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  1. How To Create A Character From The Comments

    But, would our characters be relatable?
  2. How To Improve Your Query Letter

    Good to know. Definitely different from what I've read before, but makes more sense, too. Thanks for sharing, as always.
  3. How Tolkien Showed Us Ourselves in LOTR

    I can see that - I think I've become too used to the plodding style (been accused of it from time to time myself). Kind of like Brandon Sanderson - great world building and such, but a bit long winded on small things like cleaning a sand pit...still not sure what the point of that was...
  4. How Tolkien Showed Us Ourselves in LOTR

    It's funny how I hear from time to time that Tolkien wouldn't make it as a writer today (because he doesn't do this or he doesn't do that)...and yet when we actually look at his work, we constantly see how brilliant of a storyteller he was.
  5. How to write a professional bio

    As always, I learn something new. Appreciate it.
  6. Author Email List Lessons

    Thanks Lynn! I appreciate you checking it out and all. I think I over analyze everything like that.
  7. Author Email List Lessons

    Thank you @Neil A Waring - I appreciate the encouragement. I did do some rearranging of my site to make my newsletter/email group more noticeable as @lynnmosher suggested. Nothing earth shattering since then, but I did gain some new signups after that. I think, as with most everything else in this wonderful writing adventure, it's a game of patience. I just want to be sure I'm not doing anything that is turning people off. If it's waiting, I'll wait. If I'm doing something wrong, then I want to fix it.
  8. Author Email List Lessons

    Thanks. Good ideas. I think the main question, though, is that people are clicking on the link, but not completing the sign up form. I'll figure something out, though. Thanks for your help.
  9. Author Email List Lessons

    Those are good points, but ones I'm already implementing. They only get the freebies after completing the form (and confirming, etc.). I also state on the signup that the newsletter is just a monthly update on my writing plus an original short story exclusively for them. Perhaps they just aren't interested, but I'm not sure how to remedy that. It might not be visually engaging? Not sure. Thanks for the advice, though!
  10. Author Email List Lessons

    Pretty good advice to keep in mind. I'm wondering if I can sort of piggy back on this thread, as I have an email list question, though it doesn't specifically deal with the article. If not, go ahead and delete this post and I'll ask it elsewhere (a thread of its own). Question: I have a MailChimp account to build an email list. My link that I have on my website/twitter/facebook brings up a form that the reader fills out. If they go through all of that, then they're part of my email list. I am offering two short stories for signing up. I looked at my MailChimp report recently, and I'm getting a lot of people clicking on the link - which is great - but no one is filling out the form. I think my question is, how do I best translate those clicks into actual subscribers? Are people just not interested in monthly newsletters anymore? (Would it be best to just say this is an email list and I'll only send out random emails when I have book related news or special story news, etc?) Thanks. Sorry if that's too many q's.
  11. Post Your New Blogposts Or Other Articles Here

    A New Post and a Random way to call for Guest Blogging - In Search For Stories
  12. Post Your New Blogposts Or Other Articles Here

    That's a good idea @lynnmosher - I thought it would be evident, as I ask for original stories inspired by the story, but better be safe than sorry! Thanks!
  13. Post Your New Blogposts Or Other Articles Here

    A new post on my site (haven't posted to this forum in awhile) and an invitation - Musical Story Monday Blogfest
  14. Six Of Your Best.

    Darkness fell. I think it tripped.

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