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  1. Getting Published Is Just The Beginning

    Thank you, ladies!
  2. Getting Published Is Just The Beginning

    @Nicola many thanks! That was my hope for all of this. My mom lives in Virginia beach (2.5 hours away). So i will be driving in Sunday and then driving back after her surgery to be with my wife the rest of the week! The good news for the ladies (as long as both come out healthy) is they get to spend Thanksgiving with their feet up!
  3. Getting Published Is Just The Beginning

    Thank you @lynnmosher. Life is a roller coaster, but God is still good.. I may have misspoke when I said blog constantly. I believe the statement was more out of frustration or an unliking of it. haha. Simply put, I do blog, but it is a difficult task gaining a readership of people who enjoy your blogs AND will enjoy your novel. So I am trying something new this go around.
  4. Good morning fellow writers/readers/Christians! I apologize for my sudden hiatus. Life has been a whirlwind with work, travel, health, and marketing. Quick side note, before I begin, If my prayer warriors could please pray for my mother and wife. both are having procedures done Monday and Tuesday. My mother is getting a blockage removed and my wife is having a massive cyst removed from her ovary (there is a potential for cancer, so this is the main focus of the prayer). I thank you all! Now, I heard many times as I was going through the writing and editing process that finding a publisher is only the beginning. I'll be honest and say, I was naive in that counsel. I assumed the publisher would still handle the rest. NOPE! A little over a month ago, I was honored in finding a publisher. They have been working on final edits and my book cover ever since. But I have discovered very quickly that if I want people to read my book come January, then I still need to market myself and my book. Not trying to toot my own horn, but I consider myself social media savvy (FB, Twitter). Though I have grown an extra 30 followers, I still find it difficult to gain an audience. I have started a 12 week countdown to my book launch by publishing a raw novella of the same genre to perk interest. 12 chapters for 12 weeks. I am hoping to increase interest that way instead of blogging constantly. I'd be interested in knowing how everyone else here has done in an attempt to gain followers/an audience! I look forward to reading your comments!
  5. Happy Birthday, Mike Morrison

    Thank you, ladies!! I greatly appreciate it!
  6. 2017 Writing Goals

    Love the picture coachw! Thank you! Carol, glad you are able to be with your husband. I must say, even with life circumstances, you have been able to accomplish quite a lot!! Congrats!
  7. 2017 Writing Goals

    Whoops, almost overlooked End of 3Q2017 updates!!! Hope everyone is getting close to the end of their goals... I actually signed a contract with a traditional publisher a few short weeks ago. I am going through the final edits per suggested and will work on publication for a January launch date!! Looking forward to hearing from the rest of you.
  8. Publication Question

    Many thanks, ladies! God is good and if anything, I will learn a lot through this process.
  9. Hey Fedor,


    Are you still giving out free trailers for book reviews? I have a contract with a publisher and will be releasing my book after the new year. Thank you.



  10. Publication Question

    @suspensewriter Thank you for the advice. I don't see them as an "easy mark" but I understand what you mean. I also did a thorough search and have found many satisfied writers. After reviewing their contract and having it looked over, I decided to sign and begin my publication journey. So far, everything has been smooth and well communicated on both ends, so I expect good things over the next several months.
  11. Publication Question

    Thanks, Nicola but still a ways to go. Merely a phone call. I'm trying to be wise through this all.
  12. Publication Question

    Thanks, Lynn. Just a phone call right now. But yeah, that's all I know as well. I searched this site and all good things to say too. We shall see.
  13. Publication Question

    Hey all, I sent my manuscript in to Agents and Publishers alike a few months ago. I've had a few responses saying they like my material but wasn't the right fit. BUT, I just got an email from eLectio Publishing saying they want to talk more. They are unique in the fact they help edit, format, design, and publish your book for you and it is NOT vanity. But, since this is my first rodeo, I was wondering if anyone had experience or knew more about eLectio? Thank you for your feedback!
  14. Hi Lisa, Like others, I am in need of a beta reader for my first manuscript. If you're interested or have the time to take a look at an Indiana Jones-esk Action and adventure, please email me at mlmorrisonmedia@gmail.com Thank you! Mike

  15. Help Me Choose A Cover Please?

    #1....more eye catching probably b/c of the colors! Looks great!

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