advice is not to take it personally,....especially from family and friends,...not everyone is wired toward literature and lack of interest is not automatically lack of love. Think of online queries as fishing,...you throw in your line and have NO IDEA what's in the water or what you might catch,...be grateful for every nibble,...one view is one person,...and their interest has value. If you are able to find a local writer's group you can interact with greater clarity than an online forum, or as you are new to the craft a local workshop or class would be helpful to give you the targeted critique you are looking for,...many libraries and community colleges offer them. Most of all don't get discouraged,...writing is inherently lonely for the vast majority of writers,...and yet we feel called to this craft. Be encouraged if the Lord has called you into writing then you will be properly equipped for "every good work" - in the perfect time and place,...whether it be online or offline. 😀
  12. Katherine Johnston

    My Books Out Now!!

  13. Katherine Johnston

    Writing With Nouns And Verbs

    Well expressed advice,...delightfully pithy! 😀
  14. Katherine Johnston

    Write A Better Story

    Keeping the main character front and center is ultimately important and it was a challenge for me to learn as my stories tend to have strong secondary characters, which meant lots of trimming on those secondary storylines. Definitely hard to cut at first until I realized I could and should save all that great dialogue and settings and WORK put into the effort of creating these characters. Every bit of writing has value, even cut worthy stuff,...it teaches you what is good and what is not,...and the good stuff you do have to cut, even with tears in your eyes,...save and recycle into other stories or give those strong secondary characters their own spin-off story. It makes it easier to ruthlessly edit scenes if you know you can just dump it in a digital file (and keep hard copies) - it's surprising how much work can be refigured for another story! 😀
  15. Katherine Johnston

    Need Advice!

    Lisa,...the best starting point for any writer is to study your craft,...thus read everything pertaining to your writing goals right down to the utter glamour of grammar. Read writers you admire in the genre you choose to write in. There are accepted rules of story structure for each genre that readers expect,...even down to the type of font you choose for your book if you should self-publish. A good dictionary, thesaurus, and grammar/style book will be your best friends. Read vocabulary enhancement, word origin books like novels! The more words a writer knows the easier it is for them to convey the exact nuances of what they are trying to relate to an audience be it fiction or nonfiction. While you are researching and reading,...write,...and write,...and write,...and then write some more. First drafts are called rough drafts for a reason,...it takes time to refine your work. Think of it like a sculpture,...chipping away at the story to get a rough likeness of what you want, then refining the details, and lastly polishing to get the final high gloss. Like any craft to master it takes time and patience and practice,... As a Christian if you feel a call upon your life to write take heart that the Lord has a purpose for your writing to reach an audience be it large or small that only YOU can reach. Don't be daunted by the task, writing is work, often very hard, and can be isolating - just you and the keyboard for hours, but the rewards of learning your craft are great! Writers, write because we love it! The Lord is so gracious to give us joy in the process of creating and satisfaction knowing our work can touch other's lives for the glory of the Lord. ❤️