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    Announcing New Release

  2. rosewood

    Announcing New Release

    Thanks Jeff for your encouraging words! My hope is that the work will help some people who are beginning to question this system.
  3. rosewood

    Announcing New Release

    Announcing new release in Christian nonfiction, False Beliefs: The Serpent Seed Doctrine & Kenite Myth, Two concepts that are destroying the Gospel of Christ. Using biblical information, the work demonstrates the error in the idea that Eve bore Cain from Satan described as "that old serpent" and that Cain's offspring are the little talked about tribe in the Bible called the Kenites who eventually intermarried with the line of Judah. Other beliefs found in the Christian Identity Movement are also discussed. Link to book on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B07DFNXWCV
  4. I'm questioning quite a bit this nonfiction project I'm working on now. It is theological in nature, specifically against certain false teachings. I struggle with whether anyone would even bother to purchase or even download it for free as an ebook since I lack a MDivinity degree and name recognition.  I personally don't think you need a degree in order to minister but what I am questioning is whether it might be best to just upload this content to an interactive website where people will come across it in a search.  Then if I find some interest, release it in book form. I guess my question is, should I self publish in either book form or on the web. My motivation is not monetary and I'd get an editor either way. 

  5. rosewood

    A Mentoring Editor

    Thanks! I'll have to look into these sites.
  6. rosewood

    A Mentoring Editor

    In having my previous book edited, my experience with the editor I hired was very professional. The work was the focus and that was that. I never heard from them again after the job was done. For my next book, which will be nonfiction not fiction, I'm hoping to find someone who is willing not only to edit but also be a kind of mentor to me who will be open to providing ongoing guidance for other projects. Is this unheard of in the self-publishing world? Is this too much to expect? I'm interested in hearing if others have built long lasting relationships with their "editors for hire."
  7. Thanks! This was very helpful. I knew this kind thing happens, it was just one of those things I thought would not happen to me. Famous last words, right? Thanks again!
  8. Does anyone know what the below site is? My ebook recently appeared there for free. It looks like a fake site but if people can download my book I did not provide permission. Just curious what the site is. It looks odd. https://www.google.com/fusiontables/DataSource?docid=1YCp1jEG6MLv0tDQ0CQgcH3nDX6FaY0FFEQo5jDIm#rows:id=1
  9. I am nearing the end of a non-fiction project that I have been working on for several years. The project is about a series of false teachings. The problem is that some in my family have been taken in by this teaching. I had quite the fight with one which was a motivating factor in looking further into the teachings. What started out to be just a set of bullet points has turned into a full scale book! So is the life of the writer. My dilemma is, should I present the book to those in my family who believe this teaching, publish it "in secret" and never speak of it, hoping to at least help others, or completely abandon the whole thing because it is being disloyal to my family?
  10. rosewood

    Salvaging A Lukewarm Review

    I guess my question was a moral one concerning an editorial review. I was just going to use excerpts from it--just the positive quotes. After thinking about it some more, however, I think this would not capture the essence of the review, so I've decided to use some of the good and some of the bad quotes from the review.
  11. rosewood

    Cross Reads

    Lynn, Thanks for all your help! It is truly appreciated. Staci has provided some options for me to pursue.
  12. rosewood

    Cross Reads

    I wanted to provide an update to my previous post. The owner of CrossReads contacted me and apologized for missing my book blast. She said they were in the process of discontinuing the service and thought they had run all of the requested book blasts before closing the program. They offered a full refund and will feature my book in their newsletter as an apology. I am glad everything worked out. I want to thank Lynn for checking in on this.
  13. rosewood

    How To Fake A Beheading On Stage???

    I personally think it is too soon to be setting these events into a dramatic production. Even next Jan/Feb. It's like when that movie came out right after 9/11 about 9/11. It was just bad taste. Talk about--preach about--bring people in who have experienced the situation in Iraq first hand--these are all good ideas of how to approach the subject. Just my two cents.
  14. I received what can be best described as a lukewarm editorial review. It wasn't that bad and I think the person was fair. It just wasn't the kind of review you would shout from the rooftops. My goal in getting the review was to post excerpts of it on my Amazon.com page. My question is if the overall review was so-so is it okay to use an excerpt that compliments the book?
  15. rosewood

    Is Bookdaily.com Legitimate, Effective?

    What I usually do is type the name of the website + the word SCAM into a google search. Then I see what comes up. This doesn't always work as witnessed by my thread I posted today.